The Words of the Iwasaki Family

Report on Tong-Il Moo Promotion Test at Queens Church

Shota Iwasaki
October 12, 2007

Tong-Il Moo-Do Queens Church Chapter just had an exciting promotion test on Friday, October 12, coordinated by instructor Mr. Yokomaku, who attained his black belt at UTS in 2005. He came to the Queens church and has taught Tong-Il Moo-Do. The number of students has steadily grown to 25 students (mostly 2nd generation).

The test started by students huddling up and shouting "U~sha." I could feel bursting energy from each one of participants. They were bright and eager to go through the test, instead of feeling stiff and nervous. The test lasted about one hour; I was amazed to see how well everybody performed that night.

I just had to congratulate them for their effort in preparing for the test. Later I asked, what makes you want to come back to practice? Some participants expressed, "Because we feel like we are a team"; "We are family." Others mentioned, "Because I can experience peace"; "I feel good coming to every practice."

Finally, I would like to ask if any church pastors and blessed couples would like a black belt instructor at your church or local community, please let me know.

Shota Iwasaki

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