The Words of the Hentrich Family

HDH For Beginners

Michael Hentrich
December, 2001

When True Parents came to Cheyenne, Wyoming on their 50-state tour this past March, Father offered only one specific point of advice or direction to help our work here. He said, "When you witness, begin with Hoon Dok Hae (HDH) instead of the Divine Principle."

Now, we have tried many different approaches to introducing people to True Parents and the Providence through the Principle, but only recently with HDH, and mainly at large conferences for leaders. On the local level, and one-on-one, we had little foundation to build upon or work with in terms of HDH.

After spending too many days and weeks thinking about what Father said, I was inspired that what we needed were small, pocket-size HDH booklets on various general topics which could convey Father's vision to even a casual new acquaintance. However, weeks and months of procrastination flew by as all of the wrong priorities found their way to the top of my daily to-do lists. Then, we received the direction this past summer to begin a 40-day witnessing condition which, for the first time, was to involve the whole family, including the children. Our children were 16 and 14. So, I said to my son, Michael, "I don't know when I will ever make this inspiration become reality the way I am going, but if you will help me, we can do it as part of our 40-day witnessing condition." He agreed and we began.

I poured through all of our English language HDH publications, marking all the excerpts which seemed especially appropriate as introductory material. After this, Michael typed them into his computer where we could then organize and edit the selected verses. I tried to organize the excepts into 7 topics, but finally settled on just three. We boiled down the material into booklets entitled: "Wisdom of True Love", "Wisdom of Marriage and Family", and "The Truth about Life After Death." My wife and daughter joined the effort by repeatedly proofreading and giving their input and suggestions.

After massaging and massaging, we found we had three very nice HDH booklets of 30-60 pages each, which offer a very stimulating introduction to True Parents' vision and thought. They are the kind of material that is very comfortable to hand to even a new acquaintance and certainly appropriate for our friends, contacts and relatives. And, I felt very good creating this together with the children since it also gave them an opportunity to have another level of give and take with Father's words, themselves.

We printed a small quantity of booklets at a local copy shop and have made them available to members to purchase for their own use. But, our hope is that something like this might become a very helpful tool in our collective efforts to reach especially the young people of this country, as well as the leaders, and turn their hearts in the direction of God's Will.

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