The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Want All Blessed Couples To Attend The Amnesty Workshop

Michael Jenkins
February 5, 2007

Dear Family,

Some have asked, "If my family didn't have a problem with the fall, do we need to attend?" The answer is YES - all blessed couples and families should attend.

Father has asked that we make sure every blessed couple attends. This is not only forgiveness for sin. (We have had forgiveness before). This is beyond forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn't remove the record. This ceremony removes all record of your mistakes before God. A condition is set that God will be able to relate with us with no evidence of mistakes. Therefore brothers and sisters - this is purely out of love. This is for all to attend. This is so that you can stand before God without blemish and without obstruction to your path to perfect your heart and love. Of course there are conditions required - the most important one is that you have to trust that if True Parents want us to have this blessing, then we should attend and trust their calling.

True Parents have asked all to attend. Rev. Kwak in his speech at Chung Pyung entitled "Special Grace Ceremony to Forgive the Sins of Blessed Family Members" given just before the Holy Wine Ceremony of November 26, 2006 he states, "At the time of granting this workshop, True Father said: "Through this special workshop I will totally erase all the past wrongdoings of blessed family members. I will entirely remove their blemishes from my memories." He, then, wished that all blessed family members would be reborn through this workshop and live as the pure and clean citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

This is amnesty and a condition set through God's providence in which our past mistakes, wrongdoings and blemishes that will block our path to perfected love are now being erased. Forgiveness cannot erase the scars - only this condition combined with our covenant with God that we will live according to the CIG lifestyle laid down in the Coronation Ceremony. We must life the correct life to maintain our path to perfected heart and love. With this condition and our covenant to life according to the way of True Love - God will be free to directly relate with us as if there is no record of the past.

Please be sure - this is for all blessed members.

Sincerely with True Parents Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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