The Words of the Jenkins Family

Grace is for All Blessed Families - Please Help Every Blessed Family To Attend

Michael Jenkins
February 4, 2007

Dearly Beloved Blessed Families of all generations,

I just received a message from Hoon Mo Nim. We must do more to reach out to all families. At the last workshop for grace, one Second Generation was in the corner during the Holy Wine ceremony, weeping profusely. She was afraid about her situation. She had fallen. She had never told anyone. Due to fear and misunderstanding, she missed the first workshop. However, she made the next one. At the time of the Holy Wine ceremony this young sister experienced an incredible release from this dark, dark internal burden. No one ever knew her situation. No one ever understood the real reason why she was struggling and not inspired. She was afraid to tell anyone that she fell. She was tormented internally for a long, long time. Now she is released. She couldn't stop crying: such liberation and a chance to begin anew! She now returns to her status as a Second Generation of the lineage of Heaven, with no blemish. She is shining now, and with immense gratitude.

Beloved brothers and sisters, please step up to the level of faith that God has instilled in you. You were chosen by God. You didn't meet True Parents by chance. It was because of your lineage and ancestors. Many in your ancestry paid an enormous price: some as martyrs, some enduring incredible suffering and trials but never succumbing to Satan's destructive power. Because of that heritage, we were chosen. We certainly didn't earn it just based on our own merit.

We were chosen because God could see who we were, based on our lineage. As well, he could see who our spouses were and how their lineage was prepared. God worked just as hard as he worked in the birthing of Jesus to combine the best possible lineages together to create the children who would understand and relate to God as his direct lineage. It is time for you to seriously turn to God and ask God's guidance and wisdom. It is not a matter of being forced to do this. If you really don't want to receive this grace, then discuss it with God. You donít "have" to do this. However, please be clear. True Parents are "requesting" that you participate.

This grace is just that -- grace, an incredible condition that opens the way for everything to be forgiven. But not only forgiven, but erased!

How about those who didn't fall? Do you need to attend if you didn't make the big mistake with your lineage? Please be careful. Any and all sin is not acceptable in the Kingdom of Heaven. The record of forgiven sin is also not acceptable. You know that when you made a mistake, even though you repented and were forgiven, still the accusation lingers concerning your mistake; some people accuse you and don't want to let go of it.

It is the same in the Spirit World. Forgiveness alone isn't enough. The record has to be cleansed by God. The scars on our spirit from sin must be removed so that we can stand in the realm where God dwells. If they are not cleansed or removed, we will cause God impossible pain because he will always be reminded of our sin and humankindís sinful history when he looks at us. All this must be washed away. It must not be recognized. For example: when a nation doesn't accept the existence of another nation, it refuses to "recognize" that nation, as if it doesn't exist. Even though the media and the world talk about this unrecognized nation, for the nation that is refusing to recognize it, IT DOES NOT EXIST. Its name is not even referred to in public documents. The same is true for God. Even though Satan's kingdom did exist, we are now entering a time when there must be no recognition of Satan's kingdom and no recognition of the fruit of sin that emanated from his kingdom.

God is setting a condition through this grace that will stand correctly before true love and the Principle. Due to True Parents' substantiation of the permanent three-generational dwelling of God on the earth, God can formally, through the grace condition, erase the entire past history of sin. Through this condition God can, by the Principle, proclaim before eternity that our sin is covered over and does not exist. Satan will not be able to accuse us because this is established in a realm that Satan has never entered. That is, the realm of the True Family as the permanent dwelling of God on earth. Through this condition we enter into the protected realm of the dwelling of God, as if we had no blemish or sin.

Satan has no condition to touch the three-generational realm that True Parents have established. God is now entering the phase in which he will no longer acknowledge or deal with (even indirectly) anything that has to do with sin. For God, it will no longer exist. Some may ask, "Well, some members of the three-generational realm could make mistakes." Yes. However, the condition is such that God has the power to protect this ideal family and keep three generations of grandparents, parents and children.

