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The Providence of Hoon Dok Family Church Based on the Completed Testament Word Reverend Sudoís Special Lecture Report

Kazuyoshi Ikeno
November 23-25, 2007
Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown, New York

Over 90 first and second generation Hoon Dok Family Church leaders gathered at UTS to gain insight on the meaning and direction of Hoon Dok Family Church from Reverend Sudo. For two nights and three days Reverend Sudo poured out content that normally takes seven days to give.

He outlined Godís Ideal in the Four Great Realms of Heart, His pain at the time of the Fall due to the loss of lineage, the course of restoration that True Father mastered by walking the way of True Love, loving even the greatest enemy, and how he opened the way for inheritance of his foundation for Blessed Central Families through Home Church, Tribal Messiahship and now to Hoon Dok Family Church.

Tyler Hendricks commented that normally the discussion on Hoon Dok Family Church is about how to run a small group, and what are good ice breakers, but that discussion runs out. This time Rev. Sudo gave the inside first, for the members to move from the inside out.

Reverend Sudoís content was a summary of over 1,500 hours of guidance that Father directly invested into16,000 Japanese sisters in Che Ju Island for 2 years.

Rev. Dong Woo Kim noted the significance of this content coming from the mother nation to stimulate the elder son nation. From this content, one participant realized, "The destiny of our life is to build HDFC and to become true parents. In order to become true parents we have to achieve Three Great Blessings; then we need to gain Three Great Rights."

Reverend Sudo was the teacher for many of our American leadership. He returned to America, graciously accepting the invitation to return to assist in advancing the central providence of Hoon Dok Family Church. It was a treasure to have one of the great internal guidance givers till the soil for the Blessed Central Families to understand the profundity of the destiny of Hoon Dok Family Church.

Reverend Sudoís content reached out to both first and second generation. "It is my belief that maybe 90% of Second Generation have never heard content like this," commented one second generation. "I would suggest that his content become mandatory for all members to have the necessary understanding of the providence," commented another.

On Monday, Reverend Sudo shared similar content with 150 Japanese members. Many of them felt spiritually uplifted and made a determination to breakthrough with Hoon Dok Family Church.

We should all master this content like Reverend Sudo did in order to give this guidance to our Hoon Dok Family Church, as well as to our surrounding communities. "We have the answers to the most important questions of life," Reverend Sudo confidently assured the participants. In the Age After the Coming of Heaven, let us become the representatives of True Parents that can be the vehicles that will bring heavenly fortune to our communities! Aju!

There is a manuscript and DVD of the English content available for purchase through Reverend Stewart of the Hoon Dok Family Church Office in Washington, D.C. and the Japanese content through the Kodan office. Please contact the respective representatives.

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