The Words of the Hentrich Family

Restoration at Chung Pyung

Adonia Bratti-Hentrich
August 6, 2008
134th Chung Pyung 40-day Workshop: Restoration at Chung Pyung

Thank you Heavenly Father, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for this workshop.

I feel most grateful for the liberation that I felt personally, from many frustrations and resentments that had darkened my spirit. During the past year, I faced many difficulties where I could not see God working. I felt I had lost control of my life and it was being manipulated by several people and circumstances, including even my husband. Through the past year I had been holding these feelings inside, not wanting to have them or have give and take action with them, but they were slowly eating at my spirit.

When I first arrived at Chung Pyung, even the first day, as I drank from the Water of Life and went to the Jeongshim Won (Prayer Hall), I felt there was so much love and grace pouring down on me, but I could not receive it because of my hardened spirit. However, as I began to participate in the 2-day Workshop, read the Divine Principle, and pray at the Jeongshim Won, I felt a dramatic change. One by one, my resentments would confront me, and I would feel that resentment so strongly, almost consuming me. But as I did Chanyang, Divine Principle or prayer, I realized this resentment could not be overcome by accusing others. I would not feel better if I made others suffer because of my pain.

I could only determine to practice true love, and become a Blessed couple and Family that True Parents will be proud of. At this moment, when I could only desire to bring God and True Parents joy through my family, my resentment would be completely lifted from me. Then I felt I could receive God’s love and grace, and give that love to others, including my husband and future family.

One of my life goals is to create a truly loving family that God wants to dwell in. after this workshop, I have hope again, and have new determination to accomplish it. When True Parents gave us the Blessing, they had such high hopes and expectations for us. I could repent for my selfishness and find a new desire to live for God and True Parents.

I also had many worries about my pregnancy, but through the 40-day Workshop I felt comforted and reassured by Heavenly Father, and many of my worries disappear.

As well, my cousin who passed away 6 years ago was given the Blessing in the spirit world through the Blessing Ceremony for the Spirits of Ascended Blessed Children. I love him very much, and am so grateful that Dae Mo Nim has taken care of these Second Generation so that they can receive the Blessing.

Thank you!

Adonia Bratti-Hentrich
USA, Colorado Church 

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