The Words of the Jenkins Family

Compilation of Fourth and Fifth World Tour Testimonies -12 Districts of America

Michael Jenkins
January 12, 2007

District 1
World Tour Testimonies From Washington, DC.

4th World Tour

A. Vheir Vidato

Dr A. was desperately trying to make the time to go on the 4th world tour. She was so disappointed when her supervisor at the school she works at would not let her attend the Japan-Korea portion. Dr. A. is a counselor in a middle school in Washington, DC.

She determined to read the speech daily to her students and found that they really were getting interested in the topics of each section. They even were asking about reading themselves. During the Thanksgiving break she was given the chance to go for one week and attended the Philippines portion of the tour.

Bishop Gregg P. - Norfolk VA

Bishop P. works on the Navy base in Norfolk as a civilian administrator. His couple was blessed on Aug. 1, 2005, in Korea. Bishop P. is the ACLC chairman in Norfolk and has a ministry to care for young children. Trying to coordinate the time to have free to go on the tour was hard. He was praising God for the one week that he could get free; then he found out the country he could go to was Lebanon.

Most of the workers around him said he was crazy. Why take your vacation time going to a war zone! He fought back, saying, "This was Godís doings, not manís. I am going at Godís command to bring the message of world peace"

Archbishop Alfred A. - Washington, DC.

Archbishop A. went to each continent and stood very strong in proclaiming the peace message of True Parents. He is now in the process of writing his testimony. While touring Europe he felt a surge of power that came over him.

Going from city to city with new people every time, he realized, "These people were truly the founding members of the Kingdom of Peace" At first he was so embarrassed to be treated so royally. Then he realized that he was standing in the position of True Parents to each nation. He felt stronger and younger with each nation he accomplished. He is waiting to go again.

Bishop Charlie J. - Washington, DC

Both Bishop and Mrs. J. started the 4th tour in Japan and Korea. They were so happy to be greeted at the airport then to go on to separate cities to speak. They came back together and talked about it all night to each other.

Bishop J. was the team leader for Team 3 during the African portion. They started in Nigeria; he had to guide eight other pastors and gained a lot of respect for our UPF coordinators. He said, "They never seem upset with any difficulty. They just do what is needed, even if it takes all night. They really have the heart of a parent for us as guests to their nation and for the people we went out to speak to." One person in Benin testified that she saw the spirit world open up in the hall, and thousands or millions of the national ancestors were there to hear the speech. This really amazed Bishop J. as to the power of Godís Words from True Parents.

Rev. Edward Y. Ė Fairfax. VA

Rev. Y. lost his church due to fire in 2005. He has been meeting in a school since then. He was able to go to only Japan and Korea on the 4th World Tour. From that short time he has felt a total transformation in his ministry. He has laid out a plan for 2007 based on the elements outlined in True Parentsí speech. He said, "These ideas are universal truths and the only things that people need to focus on to bring peace and happiness to their lives their families and our community."

When he heard about the other 10 speeches, he made the suggestion to set up regular meeting where he and other pastors read and study this peace philosophy.

5th World Tour

Minister Amar Nath G.- Washington, DC.

Minister G. was on the 4th World Tour in Japan, Korea, Europe, and then India. He returned and has been going around our region, speaking about the value of, as he terms it, "interfaith cooperation based on the True Parentsí peace ideology to save all people from themselves and from each other.

"We must realize the only obstacle that is in the way of peace is our selfishness! The True Parents, Father and Mother Moon, are the ones pushing us to go outside of ourselves, to think of otherís first. I owe my life to them because they brought a physical curing of my cancer. My doctor cannot believe it, but in 2000 I was blessed by True Parents in the outdoor stadium in Korea. At the time I had cancer and my doctor told me ,strongly, donít travel. But I felt I had to go for the sake of my religion as its representative. I was healed during that blessing. I know that it is the power of faith in True Parents and the divine principle of living for the sake of others that has brought this healing.

Rev. Angelika Selle- New Hope Family Church of Peace- Landover Hills, MD

Pastor Selle is a FFWPU member ordained in a Christian church. She went to Germany to visit her dying father. While there she toured her hometown area, reading the speech each day. Her father received the Holy Wine blessing and listened to the speech in the hospital. He expressed deep gratitude in his daughterís sharing these words from Heaven. His only regret was she could not share them with the entire family at once.

As soon as her plane lifted off for her return to the USA, her father passed into the spirit world. She had to return the next day for the funeral arrangements. She realized that because of his peaceful passing she was then able to give the speech to all of her family. She knew this was her fatherís wish.

Rev. Akira Ota - FFWPU in Norfolk, VA

The HDFC movement has been slow, but with the urgency of fulfilling the 1,200 events in America we all decided to push ourselves into this new era. There was almost the same reaction for each event. "We really like getting together and reading these speeches. After reading them I feel a new sense of where I need to focus.

We have determined to continue to read the speeches in public venues and to have discussions. This is the prefect way to keep our Ambassadors for Peace contacts updated on the current activities of True Parents.

Mr. Manuel U. Ė Ambassador for Peace in Northern VA

Mr. U. went to Honduras to give the speech. He is from Peru and really wanted to visit the Central American nations. He said, "I know that these Catholic-based counties are looking for the proper direction for creating a good family life. They have been influenced by America but in a bad way."

He said, "The freedoms in America are good, but they do not allow for a strong foundation. The family is that foundation to build a good society. Reverend Moon is the only one teaching this to the world. I want to help him get this message out to all of the world".

Ms. Stephanie A. Ė Washington, DC

She is a 24-year-old activist working to establish service projects between the United States and Africa. When she heard about the world tour, she brought all her staff to hear the Universal Peace Federation principles.

Then she begged to be nominated quickly as an Ambassador for Peace so that she could travel to Africa as our representative at her own expense. She is there now, connecting with other organizations and networking to start real cooperation both politically and religiously between each nation and the Washington, DC, area. She stated, "These peace principles are the only real solution to the barriers between races and nationalities"

District 2
World Tour Testimonies From New York

4th World Tour

Rev. Harvey K., Harlem, NY

He said, "I went to 39 countries, and I was one of two ministers that made it all the way through to the end, I felt so sorry for the other ministers who had gotten sick; some had swollen feet and ankles and others had high blood pressure. I stayed healthy by eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of ginseng tea. But it was by the Spirit of God and faith that I was representing True Parents that gave me the most energy. I went to many countries, some that Father Moon could not enter. I went to Sava, Fuji Islands. When I arrived in the Fuji Islands, I learned that there had been a military coup just days before. The customs agent saw "Reverend" in my passport and told me that I couldnít preach or hold a public meeting while I was in the country. Shortly after I met the members in the airport, they took me to my first speaking engagement. The people there understood I was risking my life by going to the podium representing Father Moon."

In sharing his testimony he cried as he shared about the love and care he received from members in each country, especially the attendance of the Japanese missionaries whom he met. Rev. K. took great pride in giving the speeches representing True Parents and was extremely excited to have met many dignitaries and public officials, business leaders, and clergy. Archbishop Stallings told him, "You are chosen to go to Italy. Father Moon could not go there, but you are going". Rev. K. said, "I was chosen". He showed me pictures of him with two cardinals in the Vatican. Cardinals usually do not take pictures with people, but because they saw the entourage of members with Reverend K. they took him to be a diplomat. As he told the story of the cardinals taking photos with him he began to break down into tears of gratitude and appreciation for being chosen to represent True Parents and on some occasions felt that he was risking his life to give the speeches just as True Father, had risked his life to bring the message of peace and true lineage to the world.