I personally believe that God has the absolute power to protect at least one representative couple from each generation. Perhaps he has the power now to protect all. I truly believe that Satan will never be able to break down the three generations. It will not happen. That is why God is now free to dwell on the earth and live with us. That is the meaning of Aju. As it says in Revelation 21: "The tabernacle of God shall be with men and he will dwell with them." That is the meaning of Godís dwelling permanently on earth through the True Family, centered on the Original Palace and Museum (Cheon Jeong Gong). That is the meaning of the settlement of God in the True Family. Now Father is extending that right of inheritance to all who will keep the covenants of building an ideal family. They will receive this grace and this erasure of their record.

When traveling with Hyun Jin Nim last week in 12-city tour, I could see a new dimension of True Parentsí authority and love. This is not just a human phenomenon alone; this is the maximum power of God being able to manifest through the three generations I saw so many clergy and Ambassadors for Peace melted and brought together, like never before. It was really significant. "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord." Now the Lord has multiplied, and all the True Family are stepping into the realm of the Lord. Not only that. All who inherit this grace and covenant also inherit the rights to ownership and lordship in God's Kingdom. All of our families are destined to become the tabernacles of the Lord and to become "lords" of creation ourselves.

At the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship on January 13, 2001, Father gave us three keys to the Kingdom in terms of lifestyle and the right to live close to God: We must not fall, we must not hurt another person's heart, and we must not misuse public money. Who can stand and say, "Oh, I didn't fall, so I don't need this grace." Itís not just about the fall. Did we hurt anyone? Many times we are shocked to discover how much we have hurt others with our words, spirit, and attitude. Did you ever hurt anyone? Actually you can't really answer this question yourself. Itís like asking you if your spouse is happy about everything and you say, "We don't need to hear the answer from my spouse. I can answer that! My spouse is totally happy about everything about me, and Iíve never hurt my spouse!" Can we ask your spouse about it? You say, "Oh itís not necessary. We don't need to hear from him (or her). I know everything." How about your children? "Oh, they are all happy with me also, but don't ask them because I know they always understand everything I say and do is for their benefit. In fact, if they say that I hurt them, they don't know what they are talking about!"

As we may have realized in the past, whenever there is an open sharing in our family or with loved ones or even with our colleagues in our field of work, we are many times shocked to find out that we don't know what our closest family members are going through. Because no external or major problem manifests, we believe everything is fine; however, we may find that those closest to us have been hurt the most.

Communication between loved ones is not simple. That is why divorce can happen so readily. We are painting our own picture about our relationships and are not listening to anyone. This sin of hurting another's heart can be washed away. Not only forgiven, but erased. How about money? Do we really give to God what is specified in the Bible? Do we give out of duty begrudgingly, or do we sacrifice from the heart? Do we tithe, or do we say we don't have any money, only to misuse the money that we have that could be used to help the nation and the world? Sometimes we spend money on things that don't benefit our own spiritual life or that of our family, community, society, nation or world. This is also a sin that must not only be forgiven but also erased.

This is a very serious matter. We are finding incredible situations among our blessed families as they are reporting. Things are being uncovered that were never reported. There are cases coming out in which one spouse fell and never told anyone, including the other spouse, and returned to relations with the spouse, which tainted the spouseís lineage. Children born from that kind of relationship are not Second Generation, even though they always believed they were. One such couple had grandchildren before it was discovered that the Second and Third generation were not of the heavenly lineage. The Second Generation couple felt so betrayed when this came out. Like cancer, the tainting of God's lineage spreads from generation to generation, taking innocent people along with it. Innocent, pure Second Generation who were matched with children born from parents tainted by the Fall then pass on this condition to their spouses. They are not of Heaven's lineage. Their spouse is innocent but doesn't know that the lineage from Heaven was broken. Some may say, "Well, we took Holy Wine again on True Parentsí world tours. Aren't we then reinstated?" The Holy wine engrafts us into the Tree of Life only once; it is for the first entry into the lineage of Heaven. Because so many had stained the lineage, we were given the registration blessing with Holy Wine in October 2000. This required a special 21-day blessed wivesí workshop and 8-day workshop for husbands. This was not originally the plan of Heaven; it was to make sure that True Father had a pure base of blessed couples as unstained "subjects" for God to stand with as king in the Coronation of Godís Kingship. Father decided not to take any chances and gave the Holy Wine again.

On August 20, 2003, the Holy Wine was given again. For those taking it the first time, it would engraft them to Heavenís lineage; it also allowing all who drank, including those already blessed and in good standing, to enter into the realm of the Fourth Israel as citizens. On August 20, 2004, we drank Holy Wine again after the Coronation of True Parents in the Korean National Assembly. Then it was expanded to have the power to forgive our ancestors and liberate us from being accused of our ancestorsí sins.

