The Words of the Jenkins Family

Finding Brothers And Sisters - Lets Find Everyone - Grace Workshop

Michael Jenkins
February 11, 2007

Dear Family,

This is so moving. Brothers and Sisters are reaching out through the internet for everyone they know. So many are coming for the blessing of grace and love.

It reminds me of the CIG Mobilization in Korea of 2400 Americans in 2003. Through this we made the goal. It also reminds me of Katrina when we desperately searched for all of our New Orleans families. WE FOUND EVERY ONE.

Let's find every brother and sister right now. ALL ARE WELCOME TO THE AMNESTY WORKSHOP - ALL!!!

Bring your brothers and sisters in.


Dear brothers and sisters,

For a long time I have been trying to contact a sister by the name of Joan Groom. She used to be (in the early 80s) the editor of a small magazine of internal guidance for blessed members called Principled Life. Does anyone know of her whereabouts, her status? I would appreciate any information you could provide me with.

With best wishes,
Maarten Meijer

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