Dr. Gilda P. - Brooklyn, NY

Dr Gilda P., one of the New York ACLC pastors who participated extensively in the 4th World Tour, was called on to read the ACLC goals and objectives. After returning from the world tour she was filled with the Holy Spirit and determined to share a testimony about the power of that tour to bring peace. She related her experience in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she said the vice president had seen news of the peace tour on TV and requested a meeting with the Ambassadors for Peace who were visiting. The meeting was held at the vice presidentís home shortly after the elections in that country had concluded. There was a lot of tension and talk of war in the air after the election, as there was disappointment on the losing side. However, the vice president said he constantly heard the words "peace, no war" ringing in his thoughts and as a result determined that there should be no fighting. Dr. P. concluded that the peace tours are having a great impact on the world and that Father Moon is doing a great work. She reflected that there are times when she sits back and wonders why she was not more involved in this movement, having known it from many years ago. She said, however, there is a time for everything under the sun and now with a little more understanding and wisdom it is time to pick up the cross. Dr. P. then read the ACLC goals and objectives in a voice filled with emotion and conviction.

Bishop Henry C., Bronx, NY

One of my most remarkable experiences was on my trip to Africa. While I was in Africa, a gentleman who was both a Bishop and a prominent African religious professor, approached me, saying how he taught religion in the university and that he was skilled in religious Studies, and he spoke strongly insisting that there Ďwas nothing he did not knowí about religion. He further added that there was Ďno question that he could not answerí. Moments before the particular time I was to read the speech, he suddenly disappeared and surprisingly enough he showed up sitting in front to hear what I had to say. I didnít know what he was going to do or say. However, once I got into the speech I felt the Holy Spirit and then I began to explain about the Body of Christ and how Rev. Moon had received the fullness of the spiritual Body of Christ, adding Scriptures to back it up. Wow! The Professor of religion would just stare at me at times and then he just jumped up and said directly in front of everyone to me, ĎI want to be an Ambassador for Peace.í That was amazing. I knew that with confidence this was supposed to happen. I had told him that with the utmost confidence I knew that Reverend Moon was the first resurrected Christ and that we were all to be resurrected Christs, too.

I had similar experiences in Germany with another bishop, who said that what I had shared was certainly a Ďrevelation from Heavení. Again, I could see, believe, and know that this was coming to pass and would be happening more and more with such leadership. Thank you, Father.

Rev. Damon L. C., Jr., Brooklyn, NY

First let me start by expressing how honored I was to be allowed to travel on this tour with the permission from the dean of the college and my professor at the Unification Theological Seminary. But it also pleased my heart that the American Clergy Leadership Conference chose to make this pilgrimage of peace something I would not have experienced so early in my life.

"In Nigeria, the rally hosted 225 people. Many attendees were municipal authorities and local council members. I had a chance to meet King Onikoyi Abessan of the great city of Porto-Novo. The king shared with me about the vision for Africa and the world as I was nominated prince of the kingdom of Yoruba and as a personal representative for him in the U.S.A. The king vowed to me that he would become a member of the Universal Peace Federation. He also asked the Creator to bless Reverend Moon!! In Benin in South Africa an owner of a historic museum was so moved by the rally he expressed that he would like to give ten rooms in his museum to Reverend Moon to showcase what he was doing in Africa and the world.

It was an eye opener to travel and to see other cultures other than my own it has truly made me a more humble person. I have learned and practiced what it means to live for the sake of others. I could see how simple the people of Africa lived. It was refreshing, to see that gas was being produced out of trash and leftover food, using urine that comes from the human body to help to grow vegetables.

I was able to bring many good testimonies back to America and my church. The peace that I could share with Africa and receive from Africa is no doubt divine and needed. I hope that one day I may return as an Ambassador for Peace for Africa.í

Archbishop Moses de la R.

After my (14) hour flight ordeal to Tokyo, Japan, I was looking forward to a nice rest, instead I was rushed to church in Asakusa, I believe! I was greeted to my surprise by the warmest welcome I had ever had. I was welcomed with flowers and gifts. The dayís event was held at a community center, were there were about 250 people who came to hear Father's speech. The atmosphere was filled with the joy of hearing Father's heart, and how he felt for all humankind around the world. The eyes of many opened when sexual immorality was mentioned. After the speech many had congratulated me on Father Moon's behalf, because the message was well received.

In Nuremberg, Germany, at the 5th charismatic African Church, the welcome was just as warm as in Tokyo. They were singing songs that we sing here in America, which filled my heart as I stepped into their presence. After the praise and worship, Pastor Brown, wasted no time to introduce me at the podium; at which time I gave Father's speech and expounded on some of his words for better clarification. After the speech, Pastor Brown, had ask me to pray for those who would like to be prayed for; as I began to pray I was filled with emotion, and tears because I felt the hurt in the heart of the people, at which time I knelt before God and the people. I asked God to remove their pain and to restore their joy.

As I was flying to Athens, Greece, the Lord reminded me of a visitation that I had from my mother, who is in the spirit world, back in 1990. I was in a very low time in my life, when my mother came to me and called me by my nickname, which led me to know that it was her. After calling me, she placed a branch in my hand, and left. This 4th World Tour was the branch that I was to fulfill; however I don't feel it is over yet. To God be the glory, that Father Moon allowed me to represent him on this missionary journey.

5th World Tour

Rev. Elio Roman, FFWPU Queens New York

On December 3, 2006, I received an email informing all Blessed Central Families that the 5th World Tour was to begin. On November 30, I had a heart stress test and an MRI. On December 8, the doctor told me that I had a heart blockage. I began living on high blood pressure pills, aspirin, and garlic pills. There was a constant pressure on my heart and chest, and one night the pressure was very strong. However, I decided to continue with the programs as planned. On December 10 we held the first event in my home. Rev. John M. read the speech. We had 22 people at the event, including 13 guests other than members of the Family Federation. On December 13, I went to the cardiologist and he told me to stay home and rest and report to the hospital on December 18 for an angiogram and a possible angioplasty. I decided to continue with the planned events. Each day there was some program that I attended.

On December 18, I cancelled the second event at my house and went to the hospital for the angiogram . They checked my blood pressure three different times. The reading was about 117/70. On regular days 140/80 was average. The cardiologist performed the angiogram and said he could not find any heart blockage. Hearing that news was like a new lease on life. On December 20 we held the second event at my house. Rev. Alam M. read the speech. We had 13 people, 7 of them non FFWPU guests On December 24 at Rev. M.'s Christmas program, there were about 12 ministers and about 100 guests. Rev. M. invited all the ministers on stage. He asked us to hold hands and to my surprise asked me to say the representative prayer. While one woman was singing, I felt Jesus was happy. In my imagination I saw Jesus dancing. He was doing a Middle Eastern dance. I was very much surprised. I had always envisioned Jesus as being sad. I told that experience to the ministers and to many of the church members. They were surprised yet happy to hear such a testimony. On December 26, I held the third event in my house. 17 people were present; 9 were guests

On the night of the December 27th while I was sleeping I had a dream of Heung Jin Nim. In the dream I was going into a big building. When I entered the building the manager told me that there was a telephone call from Heung Jin Nim. I answered the phone and timidly said, "Hello". Heung Jin Nim said to me that he heard I had some heart problem recently. I told him that the doctor had performed an angiogram and that everything was fine. I said to him that the providence will go forward when he (and the true children) continue to assume more responsibility. I said to him that we miss him most of all. I felt his wonderful heart of care and concern.

Dr. C., Presbyterian Minister in Queens, NY

He chose Argentina because his father was an early missionary to Argentina.

Before leaving for Argentina, Dr. C. called his father and explained about this tour.

His father was so inspired and revealed this story to him.

Dr. C.'s father was the chairman of some 1,500 Presbyterian churches in Taiwan 30 years ago. At that time, he received an invitation for a religious conference that was hosted by the Unification Church of Seoul, Korea. He went to Seoul as representative of Taiwan, and he had opportunity to talk with True Parents directly in Japanese.

Dr. C. could feel a deep connection with this mission of peace beyond his generation.

His trip was very good. Argentina local members asked him to come back again and he wants very much to return one day.

He respects True Parents deeply, especially their inter-religious activities.

He is very proud to be an Ambassador for Peace.

