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Blessed Family Department Website and Support through BFD Representatives

Michael Jenkins
January 12, 2007

Dear Families,

True Parent's deepest desire and prayer is that all Blessed Central Families will be abundantly blessed by God and that all generations will fulfill their dreams of becoming the embodiment of True Love. To assist and support our Blessed Central Families we have continued to develop the Blessed Family Department of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in the United States.

The National Co-Directors of the Blessed Family Department are Jim and Hiromi Stephens. They are doing a fine job in developing comprehensive education and activities for the Blessed Family Department. The Blessed Family Department is under the Education Department of FFWPU and reports to Rev. Phillip Schanker, National V.P. of Education. Together with Rev. Schanker, Dr. Yang our North American chairman and I myself as President receive their reports and discuss, support and help to guide their activities.

On the website there is the link to the Blessed Family Department's webpage. You can access it by clicking the "BFD" tab on the left side of the page. It has many areas of interest such as Schedule of Workshops and events, Ascended Families Support, Adoption, Adult Singles, Children with special needs, Marriage Help and Support, Matching Support, Matching Second Gen. Site, Matching and Blessing (First Gen.), Western women married to Japanese men ministry, Counseling, Inspirational Messages and many more.

Please check this out when you have a chance. Let your whole family know about it. There are many workshops and activities going on to support all generations. Below is a list of the Blessed Family Department Representatives District by District throughout America.

Please connect with them first concerning any matters related to all Blessed Family questions or concerns. There is nothing more precious than our Blessed Families! We pray that we can bring God and True Parent's support and encouragement to each and every family.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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