The Words of the Hentrich Family

How To Be Ambitious

Michael Hentrich
October 2009

There have been so many ambitious people over the years. Some were ambitious scientists, artists, musicians, explorers, you name it. And, some became rich. Among those ambitious souls who became rich, some were good-hearted and helped many people. But, many became victims of their own fallen nature and ancestral sin, selfishness and greed. Their ambition probably did more harm to them than good. These are the earthly rich people who later become the very poor and wanting people in the spirit world.

I think you all know that no human being has been more ambitious than Father Moon. But then, Father Moon is God's victorious son. And the son is like the Father. Look how ambitious God is creating this incredible universe. There are billions of galaxies out there, not to mention the endless spirit world. We can't get our minds around it all. So, like his Father in heaven, Father Moon is ambitious to the max. Who else in history determined to create a peaceful world by intermarrying and uniting the entire human race? Who else determined to make restitution for all the mistakes of history and make a new beginning for humanity? Who else determined to raise the spiritual maturity of all people to the point where religion will no longer be needed? The list goes on and on, as you know. He's the ultimate ambitious man. I'm just glad I'm on his side.

His daughter, Rev. In Jin Moon, is ambitious as well. And, both Father Moon and In Jin nim want YOU to be ambitious. Father Moon loves it when he sees 2nd generation full of ambition. How ambitious are you? And, if you THINK YOU'RE ambitious, then I have to ask you: what kind of ambition do you have? Remember, some ambitious people become sick and poor in their eternal spiritual life, while others become rich and happy. Because most people don't understand the spirit world, their ambition can end up damaging them a lot.

But, we're living in a new time and a new age, now. You don't HAVE to separate yourself from the movement anymore to do ambitious things for the providence. In Jin nim is shouting loud and clear that she wants the 2nd generation to be ambitious. But, the question is: "How?"

If your ambition is to spend the best years of your life building a successful business... Well, there's clearly a need for successful businesses, but you need to find a way to do it that doesn't separate you from the providence of God while you're building it. It's not good enough to say, "Well, someday I'll be back to help build God's kingdom with a lot of money from my great business venture, or from becoming a lawyer or doctor or a professional this or that." First of all, if you're not a person who lives for God's providence when you DON'T have a lot of money, you sure won't be one when you do, guaranteed. You're just kidding yourself. And, if everybody thinks that way, that they're gonna help when they become rich And famous, well, there may not be any movement left to contribute to by the time you make it. Plus, you may not be as successful as you plan to be.

What if you fail? The odds are strongly against you. So, do not plan to create your ambitious future in the workaholic way that that many people do, putting their spiritual life on the dusty back shelf somewhere while they "make it big". Many people waste their precious physical life doing that.

Consider lightening the load by working with others, as a team, so you can still give a serious focus to God's providence along your way to success. Learn from people that God has sent to teach you HOW to be ambitious. Such great teachers as Robert Kiyosaki, Hary Ekers, Suze Orman, and others, are prophets for this time. These are smart people teaching very important things that you need to know. They are teaching things like: "you have to be a giver before you can receive great fortune." And, they are focusing on what is called "passive income': What is passive income? Passive income means accumulating assets which put lots of money in your bank account while you're out playing golf or, better yet, doing God's front-line work. It means making a lot of money WITHOUT having to punch a time clock or working in an office 40 hours a week.

One familiar kind of passive income is rental property. You buy a house; you rent it out; you get a check every month. There are other kinds of passive income, too. Wouldn't that be great? Passive income means putting things in place that make money FOR YOU, while you do something more important with your precious life.

There's a REASON these people have come out with their brilliant strategies for success at this time. It's NOT so more selfish ambitious people can hoard lots of cash under the spare tire of their Jaguar's. It's coming down from the spirit world for YOU. It's coining down for YOU, so YOU can serve God's providence at the same time you become wealthy and prosperous saints. How will some of you be able to run for high political office if you don't have lots of money? You need to be prosperous, for God's sake, but you need to strive to live a balanced life while attending God.

Be smart with your ambitions. Use your head. I'm sure some people are called to be behind a desk. But, some people are hiding behind a desk, avoiding what God really wants and needs them to do. Get rich, but please don't hide from God behind a desk.

Be providential in your ambitions. Stay on God's team while you build your future.

Have ambitions that God can get excited about. Balance your life and goals.

Don't choose between attending God OR becoming prosperous and happy. Not only CAN you do both, you HAVE to do both.

I know you want a happy family with passionate love between you and your spouse. Then create it... through Father Moon's tradition. Receiving an arranged marriage and/or Rev. Dr. Moon's blessing in marriage does not mean anything less than that. It's what you make it. And, you can no doubt do much better than some of us have done in that department.

Make lots of money, but don't put God on the back burner to do it. Work as teams. Build assets that produce passive income. If we all become weekend providential warriors, that's not good enough. Hiring a few full-timers with your tithing checks is not good enough, either. We have to shoot higher than that. This is not a hobby or a video game. God is impatient for us to change this country and the world. Nobody's going to do it but you. If they were, they would have done it by now, but society just keeps sliding down the slippery slope into more and more confusion and darkness. We have to get out of low gear and shift into 2nd or 3rd gear. Some of us are in park, or even in reverse.

Let yourself feel God's urgency. Be ambitious. But, please find a way to be ambitious in a heavenly, providential way. 

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