A Powerful Program at UTS Extension

One of the 120 programs in the New York District was held at the UTS Extension in Manhattan. Inspired by a bit of give and take the ball was picked up by one inspired student of the seminary. Rev. Leander H., a minister who is blessed to a Japanese missionary, worked together with Davetta O., a UTS administrator. The program was given permission by Professor Mickler to be held in his class on the Unification Movement. The text was read by five accomplished students, of whom four were not FFWPU members. There were four Ambassadors of Peace. Each had made very substantial contributions to their communities. In gratitude and tears of humility they welcomed their new commission to be Peace Ambassadors. This event was very powerful, spirit filled, and nurturing to all the participants. This class of higher learning didnít just study about history but instead was part of making history.

District 3
World Tour Testimonies From New Jersey

4th World Tour

Imam Ameer P. S., Ambassadors for Peace

We give thanks and praise to Almighty God, for blessing me to be among those choosing to serve as an Ambassador for Peace. We thank him for blessing the human family in this horrific time of confusion and destruction with a model and guide for the redemption of the human family, the King and Queen of Peace in the persons of Father and Mother Moon.

Out of all the countries visited by the Ambassadors for Peace, in my mind Lebanon was the extreme. It was the extreme because the spirit of the war was still present in the environment. And besides, I had never been to Lebanon and did not no what to expect. So my imagination took over and I begin to think all types of strange thoughts. Of course, once I entered into Lebanon, it was nothing like I had imagined.

It was a verse from the Bible that helped me to overcome the negative influences in my mind. (Yea, though I walk through the Valley of Death, I shall fear no evil, for my Lord is with me.) I believe in the Divine mission of Father Moon, and I know that whatever he ask us to do is from God, and for the salvation of the human family. So I went to Lebanon not knowing what to expect but willing to make whatever sacrifice I needed to make to complete my given mission, to deliver the words of peace and salvation to the people of Lebanon from Father Moon.

"We visited imams, sheiks, Christian clergy, and businessmen, and we delivered the speech in the homes of the Lebanese citizens and organizations, and we visited a school managed by Hezballah. We met no opposition, and we were treated like visiting angels expected by their hosts.

"From my point of view we did what we went there to do, and I pray to God the Almighty that he except our offering and bring peace to that part of the world."

Rev. Alonzo H., Newark, NJ

Pastor H. traveled to Japan and Korea. He was born to a family of the Nation of Islam, grew-up as a Muslim, but converted to Christianity and became a pastor. He was deeply grateful to have the opportunity to travel to Japan and Korea. He was moved by True Parentsí vision and work. His visit to Chung Jun Gun inspired him to mention that he wants to receive the Blessing. Since his return he testified at our Sunday Service and at a community Christmas party. His experience in Japan was most impressive. Currently, he is studying the Divine Principle one on one with Rev Alain Tamelessio. He is asking himself the question, who is Reverend Moon?

Elder Ike A., Newark, NJ

Rev. A. traveled to Japan, Korea and Europe (England, Sweden). He returned very tired but inspired by the vision of Father Moon and the influence that his reading of the speech had on the people of the countries he visited. As an African American, he was unique in Sweden, which is predominantly a white country. He left his cell phone in England, but thanks to our members, the phone was mailed to New Jersey only one week after he returned. Before he departed for Japan, we held an event in his church in Newark. About 100 members of the pastorís church heard the speech as he read it.

Pastor Robert P., PA

Pastor P. comes from a Mennonite background. He traveled from Oct. 21, 2006, to mid-December. He returned to participate in an event in Philadelphia with District 3 Ambassador for Peace from Korea, Mrs. Sam Il Park. Rev. P. had a chance to share some of his testimony. He is moved by Fatherís vision and how that vision was translated into action through the tour.

5th World Tour

Rev. Luke D., Pastor - Newark NJ

Rev. Luke D. and his wife participated in one of the 100 events of the 5th World Tour in New Jersey. When he was reading Fatherís speech, his voice became louder and stronger. After he finished reading, he testified, saying that he heard the voice of Rev. Moon: "I was reading with him".

Elder J. P. Pastor - Newark, NJ.

He is now 84 years old; however, he is physically strong. He is a school bus driver as his part-time job. He read Fatherís speech three times in three different events; two times in his church, and in the home of Rev. Kathy Sato. Several times he had to stop reading because he was so moved, even to the point of tears, when he read the following quote: "If one person were to look into my heart and speak a word of sympathy, I would burst into tears and my tears would flow like a waterfall.

Rev. Lyndon Q., Newark, NJ.

Rev. Q. graduated from UTS. He deeply respects and appreciates True Parents. We visited him and asked him to read Fatherís speech. He told us to come Sunday afternoon; however, he had a Christmas party scheduled. He asked to change the time of the event to Monday. We were worried about how many people would come. About 30 people came. Almost everybody showed up from his congregation. He read loudly with an enthusiastic spirit. Nobody slept. He was really inspired by True Parentsí illustration, especially how to produce good fruit in order to go to Heaven. He stopped many times, telling his members to make sure to get the point, and asked them to applaud. He mentioned to his congregation that "Jesus taught the same thing."

Sister Agnes, New Jersey.

On December 22, 2006, a group of us met at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Convent. It was an evening rich in prayer, reflection, dinner and friendship. We read and reflected on "God's Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality." After reflection, the simple thought pervaded. "If not you, then who? If not now, then when?" Two new members were received as Ambassadors for Peace, while others renewed their commitment and mission. Pictures of the occasion were taken. It was an inspiring evening of sharing God's love, peace, and joy. It could not have come at a better time as we prepared for Christmas with the message of peace and true love.

District 4
World Tour Testimonies From Boston

4th World Tour

Rev Marshall D.

A Baptist minister read the speech two times. The second time he kept stopping after one or two sentences to comment on what was being said, especially concerning the family. He mentioned how important this message is for this time.

Rev. Steven E.

He met Young Oon Kim 25 years ago, and a number of his members from the Church on the Hill, a 150 year old Swedenborgian Church in Boston, participated in both the 4th and 5th World Tour. This time a number of his members came to the Boston Family Church for a holiday brunch and reading. One of his members was so inspired by the section on Absolute Sexual Purity. She said, "Nobody talks about sexual purity anymore and they should!!!"

Dr. Rahaim P.

He is a Muslim, a medical doctor from Afghanistan, now residing in the United States. He was deeply moved by both the speech and the DVD on the Ambassador for Peace Initiative. The day after he read the speech he was leaving for Saudi Arabia with a delegation from America to take part in the Haj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. When it was explained to him that the World Tours were unable to go to Saudi Arabia, he volunteered to take the DVD and the speech and to read it there.

Omar A.

Ambassador for Peace, a Muslim from Somalia and social worker in Lewiston, Maine

He believes Reverend Moonís vision is the only hope to bring order to this chaotic world, especially his home country. He really appreciates words in the speech about the spirit world. He says that the Koran teaches the same thing -- that oneís actions will be our judge in the spirit world. He believes Reverend Moonís long explanation is better and clearer for people to act properly on earth to determine our place in the spirit world.

5th World Tour

Rev. Gladys J.

She is a Baptist minister. She broke her neck in a fall three years ago and is bedridden, paralyzed from the neck down. Her spirit is still vibrant and she hosted a meeting in her home with her family and church members. Sitting around her bed, we read the speech, accompanied by numerous "Amenís" from her.

Souleymane Loum, One Blessed Central Couple,

His wife went to the spirit world last year. He hosted a reading in his home with members of his wife's family. One of his in-laws who had refused to attend any meeting in the past came this time with his newly wed wife. At that meeting, all family members read a section of the speech with passion and heart. Three generations took part in that reading.

Another Tribal Messiah, Yasmine

She showed the DVD and gave a testimony about her participation in the 4th World Tour with her Lebanese husband in his country. Three people, including a former nun, expressed interest in becoming Peace Ambassadors.

Finally an 80 year old ACLC minister read the speech in her home with a number of her family members, four generations. She was touched by the power and clarity of Father Moon's message.

Mrs. Shelly Watanabe - Personal reflection.

