The Words of the Jenkins Family

Evangelical Testifies To Hyun Jin Nim's 12 City Tour - We Have Found The Man

Michel Jenkins
February 8, 2007

Dear Family,

I had to share this with you. Hyun Jin Nim's tour opened huge doors with Christian leaders of all races. Here is a reflection sent to me from a white evangelical clergyman.



Rev. Jenkins

I just wanted to let you know that this movement that we are part of together is building steam. Also I want to thank you for allowing my family to be part of the program on Saturday January 27, It was great. Also it was a first for my daughter and she is in love with the whole purpose and mission. My wife was also encouraged. I do believe that the transition from (Father Moon) to his son will be a great one for the American ministers and also the Pentecostal movement (We have found the man)

Let me know what we can do


Rev. A.

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