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3rd World Martial Arts Peace King Cup USA Open Tournament and 5 Day World Tong-Il Moo-Do US National Workshop

Shota Iwasaki
September 21, 2006

Date for the Workshop 10/3 Tuesday ~ 10/7 Saturday

Place: UTS Auditorium

Registration: 10/2 5pm at the Large Conference Room

Fee: $110 and $45 for Weekend ( including Lodging & 3 meals/ day)

Promotion Test (Saturday 2PM 10/7)

$ 30 for Color belt/
$100 Black belt
$120 2nd Degree and up (certification & black belt with name)

Date for the Tournament 10/8 Sunday

Place: UTS Auditorium

Registration: 8AM~9AM All day event

Entry fee: One Event $20 Two Event: $35 Three Event:$45

Event Contents:

1) All Forms Competition
2) Free Demo Competition
3) Free Sparring Competition Open to all Martial Arts Styles

3rd World Martial Art Peace King Cup USA Open Tournament

8:00~9:00AM Registration

9:00~9:30AM Opening Ceremony

9:30~11:00AM All Forms Competition

11:00~12:00PM Free Demonstration Competition 12:00~12:30PM Demonstration

12:00~1:00PM Buffet Lunch (Pre-request is encouraged) 1:00~4:00PM All Level Sparring

4:00PM~5:00PM Final for All Level /Raffle drawing & Closing

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