On behalf of our HDFC group I have to express our deep appreciation to the True Parents of Heaven and Earth for giving us this opportunity to reach out to so many people with simple direction to gather together and read Father's words. It has given us a great vision of how we can multiply and developed Heaven's foundation in our area. After endless meetings, PowerPoint presentations and discussion, True Parents showed us what to do and how to develop our Tong Ban Kyo Pa, Tribal Messiah, ACLC, and Peace Ambassador foundation with this simple direction. Thank you, True Parents!

District 5
World Tour Testimonies from Atlanta

4th World Tour

Minister Carolyn P. (completed the entire tour)

When I read Rev. Moonís speech I feel like fire is shut up in my bones. I am especially moved by the part of the speech where Rev. Moon talks about his mission and the suffering he has endured. In the speech it mentions how Rev. Moon was incarcerated in the United States. As an American citizen I feel so ashamed that we did that to Rev. Moon.

When I was in the Pacific Islands, there was a news reporter who was interviewing the Ambassadors for Peace. There was some kind of bubble in his eye that looked so strange, and I wondered what it was. I finally realized it was caused by a tear Ė the man was crying about what we were doing. About our peace mission. He said he never felt so moved in an interview before. He saw people of other races coming to his country, and all were Americans reaching out to bring people. He was unbelievably moved.

Everywhere I went I met Rev. Moonís Blessed Families. It was a surprised to me to see how much alike they were. It was like looking at the same spirit. Rev. Moon has duplicated himself all over the world.

Bishop Shirley W. C. (completed the tour after joining in Africa)

I love reading Rev. Moonís peace message. Every time I read it, I am touched by the spirit of his words. Rev. Moon is like a wonderful father who wants only the best for his children. His peace message reminds me of Jesusí Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes. The peace message is like Rev. Moon talking to his children and telling them how to make a good and happy world. I feel like he is talking personally to me in his message.

When I get to the part about Rev. Moonís suffering course, I cry. God has given Rev. Moon this great vision, and now we have to continue to spread the word. May God bless Rev. and Mrs. Moon forever, as he has blessed us with his life, love and lineage. I am really learning from Rev. Moon. I love the idea of Ďliving for the sake of others.í Whether or not people treat us right, we just have to love them, regardless. Rev. Moon has demonstrated that in his own life.

Everywhere I went I told people about how the Lord told me to work with Rev. Moon and his people. Jesus told me that Ďthey have something you need, and you have something they need.í From that day forward, I have been happy to work with the Unification people. And my own life has been richly blessed. I have learned to love people I would never have even met had I not been with Rev. Moon.

I was especially grateful to work in Israel for forty day in 2003. When we crowned Jesus the King of Peace in the heart of Jerusalem, I could not help but cry tears of joy and gratitude. Only Rev. Moon would of thought of taking care of Jesus in that way.

Everywhere I went, people were hungry for the Word. They loved Rev. Moon and wanted to know more about him and his message. I gave the Sunday Service in a Unification Church in Taiwan, and someone who had been attending decided to join that day.

In the Dominican Republic I addressed a crowd at a university. Professors and Ministers of Parliament were in attendance. They loved hearing Rev. Moonís speech and were eager to hear more about him.

David K. Florida

During the First World Peace Tour, David K. met Dr. Florcey C. in the Bahamas. She also attended the Second World Peace Tour in August. Rev. Tom Cutts also met several pastors on the island while he was preparing for the Second World Peace Tour. When Jim Flynn wanted to hold an event in the Bahamas, he called Tom Cutts and David K., and they agreed that an event could be held with their contacts. With only two daysí notice, 25 Ambassadors for Peace from the Bahamas joined a prayer breakfast in Nassau. They were inspired by the program and want to hold similar events across the island.

It was miraculous how David K. was even able to go to the island. His testimony shows his own determination and how much the Island was prepared for the Fourth World Peace Tour. His passport had expired, and so on Monday morning, December 18, he went to the Miami passport office, and by 3:00pm had renewed his passport. He had a 5:30pm flight to Nassau, and he checked in his bags, and took a taxi to pick up an Ambassador for Peace certificate. He returned in time to catch his flight. The hotel was not able to provide him a meeting room, so he arranged his prayer breakfast outside the restaurant under an awning.

Ambassador for Peace Florcey C. went at 6:00am to a pastorís church to invite him to the 10:00am prayer breakfast. He came with 20 other Ambassadors for Peace. His choir is called the Ambassador Choir.

Thus, the 120th country could be reached for the Fourth World Peace Tour.

Rev. Tom Cutts (joined the tour in Japan and Korea)

I really believe that these words from True Father are bringing blessings to the world. When we were in the Narita Airport after the 120 Japan events, Bishop C. came up to me and said, ĎAfter I read Rev. Moonís speech, a little Japanese lady come up to me and said that while I was speaking she saw angels surrounding me, and when I read Rev. Moonís speech, a golden dust came down upon the audience.

A lady minister said that a Japanese member told her that while she read the speech, the ancestors of Japan were sitting on the stage with her, and they listened intently to the reading. And another minister, who spoke at a third event, said that as he spoke a Japanese woman saw a golden light radiating from behind the minister.

After participating in the tour in Japan and Korea, I have confidence that Heaven really wants bless the nations and the world through the Ambassadors for Peace as they share Fatherís words.

I once read an exciting article in the Field and Stream magazine. This is a hunting and fishing magazine. The article was about a turkey hunter who decided to try to get not one, or even two turkeys with one shot. He challenged to shoot three at once. When he made his shot, he actually got four with that one shot. True Father is like that hunter. He first got the American Ambassadors for Peace. They went on a course similar to True Father and True Mother, speaking day after day in country after country. Reading Fatherís words transformed them. The second turkey was the Unification Church members of the local country. They were strengthened and refreshed by the American Ambassadors for Peace. Then Father got the Ambassadors for Peace from the local countries. They saw Americans standing up for True Father and for the cause of peace and understanding. And finally Father got the local media. With the Fourth World Peace Tour True Father got four turkeys with one shot.

5th World Tour

Senator Donzella J. (one of the twelve Ambassadors for Peace who spoke in Korea):

I was so honored to be able to represent Rev. Moon in Korea during the Fifth World Peace Tour. I was hoping to have a chance to greet Father and Mother Moon while I was in Korea. I miss them both so much. I also want to visit the Original Palace.

I feel a spiritual connection to Korea, like I belong there. My friends were all surprised that I dropped everything at Christmastime to go to Korea. I cancelled several engagements because I wanted to see Father.

I was surprised by the response we received during the speaking tour. I spoke in three cities. After every speech people lined up to speak with me and ask about the Ambassadors for Peace project. They wanted to know how long I had been an Ambassador for Peace and whether or not the project was making a difference in the world. I was appointed directly by True Father in New York, and I do believe we are making a tremendous difference in the world. We are opening up many lines of communication in Israel between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Unity between people is essential for world peace, and that is what Rev. Moon is doing, like no other person. Koreans should be proud that such a great leader came from their country. He is teaching how to bring genuine peace, and how to strengthen the family.

I am excited about the plan for us to bring ten more Americans over to Korea and for Koreans to come to America. I call that a Peace Exchange Program. What a great way to promote understanding and peace.

Bishop Mosby N. - Florida

When Bishop Mosby N. heard that Father Moon wanted the peace message read in every church, right away started reading the speech in his Wednesday evening Bible Study. The members of his church took turns reading each paragraph. After every passage, Bishop N. would give a Bible quote that supported the text from the peace message. After two hours the church had only read a third of the speech. The members were so excited about what they were studying that they asked to finish the speech the next week. They enjoyed the reading so much that they wanted to invite friends. The next Wednesday they still didnít finish the speech after two more hours. Only on the third Wednesday, after reading and discussing the speech for six hours, did they complete the reading of the speech.

Rev. Marion W. (Pompano Beach, Florida)

Pastor W. joined the Fourth World Peace Tour in Lebanon. She also hosted a Fifth World Peace Tour event in her own church and also spoke at another program in Miami. She said, "Rev. Moonís message of world peace is so important at this time. He really helps America understand her role as an Elder Brother to other nations of the world. We are no longer enemies. We are brothers and sisters. We must get his message to the White House, and to all the nations of the world."

