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Come Celebrate as Dr. Hyun Jin Moon Brings Message of Peace to 12 US Cities

Michael Jenkins
January 19, 2007

Rev. Jin Man Kwak, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings and Rev. Michael Jenkins the day before the launch of the historic 12-city tour.

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon brings a message of peace to all of America. On Thursday morning, Jan. 18th, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, chairman of Universal Peace Federation of the North American region, Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins, president of FFWPU, and Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Co-president of the American Clergy Leadership Conference, met with Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and Rev. Jin Man Kwak and key leaders to make the final preparations to launch the special Peace Tour to 12 Cities in America. The tour is entitled: "A Call to Action: God's Kingdom of Peace is now at hand!"

Dr. Moon (affectionately known as Hyun Jin Nim) is inspired to go forth across the nation of America to embrace the 120 religious leaders who traveled as Ambassadors for Peace throughout 120 nations of the world last year. Hyun Jin Nim was inspired by the spirit and the heart of these Ambassadors for Peace who gave Father Moon's peace message throughout the world. True Father suggested that Hyun Jin Nim meet these leaders in one place. We heard that True Parents were deeply inspired to find out that we have decided to do a 12-city tour which will allow the key leaders of America to meet Hyun Jin Nim on the front line of the efforts to bring unity and love among all people.

In this tour Hyun Jin Nim will not only meet the 120 leaders but also their colleagues and members of their congregations, as we bring the message that people of faith must unite around common values and bring the blessing to families and peace in our communities.

The evening will be held in ACLC churches and other venues across America offering a special fellowship and inspirational meeting for peace in which we will hear vivid and exciting testimonies from the Ambassadors for Peace directly who went throughout the world bringing the message of peace. We will receive Hyun Jin Nim's insight of True Parents way of peace how we might better our own lives and communities.

Our peace ambassadors went to America, Japan, Korea, Europe, Africa, Lebanon, Israel, Asia, Oceania, and South America. It was a profound journey that has taken all of those who participated to a new level of understanding as to the meaning of True Parents, the Blessing, and the role that God has ordained our True Parents in as the King and Queen of Peace.

Together with Archbishop Stallings we took the peace message from the 5th World Tour, entitled "God's Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality," and identified the key themes in the messages of peace and found biblical references that totally affirm this universal message. How do we bring peace? The answer is through true love. This tour is about bringing the key elements that create true love in our families, homes, churches, communities, our nation and the world. The warmth of true love is about to spread. It is a call to Action - an action to bring love to our family and community.

As our Ambassadors for Peace go forth and bring this message to every community (1,200 communities received the message in December, and now 12,000 will receive the message before Easter), we are inspired and uplifted because Hyun Jin Nim has the vision to go directly himself to the heart of each community of America, to embrace the people and to give them God's word and the key elements of action needed to substantiate and experience God's word. How? By living for the sake of others. That is the foundational principle behind the emphasis on service and sacrifice. Through living for the sake of others we can bring love to every community and remove the barriers that block our cooperation to bring the Kingdom of Peace on earth.

Archbishop Stallings, Rev. Fauntroy and other key pastors of ACLC have shared how inspired they are to see the son of Father Moon taking up the mantle of responsibility to bring God's word and love to all humanity. Nothing moves a pastor's heart more than to see the pastor's son and family sharing in the vision and commitment of love for all. Last year not only the sons and daughters but the grandsons and grand daughters toured the world with Father and Mother Moon. They toured sacrificing to go to 40 countries to bring the example of three generations standing firm together to create blessed families in which divorce and infidelity is eliminated. This three generational realm of unity is a model that gives eternal stability to the family and becomes the cornerstone for your tribe, clan and nation.

We begin the tour on Saturday, Jan. 20th, in one of Los Angeles' prominent churches, Founders Church of Religious Science. From there we will go on to San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Atlanta, Washington, Newark, Boston and New York, 12 cities in all. The evening program will be in the churches to connect with the heart of the community and the leaders that are serving their communities. There will also be a program to honor the Ambassadors for Peace that went on the world tour.

The morning after each event we are inviting all blessed couples and their children to come for Hoon Dok Hae and to have a personal experience with Hyun Jin Nim and his wife. Please don't miss this opportunity, even if the children have to be late for school. Though it's early in the morning, we know these gatherings are very precious, where we will celebrate and hear a message from Hyun Jin Nim that is personal and direct to our families. At breakfast we will have a high level Ambassador for Peace program in which the women leaders, NGO leaders, elected officials, religious leaders, and academic leaders will share how they too are giving the peace message out to their communities, not as observers but as participants and leaders.

We were so inspired yesterday, as we could see that Hyun Jin Nim is really inheriting Father's heart and vision for America, and also seeing how crucial it is that the religious leaders unite and understand Jesus' love and heart. Moved by the Holy Spirit, they are coming together to fulfill America's responsibility from the religious perspective in the Middle East. We will be encouraging everybody to join in the Middle East Peace Initiative.

This is truly a tour that can advance a new era in America, the era of the peace kingdom. Though the world is troubled by wars and youth and family problems, we are now bringing the vision and example that it is in fact possible to fulfill the American dream that Dr. Martin Luther King called for, that one day all God's children would join together at that banquet table - black and white, Jews, Christians, Muslims and people of all faiths and races singing together, "free at last". This tour will bring a real picture in living color of all of God's children coming together under the true love of God based on the ideal and teachings of love coming from our True Parents. This tour will demonstrate the reality that we have the power to eliminate walls and boundaries and replace them with bridges of peace and love.

Please be encouraged. Bring your Ambassadors for Peace, your colleagues and friends from your Hoon Dok family church, your relatives, the clergy and churches you are working with, and their leaders and youth ministers. Don't miss this opportunity. We sincerely ask that every family member come together in one of these 12 cities to share this joy. We thank you for your love, support and sacrifice as God's people to heal this world.

With love and immense hope for America to fulfill its role as the elder son nation,


Rev. Michael Jenkins

Dr. Hyun Jin Moon - 12 City USA Peace Tour - Venue Information

1/20 Sat 7:00 PM Los Angeles
1/21 Sun 5:00 PM San Francisco
1/22 Mon 7:00 PM Seattle
1/23 Tue 7:00 PM Houston
1/24 Wed 7:00 PM Minneapolis
1/25 Thu 7:30 PM Chicago
1/26 Fri 7:00 PM Dayton
1/27 Sat 7:00 PM Atlanta
1/28 Sun 4:00 PM Washington DC
1/28 Mon 7:00 PM Newark
1/30 Tue 7:00 PM Boston
1/31 Wed 7:00 PM New York

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