The Words of the Jenkins Family

Second Generation Previously Matched Couples May Attend February Blessing

Michael Jenkins
January 19, 2007

Dear Family,

True Parents will conduct a blessing for the children of Ambassadors for Peace and match second generation couples on Saturday, February 3rd. The Blessing will be conducted on Saturday, February 22, 2007.

FFWPUI HQ's in Korea has clarified that Second Generation Couples Matched by their parents MAY attend this blessing on February 23rd. Application forms may be obtained from the Blessing department and must be signed by the District Director, President and Continental Director. We have emphasized that it is recommended that we focus on the Amnesty workshop and that second generation who want to be matched by True Parents should complete this Amnesty workshop and prepare for the matching and blessing that is scheduled for the WCSF this summer. We would like to ask all second generation to study and attend Blessing workshops to prepare for the summer Blessing. We encourage all second generation matched couples to prepare well and attend the WCSF Special Blessing.

However, if a second generation couple matched by their parents strongly desires to go for the February Blessing - it is permissible.

Rev. Michael Jenkins President

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