Rev. W. frequently uses passages from Rev. Moonís speeches in her own sermons, and she freely mentions to her congregation when a particular idea comes from Rev. Moon.

District 6
World Tour Testimonies From Columbus

4th World Tour

Rev. Fermin B., North Carolina

I have learned a lot. It changed my live. I am not the same person anymore. It helped me more than I could probably help others. I feel very blessed. It opened my mind completely. We gave a message from the Bible without mentioning the Bible. So it made it acceptable by all people. I will get more preachers to hear the message. I want to carry on working on the world level. I am so moved by my dear brother, Reverend Jenkins. He is my hero. He has touched my heart. I want to be like him.

Rev. Burgi Hutcherson, FFWPU North Carolina

The tour was a tremendous experience. The love and appreciation in each host nation was overwhelming. It moved me so deeply and I wanted so much to give all I had and more. God revealed himself as a very personal God. He guided my path in Europe to the nations which I truly wanted to go. I was able to conclude in my own hometown in Austria. I felt we were under Heavenís protection, love and care. There were invisible guards surrounding all of us.

Rev. Cathryn T. H.

Dear Father and Mother Moon,

I praise your courage and your faith as you accepted the call to send out 120 persons, many unknown except by the spirit, to be your representative(s) and bring forth your message. Thank you for trusting me, an Ambassador for Peace, African-American, Christian, clergywoman, as one of your voices for world peace.

The 4th World Peace Tour experience touched my heart; revived my soul; transformed my life and renewed my hope in my call- to establish the Family Institute, a community for restoration, education, and economical development for the family.

Again, thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Moon, for the opportunity to see and share peace and love through new eyes. I look forward to exploring possible resolutions new challenges. If I may be of future service, please not hesitate to contact me.

Rev. Damon R.

When traveling to Swaziland, we arrived at the airport and were greeted by hundreds of the natives in white robes without any sandals. Also they were singing, and rejoicing and a male choir was there. It was a beautiful sight to see. Later I asked why the natives did not have scandals or shoes on there feet and I was told that the when the people heard that Rev. Moon was sending a delegation of Ambassadors for Peace representing him, we knew then that we would be on holy ground, so we removed our sandals and sang.

As we traveled to the venue to deliver the speech there were thousands on both sides of the vehicle dressed in white. A normal trip that would have taken half hour turned in to a 2 hoursí drive

Pastor Dorothy Mae B.

With a grateful heart, I answered Godís call to be one of the 120 ministers to go to every nation in cerebration of religious peace on earth, representing the visible presence of God in all his power and holiness. The Holy Spirit and the power of God were with us at every moment and everywhere we went, people could understand their walk with God.

5th World Tour

Elder Myungbin M.

I enjoyed this event so much. Rev. R. is a completely different person after his experiences with the World Peace Tours. It is clear that the Holy Spirit is moving now and things are happening all over the world as ministers are uniting with Father Moon. After attending the 5th World Tour event in Indianapolis, I believe 2007 is going to be a powerful year.

Annette Yamakawa

Organizing an event for the 5th World Tour was an amazing experience for myself and my family. Over the years we have always worked with pastors and community leaders when organizing events. But when Rev. Lamson chose families to organize events in our district by lottery, it really hit home that we are owners and that each family is responsible for Godís providence. From this tour I experienced the power of God and True Parents and now have confidence that God can work through my family.

Miss Marsha R.

I enjoyed the event so much. I was surprised that I would be appointed as an Ambassador for Peace, I am so honored and more than ready to go out into my neighborhood to share the principles of peace from Father Moon with others. I was impressed by the speakers and moved by the experiences they shared from the tours. Father and Mother Moon are moving the world into a new direction.

Marquis V. M.

We had 3 young Korean women come and attend our event. We shared a wonderful meal and read the speech from November 21, 2006. The speech was so clear and so powerful and one of our Korean guests decided to start studying the Unification principles. I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to be a part of the 5th World Tour.

Rev. Michael Lamson

As we began preparation for the 5th world tour events (1200 in America) it was at first a task which seemed impossible. When members were asked to work with AFP and organize the events, however, there was no hesitation and every family that was asked to organize an event did so. Some families even organized more that one event. America is on fire for God and on the way to finding their true identities as sons and daughters of God.

District 7
World Tour Testimonies From Chicago

4th World Tour

Dr. Ellis M., Assistant Pastor, Chicago, IL

I was deeply moved by my experience in five countries of West Africa. I could see the power of Rev. Moon's vision and work. In several cities, Muslims and Christians that had opposed one another for years came together for the speech! They were so serious about finding peace. I then realized that only Father Moon's Movement holds the key for leading the world to true peace!

Also, I felt deeply connected to my African roots, returning to the exact area where slaves were sold and shipped to America. I returned to that place as an American Ambassador for Peace. I repented and thanked God for giving me the opportunity to affect history!

Rev. Etta E., Pastor, Chicago, IL

I am eternally grateful to God for my experiences in Japan and Korea on the World Tour. I was proud to represent Father Moon because I feel so connected with him. I think this is because of what I have been through in my life, trying to live for what is right. On this Tour, I could see how God's love transcends everything - nations, religions, races and cultures. God promises to give us the desires of our hearts. I could feel the universal desire of all people for peace! God has truly conditioned and prepared Rev. Moon to fulfill his promise at this time to lead all people to world peace! Thank you, God! Thank you, Father and Mother Moon!

Ms. Annette D., Newspaper Publisher, IL

I was offered the chance to go on the 4th World Tour and I felt called by God and the Holy Spirit to attend. I am not a Minister but I am a devout Catholic and an Ambassador for Peace. I went to Japan and Korea, Europe and Africa. At first, I felt wholly inadequate. But your members took such good care of me, physically and spiritually, and gave me great confidence. I spoke at Catholic convents and had an incredible experience. Rev. Moon's speech was truly transforming. I gained a new desire to continually work for world peace. This tour truly renewed my life! God Bless you all!

Rev. Mack V., Pastor, Detroit, MI

I went to Japan and Korea on the 4th World Tour. It was a truly blessed experience. They were worried about my health since I had heart problems in the past year; however, it was good for me. I never felt stronger because I was willing to offer my life for this incredible mission! No one is doing what Rev. Moon is doing. Only he has the vision, the insight and the plan for world peace. Everyone else is so trapped by petty things - their denominations, their race, their worldly desires. I pray that all people will now listen to Rev. Moon. This is our only hope!

5th World Tour

Rev. Ken M., Chicago, IL

On December 6, we held a wonderful event with Pastor Valerie H. who deeply appreciates and respects True Father. She is an ACLC member as well as an Ambassador for Peace. She was honored to read the new message from Father Moon.

Pastor H.ís family received us like royalty, with deep appreciation and respect. Four generations are living together there, which creates a wonderful family atmosphere. We all watched the Ambassadors for Peace DVD and her father, who is very religious, was deeply moved and apologized that he couldn't hold back his tears. Pastor Hill read the entire speech with authority, passion and conviction. Everyone listened attentively. Afterwards, we all took the Holy Wine (17 total) and responded to the Blessing Vows. Pastor Hill urged us to leave the speech and the DVD so that she could study and continually teach her family and congregation!

Mrs. Takao Dikeman, Tribal Messiah and Coordinator of Event with Rev. Charlie H., Pastor, Chicago, IL

On Tuesday, December 12, we visited the home of Rev. and Mrs. Charlie H. to hold the 5th World Tour event. When I visited his previous Sunday service, Rev. H. announced to his congregation, "I love Takako. I love Rev. Moon. Anyone who hurts Takako, hurts me. I want you all to understand that!" This was because he heard that some of his clergy friends mentioned negative things about Rev. Moon and ACLC to members of his congregation. We were warmly welcomed by Rev. H. and his wife. Mrs. H. had practiced reading the speech the day before and she read beautifully. They were deeply inspired by many points in the speech and were surprised that they learned so much! At the end of the program, Rev. H. stated, "Even though some newspapers and pastors are broadcasting negative things about Rev. Moon, I know that Rev. Moon is teaching good things and I want to teach these things to the young members of my church. Thank you, Rev. Moon!

