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God's Will And The World - Read And Beautifully Edited For Your Listening

Michael Jenkins
February 4, 2007

Dear Family,

On our website on if you click on the button Audio CD - God's Will and the World (about 1/3 of the way down on the right column of the webpage - with a mountain landscape and the red book featured) you will find the ad offering beautifully recorded readings of the Red Book entitled - God's Will and the World. These were carefully recorded by one of our finest readers, Rev. Mary Anglin.

God's Will and the World is one of the best compilations of Father's core speeches deal with the providence from Korea to America, from Israel to Christianity and the downfall of communism. Deep messages are shared concerning the blessing and the change of blood lineage. This is profound material for the fulfillment of Hoon Dok Hae.

Please review this and consider the testimonies posted by those who already have subscribed. You can listen at home for Hoon Dok Hae or while driving in your car. God's Hope for America and the New Future of Christianity are foundational speeches for deeper understanding. Please begin to purchase this set for your whole family. You may also purchase additional red books if you desire so that you can read along as you listen. It is easy to purchase online on our website and PayPal has been established to make your order easy to secure.

Sight and sound combine to make the deepest impact.

Please consider this for your family and for your friends.

We sincerely thank you.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Readings from Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Godís Will and the World

First published in 1985 in a volume entitled God's Will and the World this collection of addresses, sermons and public speeches were chosen by Reverend Sun Myung Moon to convey the essence of the Unification movement's teaching on God's will and heart. Listen to them in the car on the way to work or in the kitchen while preparing meals. They're great for Hoon Dok Hae too!

Now 20 years later these same addresses have been captured on 39 audio disks. Available in 3 sets of speeches or as an entire collection. These speeches are an indispensable collection for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the Heart of God as expressed by this modern day prophet.

Each CD contains at least one speech read by Rev. Mary Anglin with original musical introductions by David Eaton. Not only do these recordings capture the spirit of the written word but they sound great too.

I am not delivering this message today solely for your benefit. My audience is the world, history, and the spirit world. I am speaking to the world and every person here on earth shall listen to this word in due course. The entire spirit world is listening right now. The entire world will be without excuse that they did not hear me.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True Parentsí Day from the Historical Point of View
April 18, 1977
"My husband is in the military and often away. It is not easy for me to keep up Hoon Dok Hae when he is gone. I love the CD you made with Fatherís speech. I listen to it over and over. I love it!"
"I bought a set of CDsí of Fatherís Speeches... I listen to them while I am cooking or being in the apartment. The voice on them is perfect and the speeches are really well chosen..."
"... My husband is an over the road truck driver now with a schedule that is impossible to predict. Those CDs are really great for him..."

Order your copy of God's Will and the World on audio CD today!

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Vol. I Speeches 1-12 (7 CDs) $35
Vol. II Speeches 13-20 (8 CDs) $35
Vol. III. Speeches 21-26 (8 CDs) $35
Vol. IV. Speeches 27-33 (8 CDs) $35
Vol. V. Speeches 34-38 (8 CDs) $35
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