In 2006, the Holy Wine became the condition for us to enter the Original Palace and the realm of being true citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Each stage of the Holy Wine has expanded meaning. Now we will take the Holy Wine to erase all of our mistakes, including those that were already forgiven but are still recorded on our spirit.

When we took the Holy Wine the first time, we engrafted into the True Olive Tree (the Tree of Life) and entered the lineage of Heaven. If we made a mistake and fell, there are specific conditions to restore it. Generally itís by reporting to the Blessed Family Department, then seven years of abstinence, then approval by church leaders and Holy Wine and re-blessing by True Parents. There have been exceptions on a few occasions. For example, the Madison Square Garden 1998 Blessing was one in which Father permitted all who fell to come back and be re-blessed without the seven years of abstinence. However, that door closed, and the seven-year course is still required. Now this incredible grace has come. Will it ever come again? Maybe. I hope so. But I certainly can't guarantee that it will.

Please do not take this lightly. As president of the American church, I have many opportunities to do Seung Hwa ceremonies for our blessed families. You wouldn't believe how serious each family is to establish and record for history the good conditions their loved one made while he or she was alive. Finances, worldly success, knowledge, power, position; all mean very little when your time has come to go to the Spirit World. Every little thing that people did to live for the sake of others, how they were faithful to God, how they believed in True Parents, lived for Jesus and all the world, or were true to their faith tradition, how they loved and sacrificed for others, is brought to my attention. Nothing is ever brought up to me at a Seung Hwa ceremony about successful investments or great worldly success. The only thing the family really cares about is that their loved oneís spirit will ascend to the highest possible place with God; that he or she didn't fall and kept the four-position foundation.

What a tragedy to find that the door of ascension is sealed because the lineage was destroyed through the Fall! What an even greater tragedy it is that many may leave their destiny and lineage blocked because of their lack of understanding of the meaning of this grace ceremony!

Even if we understand little, we should trust that this is a key steppingstone to liberating our past and that of our past and future lineage. Why? Because True Parents have offered it to us. It comes from True Parents. It has nothing to do with anything but grace from Heaven.

Even if we don't understand True Parents, we should understand the Scripture and all the great faith traditions that indicate that in the end times there will be this kind of judgment before God. What the scriptures don't indicate is that we are not judged by God; we judge ourselves. You choose whether to believe or not. To reject or not is your choice. You choose. Not your friends or others in the movement who may have told you that this isn't really that big of a deal, or itís just another way to collect donations. Don't listen to others. Listen to your conscience; listen to what God is telling you. In your most private hour, when no one is around, please say a short prayer asking whether you should go or not. Listen to God. If you are serious, you will get an answer. Donít stop praying to God until you get the answer.

Some may say, "Oh, don't worry, this will come again. The church always has more things like this." Brothers and sisters, the church has never had something like this before. This is not just forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness has been offered many times before. But not the condition to wash your record and history of sin away. Also, Father has asked that the amnesty workshops be completed before his birthday on February 23, 2007. Our American workshops will end on February 19. There will be no chance for another before February 23.

How can you entrust your choice to someone else's understanding? Please take it to the Lord in prayer. Please study Rev. Kwakís and Dae Mo Nimís messages on the meaning of this grace. This is far more serious than ancestor liberation and Blessing. This is our immediate familiesí liberation, blessing, and total covering of all past mistakes. In the previous ancestor liberation and blessing programs, I was shocked as I traveled across America with Dae Mo Nim, Dr. Yang, and our team; I saw members that we haven't seen for twenty years. No one knew they existed. But, somehow, some family member who cared reached out for them. They came, and they got a special blessing. Somehow members know when something is not just routine, but is very, very serious. However, as we become serious, the forces that stand against goodness always try to trick people through misinformation or cynicism. Donít let anyone else decide for you. Also, please donít let your brother or sister in the movement be blocked because of misinformation or lack of understanding. True Parents are bringing this to us. If you love True Parents, you will trust their desire to give you grace.