Rev. Kunihiro Sagisaka, Church Center Member and Coordinator of Event with Mother Ellen D., Chicago, IL

We had a moving experience with Mother Ellen D. at her home on December 14th. She is a card-carrying member of ACLC as well as a member of Rev. W. L. Mobleyís Gospel Truth MBC in Chicago. When we showed the Ambassador for Peace video, Mother D. deeply wept because she remembered the history of slavery and her experience with the civil rights movement when she was a child. She then read the speech with a very serious attitude. She believes in True Fatherís greatness because of the constant love that she has received from Unificationists for many years. She appreciates the ACLC because it has helped her pastor become a greater leader. Mother D. was grateful to share the Holy Wine and blessing vows with her husband. She feels privileged to be an Ambassador for Peace and pledged that, even though she is old and cannot travel, she will forever do what she can to support the work of Rev. Moon.

Mrs. Margaret Figueroa, District 7 WFWP Chairwoman and Coordinator of Event with Ms. Alice J., Chicago, IL

Our second World Tour event took place at Mother's House in Chicago with Ms. Alice J. She is the Executive Director of this non-profit organization started by many prominent African Americans, including Congressman Danny D., to help homeless families. Ms. J. has attended several True Family Values banquets and participated in the last MEPI in Israel. As she read the speech, she asked deep and serious questions, especially about the Fall of Man. She absorbed the meaning of the Fall and the profound effects it is still having on the world today. It was amazing to watch someone receive so much truth and process it in such a short time and agree that it is true! She also began to reconsider her position on interracial marriage. At the end of the program, she asked us to find her a husband!

Mr. Ed Taub, Tribal Messiah and Coordinator of Event with Sister Patricia H., Detroit, MI

We had an incredible World Tour event at the home of Sister Patricia H.! Her home is in one of Detroitís worst neighborhoods. She invited ten neighborhood teens to come to the program. At first, the teens were very restless and bored. However, as the reading of the speech continued, they became increasingly focused and serious. They all participated in the Holy Wine and Holy Blessing ceremonies. Sister H. had such great faith to hold this program! I had met her for the first time only one week before, but she trusted that the event was part of Godís Providence. During the program she prayed, "Thank you Father God for this opportunity to share your truth with these young men and women. I pray that they have learned something that will strengthen their lives in this difficult world. We are determined to defeat Satan and return to you! Please bless everyone here tonight." Through this experience, I am grateful to Heavenly Father and True Parents for the power of this World Tour to change lives!

Mrs. Donette Magoola, Tribal Messiah and Coordinator of Event with Ms. Nancy P., Lansing, MI

Nancy jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this World Tour. She was especially excited when we told her that the Blessing would be part of the program. She wore her finest clothes. She wept as she read Fatherís words and thanked us that she could be a part of a peace movement based on the blessing of families. Her husband had passed away and she deeply understands the value of the family. After the program, she expressed that the entire event was a "holy service" and she would hold every component like an eternal treasure.

District 8
World Tour Testimonies From Minneapolis

4th World Tour

Imam Tariq Ansaar A.

No words can fully express the heartfelt appreciation I have for Dr. Teh SuThye and his marvelous staff in Malaysia. As I started the tour, my anticipation was that I would offer every ounce of support to the "Rebuild the family, restore the community and renew the nation and the world" as it was observed in Malaysia. At the conclusion of the tour I am certain they gave as much to me as I gave to them in a loving exchange.

Dr. Teh was flawless in coordinating a fast-paced speaking tour that seamlessly moved me into remote villages where I saw great support for the UPF and then into the offices of government ministers that graciously responded to Dr. Tehís request for an audience with them. Taking time out from the business of running the government of Malaysia, these ministers of government were generous with their time with us as we shared with then the message "Rebuild the family, restore the community". Everywhere we went, whether it was a meeting with religious leaders, community leaders, or local Ambassadors for Peace, I saw a great outpouring of love and support for the worldwide vision of Reverend Moon.

I have been afforded many opportunities to share with Muslims and others the great works of Father Moon and the urgent message of peace. I look forward to doing so again.

Angel M., Youth Minister

This experience has changed my life. I truly enjoyed my time in Korea, especially the opportunity to visit with a Korean family in their home and see the interaction on the family level. Father Moonís speech about Godís Ideal Family reinforced my own about the importance of the family structure, only he carried it out even further to say that God-centered families will lay the foundation for world peace. It was a deep honor to be able to participate in this world speaking tour.

I was so moved to receive a custom-made suit from Father Moon. It is so beautiful and fits so perfectly. Please tell him "Thank you" for me.

Rev. Darlene S., Pastor

I want to thank Rev. Moon for giving me this opportunity to travel to Lebanon, give his speech and meet with so many from that nation. The people I met wanted so much to share their experiences with me, to say how the war was impacting their lives.

They would tell me, "Before you came, it was so hard to believe that anything would change, but you are giving us hope. War has broken our country and it seemed that no one cared. Thank you for listening to us, for coming here with your love and your hope. We want peace for all in Lebanon.

Rev. Clifton and Tiffanie G.

We have no doubt that God wanted us to be on the World Tour in Japan and Korea. We have been blessed in so many ways through this experience. Father Moon, we hope that we can be as positive change for others as you have been for us. God is truly moving and implementing His Will on the earth today, and you are the living proof.

5th World Tour

Rev. Earlice Wrice, Tribal Messiah and Coordinator of St. Louis event with Minister Donald M.

We were getting close to our district goal and I was praying for assistance from my husband, Rev. Leonard W., who has been in spirit world for over 4 years. After my prayer, I started dialing with the intention to call Bishop Frank H., but my fingers dialed Minister Donald M., who head NOI Mosque.

I was somewhat surprised when he picked up the phone, so I decided to go with it. Minister Donald could not have been more receptive to help. He was one of the first Ambassadors for Peace appointed in Missouri.

He came to the location with one of his assistants, and said he felt honored to be able to read True Parentsí speech. Minister Donald read the whole speech with such heart and emotion, that I could really feel the heart of God through his words.

Rev. Bill Stoner, Tribal Messiah and Coordinator of St. Louis event with Rev. Bennie W.

We organized a speaking event at our home with two close ministers, Rev. Bennie W. and Rev. B.. Both shared the reading, but Rev. W. read the most. Both ministers expressed later how they felt God had really helped to bring them there. God was truly there with us.

Afterward, we took pictures on the digital camera and were surprised to see what looked like a green spiritual orb around one of the guests, Rev. B. His wife had died recently. Rev. B. expressed that he felt she was there with us during the reading of the speech and very happy about the whole experience.

Mrs. Keiko Borer, Tribal Messiah and Coordinator of Minneapolis event with Mrs. Etta H.

Rev. Swearson and I went to the home of Rev. and Mrs. Roosevelt H. Present were their children and grandchildren. Mrs. H., a school principal, read the speech, taking time to speak each word with clarity and with spirit. You could see that it had a strong effect on her husband and daughters, who listened intently in spite of two babies there that were vying for their attention. Often while their mother read the speech, they would say things such as, "Amen to that!" They were truly inspired by True Parentsí words on family and fidelity.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the two daughters took copies of the speech with them. They were determined to read it again to their own immediate family and friends.

District 9
World Tour Testimonies From Dallas

4th World Tour

Rev. William E., Colorado Springs, Colorado

It was the most powerful speech. I started to read it the first time before I went on the tour and found that I was compelled to stand to my feet while reading it. These words are sacred and from God. I met a King on my trip and made him and Ambassador for Peace. I felt my ancestors clearly with me and weeping with joy to be back in their homeland and for such a holy purpose as this. I am ready to go again, anytime, for Father.

