The Words of the Jenkins Family

Blessed Families- Please Help All Who Were Blessed To Come To Grace Workshop

Michel Jenkins
February 4, 2007

Dear Family,

Hyun Jin Nim's tour brought an overwhelming feeling of love and unity to the faith leaders and Ambassadors for Peace that came together throughout the 12 Districts of America. Thank you for your response and helping the clergy and Ambassadors for Peace to unite with True Family.

Now we are focusing on the "New Beginning" workshop for grace - the response has been tremendous. True Parents have directly requested that everyone who ever received the blessing - no matter what their current status should attend. Please reach out. All with financial problems - please report your situation to your district headquarters. - Family to family - lets pair up and help everyone to go.

We are still very concerned that many have not registered with the District headquarters. We ask all family members to understand that this is a most serious moment in our life of faith. This is not "another" condition or "another" tour - this is not something that we easily be made up if it is missed. This is True Parent's call and they are opening the door for any and all mistakes to be forgiven. District Headquarters and all movement leaders - please team up to help those who are blocked because of financial difficulties to come.

We must be very sincere at this time. True Parents have the authority before heaven and earth to give amnesty for mistakes that have been made. Please reach out to everyone regardless of their situation. Please make a serious effort to go beyond the norm to make sure everyone attends. The only way to awaken our brothers and sisters to this is that every responsible member begin to check each and every person's situation.

This will take a comprehensive effort. Please do not evaluate this from our own understanding or point of view. This is an historic moment that may not come again.

Please read Rev. Kwak's guidance on the meaning of this special grace.

Please ask each family member to respond and register. There is a Chung Pyung registration and their is a District Registration. The deadlines have passed but we must still keep the registration open because many still think they can come in at the last minute. The pre-registration is critical. ANYONE WHO REGISTERS AFTER FEBRUARY 10th WILL HAVE TO PAY ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION FEES.


Please email your district headquarters (connected to your state below). Please review the attached memo concerning registration. Please reach out for everyone. This is the time of love and forgiveness. Please make the condition of reading all the educational materials I will send out.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
President and National Pastor

Special grace workshop with Dae Mo Nim

New York Feb. 15, 16
Washington, DC Feb. 16, 17
Chicago Feb. 17, 18
San Francisco Feb. 18, 19

All information is available through your district headquarters.

For Holy Robe order, please contact:

HSA-UWC Japanese Publications

4 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

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