Deep in our original minds, we all know that God is real and that God's providence in our personal lives is not a joke or a game. Also, we can't just bluff our way before God; he knows all. One of the reasons people are apprehensive about meeting Father directly is that they know he can sense everything through the spiritual sense of discernment. He can immediately tell if we are being truthful or not. Generally he trusts us and believes our report as a loving parent, but if he wants to spiritually sense whether we are honest or not, he just has to look at our spirit. You cannot lie in the spirit world. This power of discernment is a common characteristic of holy men and women. They have the power of discernment. How about God himself? God has total sensitivity. He knows if we are true or not. He allows us to make our own confession without exposing us like a criminal because he loves us. We are entering a time now where nothing will be hidden. Everything that isn't correct before Heaven will come out. Satan can't wait to expose the inconsistencies in blessed couples. That is why many problems are now surfacing among blessed families that were not known before. Believe me, there are many problems that must be resolved. If we bring them to the altar of God at this time, we are participating as Godís children to receive grace. However, if we deny this, we can be sure that Satan will eventually accuse us as criminals and seek our destruction. That is why this is urgent.

However, God wants to resolve all these problems with true love. True Parents are here as parents to help all children of God be liberated from accusation. God's offering of grace does not come from law. It is beyond law and in the realm of true love. Because True Parents have set conditions for God to permanently dwell in the three-generational foundation of the True Family, God now has authority by the law of the Principle and the law of true love to claim back his children without condition.

Then why do we have to make some offering? It is for our own sakes. Our mind cannot believe something of such great value can be given freely. You wouldn't expect the deed to a mansion to be given to you without any condition, right? We will not believe that anything has any value if it comes to us without any effort on our part. Therefore conditions have been established and approved by True Parents. True Parents originally said that two conditions should be established to merit participation: a 40-day fast and a 40- or even 120-day workshop at Chung Pyung. With that, there "might" be enough condition in a blessed couple to understand the value of this amnesty. That was the condition that was first mentioned. Why?

Jesus had to fast for 40 days just to get the right to stand as the second Adam. Moses fasted 40 days just to receive the Word in the form of the Ten Commandments. However, it was understood that God wants to give this grace to all who are blessed. Therefore a condition was set by True Parents. They took on a special indemnity condition on our behalf along with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim to allow us to fast one day instead of 40 days.

Enormous grace comes to all Christians, with a small condition of belief in Jesus. Why? Because Jesus took on everyoneís indemnity on the cross while being totally loving ("Father, forgive them") to his enemies and totally faithful to God. (The Scripture says, "By one manís stripes, we are healed.") I shudder to think what conditions had to be established by True Parents. I saw many things over the years; Father suffered silently, not letting anyone know what he was going through. I saw so many times that he took on our burden, taking all conditions onto himself to save us. In all the pictures of True Parents, they are always smiling! We have no idea what was really going on. All you have to do is attend True Parents for one week, at any time of any year. Their lives are totally public, from 3 am to 12 midnight or 1 am. There is no "private" time. Why do we need conditions? To set the condition that we awaken to the value of this grace.

Please, blessed families, I pray that a sense of urgency sweeps our American movement at this time concerning getting all blessed families ages 12 and over to the grace ceremony. New York/New Jersey, Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco have prepared facilities that hold three to four thousand. The gate is wide open now. Please make sure everyone knows. Please do not miss this historic moment. Yes, as we believe, all will be blessed, and all will be allowed to enter the realm of heaven. However, as Paul indicated there are different levels of heaven. ("A man was caught up to the third heaven.") Certainly not all have the same status before God. What counts is our grafting into the Tree of Life, maintaining the blessing, keeping the right heart, purity, conditions, sincerity of offering before Heaven and, most importantly of all, loving God and humanity with true love by living for the sake of others. These are the things that really affect our spiritual growth toward perfected love. Our lifestyle has enormous meaning.

Please realize that many prophesies in the Scriptures are coming to pass. Please do not risk closing the door for your lineage to go to the level closest to God. Please sacrifice to open the door for others who are wavering. Please save Godís chosen people from missing their inheritance of being washed clean through Godís love.

Please team up to help those that need financial help. Jesus said the greatest love is when a man lays down his life for his brother. Please lay down your lives for your brothers and sisters. Do not let them miss the providence of God.

Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are: Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets. But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out.
Luke 13:23-28

Sincerely and with the True Love of our True Parents,

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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