Rev. Calvin K., Denver, Colorado

I was completely transformed by this trip. I am ready to go again. Just call me. I wanted to do the entire tour from beginning to end but I had to attend to some court business here at home in the middle. The speech is powerful and truly Godís Word. It doesnít talk about religion. It talks about becoming children and families of God, which is correct. Jesus was not a ĎChristianí.

Nin B., Boulder, Colorado and an AFP

I met with a senator and shared with him about peace and the tour, and he began to cry. I felt like we became "family" with everyone we met. Many in Europe were allergic to references to "religion". Communism is still quite influential and strong in parts of Europe and in some parts of Africa. It is very critical and serious, the influence of the Maoists there. They feed the people and help the people in many ways, winning them away from the West and from America. We must wake up and get serious about this and do something. There is no nation on this earth, no individual, no other organization on this earth sending people all over the world to truly work for peace except Father Moon and the UPF. Godís hand truly guided every detail and step of this tour. I found myself beyond my wildest dreams right in my ancestorsí home town and also going right through Dokou, Germany, where my baby brother and sister were killed in the holocaust. It was an incredible experience, totally guided by Godís hand, every step of the way."

Mr. Sum N., Denver, Colorado and an AFP

This was an incredible experience. I want to tell the whole world about it. I have given my story to 6 newspapers and 2 websites and I talk about it everywhere I go to everyone I meet. I am ready to go on the next tour. Just call me.

Minister Priscilla C., Houston, TX; spoke in Japan and Korea

There were many grand and powerful works that God performed on the 4th UPF Global Tour, but for me, the most heartfelt moment occurred on my first morning in Japan. The local FFWPU pastor took me to the arena where I would speak, prior to the dayís event. While we were walking up to the site, an elderly and humbly dressed Japanese woman who spoke only broken English ran up to me crying and said through her sobs and tears that she had "dreamed a dream and it was you and you have come to bring Blessing." The old woman added that she knew whatever I had come for, it must be for goodness, because God had revealed it all in advance to her in her dream.

As I looked all around, I was the only black lady as far as my eyes could see. There could be no mistake, this was the moment that everything made sense and came into focus. The sincerity and tears of the poor humbly dressed old woman had revealed to me how detailed and precise is Godís providence, and it was no mistake, no coincidence, that I indeed had come to Japan to bring Godís Blessing.

Rev. Marilyn K., OK - Spoke in Japan, Korea, Europe, Africa and Asia

Dear Father Moon,

I want to express my appreciation to you for all the work that you do for the Lord. I also want to express my grateful appreciation to God for allowing me to be a part of the movement. I have truly given my lifework to the Lord, and when I met all of you, this took me to a higher level. We as the body of Christ, working hand in hand together for his purposes, establishing the KOH on earth as it is in heaven

One of the outstanding moments was in Japan, sitting next to a Japanese brother and a Korean brother. Despite coming from past conflicts and bloody wars, we came together as brothers and sisters in Christ and broke bread together. Through this 4th UPF Tour and the MEPI that I have taken part in, my lifeís work of reconciliation had truly moved to now an international stage.

The greatest fulfillment that I have is to be in the center of Godís Will, to carry out all my assignments for His glory. Thank you once again for allowing me to be an AFP and to be used for His purposes. Together, we as His body on earth can fulfill our task for His glory. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

Sincerely, your friend and daughter in Christ, Rev. Marilyn K.

5th World Tour

Judge Ed S.

He goes back quite a ways with our movement. He was involved with our American Leadership Conferences and AFC activities many years ago.

We read the speech at his home - a modest home in rural Arkansas. He, his wife, and I all read. Upon reading it he said, "The members of the UN ought to read this speech and then they ought to live it. His wife was particularly inspired by the section on "Absolute Sexual Morality." She said, "This is good stuff. There are a lot of good things in here. Can I keep this and read it over? I want to highlight several of the passages. Can my teenage sons read this? It is something they need to hear."

When we did the Holy Wine and their 2 teenage sons joined to take it, they were so humble and just so grateful. I felt by their response and attitude just how great Father's words are and how with people of conscience and good heart they resonate. It gives them strength to continue on in their life's journey.

Rev. Jimmy C.

Rev. C. was appointed AFP in 2001 and in 2003 was the first minister in Dallas to take down the crosses on his church and inside the sanctuary.

He is the Senior Pastor of his church and Apostle over seven other churches spanning 5 states. In Texas, right across the Rio Grande River border from El Paso is the large city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Rev. C. had wanted to participate in the 4th UPF but was unable to because of a conflict in his schedule, so when I called him to tell him that he was needed to give Father Moonís peace message as part of the 5th UPF tour, he was eager and willing. I coordinated with the Hellier blessed couple in Ciudad Juarez who were so happy to assist in setting up a 5th UPF speaking venue in their city, even as their country of Mexico was preparing for 4th UPF events in Mexico City, hundreds of miles away. This was the first trip to Mexico for Rev. C. and my first trip to Ciudad Juarez.

Even with short time, a Methodist Churchís Pastor Roberto M. welcomed us to speak, giving us the full command of the nightís service. Rev. C. spoke first and testified strongly that God and Jesus had anointed Rev. Moon as the one to save Godís most important institution Ė the family Ė and to reconnect it to Godís lineage through the Holy Blessing. He called for the people to open their ears and hearts. I delivered the speech in Spanish and the people listened intently. After the Helliers prayed, Pastor Roberto asked to pray. He tearfully asked God to forgive him and his wife and all the people their of the sins and mistakes they had made in their marriages prior to taking the Holy Wine and to help them stand pure, holy and renewed. His sincere prayer and Rev. C.'s enthusiastic testimony made the 20-hour roundtrip drive totally worthwhile.

Bishop Byron R., Ambassador for Peace

Twenty-four Ambassadors for Peace gathered for lunch to celebrate the Fifth World Peace Tour of the Universal Peace Federation at Albuquerque Family Church. Lunch was prepared in the highest Oriental food tradition of Japan by our Japanese brothers and sisters to offer greetings of peace during this Holiday Season.

Ambassador for Peace Bishop Byron R., was introduced with his wife Selma. In his remarks, he said that he was grateful for the worldwide peace tours of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Bishop Rogers said that Reverend Moon was not just talking about peace, but his lifeís effort of investing his time, his money, and his resources are making a difference in the world, and making a difference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Then four Ambassadors of Peace read Reverend Moonís Message of Peace to the world entitled "Godís Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality" enthusiastically embracing the message concerning "absolute sexual morality".

Rev. Kaoru and Lola Somemoto

The blessed family of Kaoru and Lola Somemoto held the first HDFC gathering in Dallas to invite an Ambassador for Peace to deliver True Fatherís speech at their home meeting. The main guest, AFP Mrs. Ivette B. is a community leader together with her husband, Greg Ė who could not make the event. Mrs. B. was quite surprised that she had the duty of reading the speech publicly. At first, she started out shyly and self-consciously, saying she wasnít a public speaker - but as she read she became more bold and strong, often repeating a phrase or sentence that seemed so important, it demanded to be emphasized. She was so moved by the content that she requested that she keep her copy of the speech so that she could underline portions of it and teach from it.

District 10
World Tour Testimonies From Seattle

4th World Tour

Elder Kay A. from Idaho (Participated on the first leg of the tour, traveling to Japan, Korea and Europe.)

The camaraderie from everyone on the tour was wonderful. You could feel their spirit and their great positive attitude. The dedication of Rev. Moon of putting so much into this program just astounds me. Another amazing thing was the effort of the organizers and planners. At every new country, all the details were taken care of. The people who came to greet us every time were so gracious. I am anxious to expand the AFP work in my home state of Idaho.

Bishop Donovan R.

Bishop Donovan R. attended the African portion of the tour. He gave a testimony at our Christmas party two weeks ago. He said that he was amazed at the level of respect and honor that Rev. Moon has in the countries that he visited. Because of that he said he reassessed his perspective of Father and itís causing him to reconsider his whole life.

