The Words of the Jenkins Family

All Blessed Families - Please Study DMN's Guidance For New Beginning Workshop

Michael Jenkins
February 5, 2007

Dear Family,

True Parents' hope and desire is that all blessed members - all who were ever blessed - will cut off from the influence and connection to any sin and evil. The Amnesty workshop sets a condition through the Holy Wine, Holy Songs, Lectures and Burning Ceremony to allow God, the saints and the entire heavenly angelic world to sever our connections to the history of sin, collectively and personally. This is beyond forgiveness. This has to do with eliminating before heaven and earth our past record. We must prepare our hearts through spiritual conditions. Please prepare well.

Please reach out to every brother and sister to give each and everyone a chance. Here is DMN's abridged speech from November 8th. Please study each day from now through the time of your workshop. Please reach deeply into your life of faith and the fact that you were called out of all the people of the world to meet the True Parents. We must really look at our lives now. Of course the most serious problem is the misuse of love. Also, hurting others hearts is a crime before God - we do this through words and deeds, also the misuse of public money is most serious. Misusing public money is like taking poison - and the poison (misfortune or state of no prosperity and blessing) can be passed on to future generations if it is not resolved.

We have such an enormous opportunity to cleanse ourselves at this time.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

Dae Mo Nim November 8, 2006 Chung Pyung International Training Center
The Value of the "Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families" Abridged Version
The Amazing Grace of the Holy Wine Ceremony

The Holy Wine Ceremony of this time is an amazing grace, blessing and forgiveness that we will not find in the past nor in the future. Following our Registration into Cheon Il Guk, we should have grown and developed, keeping absolute faith, but we were unable to do so. We should have grown into mature members, who could report directly to God in this era of the ownership of Cheon Il Guk, the era of "Aju," but we have not been able to do so.

The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity have already done everything they were to have done. While carrying out the dispensation, True Parents have opened up the way for us to live in happiness. However, we ourselves were unable to advance what True Parents had done; instead, we kept looking back and fighting as couples, saying anything we felt like saying to each other.

Moreover, even if we ourselves did not commit sin, the entangled contents of collective sin which cannot be undone already have a hold on us. We are all bound to Satan and the evil spirits, being dominated and controlled by them. We just cannot go to Heaven in this way.

We lack the heart to receive forgiveness, even if we commit sin. Although True Parents have asked us, "If you commit a sin, go to the Family Department to report, and set a condition to receive pardon," we have not done so. Thus, the further our lineage extends, we become more and more connected to evil and our minds and bodies become completely bound to Satan and evil. We should have severed all of these ties, washed ourselves cleanly and become able to enter Heaven, but until today, we have not been able to do so.

When True Parents saw all of the sins we had committed, they said, "They should fast for 40 days if they wish to be forgiven." So originally, the fast is for 40 days. Not a 1-day fast. Father also said it should be a 40 Day Workshop. However, it is difficult for everyone to do so. Yet, as we should set a certain standard that True Father referred to, that is why I offered 10,000 bows as a condition before God. .

People say, "I am a sinner. Iíve got sin." But you donít know about sin; you donít know about the spirit world, nor about indemnity conditions. If I were to ask you, "Fast for 40 days and attend a 40-day Workshop," how many of you here would do so?

In order to pull everyone who has been blessed into Heaven, starting from the 36 Blessed Couples to the 400 Million Blessed Couples, I thought that someone who could see the spirit world, could see sin and could see indemnity conditions should set a condition, and that all of you could set a condition that was possible for you. I suggested this to True Parents.

The Holy Wine Ceremony this time was granted in this way. We must offer our utmost devotions, so that we can truly be forgiven. This is a precious time to sort ourselves out. Until now we could not make a true family, lived in our fallen nature, lived immorally, went halfheartedly to church, spoke irresponsibly, but we will be straightened out through the Holy Wine. This Holy Song session will cut off the ties by which we are bound to Satan and evil. During this session, billions of absolutely good spirits and angels will cut off all of these ties, so that there will not be a trace of them left.

Our Life After Today

Brothers and Sisters, the important point is not just that you participate in this Workshop. What is more important is that following the Holy Wine Ceremony, we change internally, completely, and "How we live from today on."

First, husband and wife must really unite as one. The husband should give absolute love to the wife, and the wife should return absolute beauty to the husband. From today forward, you should make effort so that your hearts are constantly one. You should yield to each other, and live, loving each other.

There should be no fallen nature from now on. We should live for the other, and live in true love. There should absolutely be no thoughts of jealousy, anger, hatred, falseness, greed, putting "Me" forward, arrogance and so on.

Whatever happens, there should absolutely be no drinking, or smoking. Drinking and smoking first of all make it easy to be lustful, and affect our fallen nature and health.

From now on, you must never resort to lustful acts. You must absolutely not look at another beside your husband or your wife, not touch, not take (as the scripture says we must not "eat" the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.)

You must not misuse public money.

From now on, you should not speak unnecessarily and trample on a personís feelings. If itís not about yourself, which you know to be true, there is no need to say uncertain things about other people. If you speak indiscriminately without knowing the situation well, it can leave a negative effect on your descendants.

From now on, never forget to go to church. Sunday, the day you go to church is Godís Day. Not only is January 1, the start of the New Year Godís Day, but Sundays are also Godís Days.

We should become people who can always attend the elders and elder families, and we should become people who can really love younger families.

The Holy Burning Ceremony that All Members Should Attend

This time, when I offered 10,000 bows, it was different from when I did the same in the early 1990s. It was so difficult. If the members can truly be grateful for this and think, "We should offer many conditions to go," that would be good, but the members are debating, "Should we go or not?" so that makes things all the more difficult for me.

When all of you return home, please help so that every member can attend these Workshops. Do you understand? ("Yes.") Before God and True Parents, we must have a heart of gratitude for this special forgiveness.

God and True Parents now desire that the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven be fulfilled. God spoke, "I will live within you, and you will live within me; let us witness together. From now on, I will move you." It can be done. If we believe absolutely in only Godís words, and if we unite, it can be done.

Even if you had a frown on your face until today, please smile from now on. If you can live a life of laughter, fortune will come. A precious time has come, in which if you live, humming a tune that "Iíve been forgiven now. God and True Parents live within me. I also live in God," you can live well, literally receiving "Blessings."

I am truly grateful to all of you who have come to the Workshop. This evening, there will be a Holy Burning Ceremony (to burn our letters of repentance.) You donít have to go into specifics on these sheets passed out to you, but please write with a really, truly repentful heart: "God, True Parents, I have made a mistake. I am grateful. From now on, I will fulfill your Will well." Then, we will hold the Holy Burning Ceremony to offer these to God.

If you receive forgiveness this time, things will be resolved because the Absolute Good Spirits are here. The Ancestor Liberation Ceremonies are incredible spiritual works that change your lineage to the lineage of God. From now on, the Absolute Good Spirits will assist you, so I ask that you can all lead valuable lives, that evil spirits will never be able to approach.

Brothers and Sisters, I love you. (Applause.) I promise that Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center will be a place that can truly help you to live without difficulty, eternally. I pray that all of you will become precious members who will always be healthy, always able to receive the love of God and our True Parents.

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