Rev. Silversity M. (former missionary to Nepal)

She read True Fatherís speech at a Baptist Church (Pastor Donald W.).

Afterwards Rev. M. commented: "I was worried about reading such a long speech but the more I read the more energy I got. Father Moon is so right about the three-generation experience. This is what I have at my home.

5th World Tour

Mr. Joe H. from Anchorage, Alaska

On December 14th Mr. Joe H. from Anchorage, Alaska read Father's speech at a local event. Mr. H. is the Bering Strait tunnel project group president here in Anchorage and a long time contact of our local AFC leader.

Rev. Sun Chih H.

The first Alaska event was held at Anchorage Gardens. Rev. H. invited 3 ACLC ministers plus several other guests. They watched the Ambassador for Peace DVD and then read the speech together. The ministers were all very inspired by Father's message and they agreed to read the speech themselves in later events.

Mister Ron Barrett

Minister Barrett volunteered to go on the 5th World Tour. No information came for him to go to any country. He had almost given up hope that he could go. Then on December 20, he was asked if he could go to Azerbaijan to be part of a UPF Event. Mr. Barrett left a day later on the 21st.

He said: "Mr. Nishiwaki from Japan and a Russian and a Ukrainian man had only 4 days time to prepare this event. They did a wonderful job and over 120 people, including a former member of parliament, attended the event on the evening of Christmas Day. Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister had fallen sick and could not attend. It was a wonderful and amazing experience.

Reader: Mr. Aleksiy A.
MC/Blessing Officiator: Mike L.

Attending: About 150 patrons of Starbucks over 1 1/2 hours.

December 15, 2006, Started 2:15, completed 3:30pm, Starbucks, Seattle

Reading in Starbucks in Northeast Seattle sitting next to two groups. First, a man and his 2 pre-school aged children. Next, a young girl sat down who recently graduated from high school. At the end we gave our group-meeting card to our neighbor, inviting her to attend our Friday weekly meeting. She asked what type of church (we replied "Unification Church"), and then she confirmed the location and time of our HDFC meeting. She lives nearby and we are praying for her to drop by one week.

Aleksiy read the entire speech without interruption. The spirit became more and more clear as he read. At the beginning the Starbucks seems so loud, even chaotic. We sat near the middle of line; next to where people waiting in line stand. We had our Holy Wine ceremony and Blessing first. Then as we read. The sound of the Starbucks seemed less and less pronounced, though traffic fluctuated all tables there remained full. At the end of the reading we had a mini-mansei and declared the event a success for the Fifth World Tour, closing in prayer.

District 11
World Tour Testimonies From San Francisco

4th World Tour

Amadu K., Olympic athlete. Ambassador For Peace, Sacramento, California.

It was truly an honor to be part of this historic World Tour. In Japan when I spoke before the audience I was overcome with tears as I realized that the words I was giving from Father Moon were indeed life-giving words. I was resurrected myself and I felt the whole audience was resurrected through these words.

Wafaa A., Political activist, member WFWP, Ambassador For Peace, Oakland, CA

In Lebanon, looking at the devastation of the war and the plight of the people I strongly felt that there is no hope for man. We are on a vicious cycle of destruction. The next day when meeting with high level Moslem leaders and speaking about Father Moonís speech I realized just how powerful the words are that Father Moon is giving the world. These words have the potential to unite and heal mankindís deep divisions and scars if people will listen and apply what they hear.

Bishop Lamar G., Oakland, CA

I was so overwhelmed with tears in reading the speech that I had a hard time to even be able to see the words any longer. I tried to compose myself and begin reading again only for the same tears to return and I couldnít read any longer. The tears didnít seem to be coming from me.

Alain L., French, born in Africa

I was profoundly moved by the suffering that I saw in Africa. The people there are suffering so much and it is a spiritual poverty as much as physical needs. The oppression of the people must be lifted. The words of True Father were like spiritual rain on a dry land. Everywhere we went I felt that the people have learnt to cope with their physical suffering but their spiritual thirst is so deep and therefore they were ready for the words of God.

5th World Tour

Charles Kamins, entrepreneur, Napa, CA

We invited some very high-powered guests over for dinner and read the speech together. If they couldnít digest the speech, I wouldnít appoint them as Ambassadors for Peace. Fortunately they were so inspired and willingly became AFP.

Kevin Thompson

The power in our building went out and the electric company sent 9 men to fix the problem. They came into the church to take a break while the rain was strongest around 1:00 am. I began to talk with them then I asked if they mind if I read a speech to them. I read the speech to 9 electricians on Christmas Eve in our church. Then I gave them Holy Wine and specific instructions to share the Holy Wine with their wives when they had Christmas dinner. I gave each of them a small bottle of Holy Wine as a Christmas gift.

Maria R., Modesto, CA

Maria has been dreaming of True Parents for 25 years without knowing who they are. She is Hispanic but looks totally Mongolian.

She read the speech with our members and said "This is what the Oriental man has been teaching me in my dreams for 25 years."

District 12
World Tour Testimonies From Los Angeles

4th World Tour

Rev. Betty Jeanne T., Tucson, Arizona

I am very happy being here in Cameroon, although the climate is so hot. For the sake of heaven I came as one of the chosen clergy to rally the world with True Parentsí words of peace, especially this nation of Cameroon. I am offering this contribution to support True Parentsí accomplishments in the world. I believe that with them, things can change. Change is already happening. You too are called to do the same in all the cities of this nation. You are blessed for coming here today to this rally.

Rev. Sylvia M., Tucson, Arizona

What struck me about the whole experience was that there is a deep appreciation for us. I did not get it the first time. What is the big deal? The big deal was that we gave up our lives in America, or whatever it was we were doing to go. To accept the call and go to deliver the message that Rev. Moon wanted delivered. So the membership and the movement really appreciated our willingness to do that. We were therefore treated like royalty every place we went. In our first county, Japan, there were many people there to greet us with flowers and banners. It was overwhelming. It is just absolutely overwhelming. What came to my mind at some point was that during my first experiences traveling in Europe in the 70s, when I got back home, I said that why do I have to go to some other country, leave my country, to be treated like a human? So here is another such experience. Treated like I am someone special. If you are not African-American, you may not totally appreciate what this means to me.

In Cote díIvoire, I went to a Pentecostal church that holds 1000 people, and there were at least 600 to 700 people there, and the minister (Bakoe) gave his testimony that for me was straight from the speech.

While talking to the church, he said directly to me, I am apologizing for the actions we Africans took when we sold our brothers and sisters into slavery. Because you are the product of that action, you have been separated from your ancestors and from your homeland. So take this to the African-Americans in America and let them know that we miss them.

The impact of what he was saying did not hit me until a couple of days later. African-Americans have been told that Africans did not want us. When I relayed the story to a sister in Sierra Leone, she said that what we have been told is that you did not want us. It is the age-old thing of divide and conquer. That division, that separation, that we do not have to have. This trip was one of renewal and reunion, and reconciliation for a lot of us.

Carlos M. T., Paramount, CA

It has been a privilege and honor to serve as a peace envoy on the 120 Minister Tour. Personally, it was a challenge to have traveled in a group with so many varied opinions, likes and dislikes, and tastes. This is mostly in view of having to travel alone for most of my life. I was able to often observe, which is something that I enjoy doing.

From my vantage point, I feel that this was a multi-faceted mission. First and foremost it was to Ďtake the messageí. The message, however, had many aspects. The text was powerful and was received well throughout my tour. As powerful as that message was to the general population, however, the messenger first had to receive it and make it part of his or her life. From that point of departure the center of the message could be used by Godís spirit to settle in the lives of individuals. The audiences, although varied, had a central need and desire to receive another dose of the powerful truth.

I observed something special within the recipients. I could see that the veterans, those members that had been involved for so long as the original Ďsowersí, were receiving a special or even Ďdouble portioní with open hearts. The give and take was exceptional. They were refortified in the faith and dedication.

I am thankful to The Most High and all True Servants down the line who made this monumental happening possible and to have been part of the effort. Praise be to God forever!

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