The Words of the Jenkins Family

To Our Beloved American Members - True Parents Birthday

Michael Jenkins
February 23, 2007

Dear Family,

Words cannot describe the emotions we went through on this particular birthday celebration. The former Prime Minister of Korea gave a tribute to Father that was astounding. A few years ago not one Korean Congressman could publicly stand with us, but the reality of Father's education of 20,000 of the top leaders of the nation in Japan over the last two years has had enormous impact. The Prime Minister who also was the former President of the Prestigious Seoul National University. He strongly testified that Father's work was real and substantial and not only the most significant work to bring North and South Korea together it is a well recognized work that is the most significant and comprehensive work for peace combining, all nations, religions and peoples. It is truly unbelievable.

We are in tears here in Korea. Father's life is being recognized. Though we still toil day to day and so many seem to not understand truly the providential time has changed. 88 means a new beginning twice. For Father he feels he is just beginning the true life in the Kingdom.

At the morning pledge at 8 am True Father and Mother came in Silver crowns and glorious golden and brightly orange matching robes. The dignity and honor there carry is beyond words. The UPF conferees were in attendance at the 10 am ceremony and Father and Mother were in western clothes. The former Prime Minister of Mongolia gave a profound affirmation that the leader of the world of peace is Father Moon. The delegates at the conference were a completely different level. So many sitting members of parliament. So many first ladies of countries, former and current heads of state. Without question the world leaders are directly being educated.

At the core the religious leaders stand out. Sheikh Sajid who has gained meteoric recognition by Tony Blaire as the concerns over extremist Muslim acts have put him in a key role.

Another very, very important Muslim leader was Sheikh Muhammad Kanaan, the Supreme Judge of the Sharia Courts of the Sunni faith in Lebanon, his recent role has done much to hold the country together during these troubled times.

Another key was the Bishop of Jerusalem.

Another Key leader was Lord Ahmed the first Muslim House of Lords. He visited Palestine and Jerusalem with me a few times. He met the speaker of the Israel Knesset and had a respectful but very frank dialogue. In the Middle East Peace Initiative he opened the session by saying I must first announce that the largest prison in the world is the Gaza strip. He then went on to give a very balanced view of Great Britain. To everyone surprise Dr. Glaubach got up and with no shred of anger he said, Lord Ahmed, I agree with what you say. I would like to hug you as my brother. Lord Ahmed said anytime that will be fine. How about now Dr. Glaubach said? He said great and he hugged. Taj Hamad did an amazing job with this and as always Dr. Kaufman guided the deeper sensitivities of the Religious leaders concerns always working to promote understanding and reconciliation.

Imam Elahi gave a strong condemnation of Muslim based violence as an incorrect understanding of Islam and the Koran. He did not mince words however on how serious the west must be to not generalize and discriminate against Muslims who for the vast majority of 1.3 billion are traditional family people who believe that the people of the book must cooperate together to build a peaceful world. They majority of mainstream Muslims respect all believers.

Dr. Yang did a very through PowerPoint on the MEPI development presenting many statistics gleaned from Palestinian and Israeli sources. All it all it was quite an impact.

Bishop Stalling then concluded with a written statement to the conference from Rev. Fauntroy who couldn't attend because of a death of a very close personal friend. Rev. Fauntroy called upon UPF to lead the way to solving the conflict in the Middle East and the North South Korea noting that it is the lead organization most prepared to do this. To our surprise he announced the formation of a Bicameral Bipartisan coalition of high level U.S. congressmen who are backing this efforts along with major Mainline churches from the U.S. and from the Middle East.

The UPF's strength is that it brings the most significant religious leaders on the ground in the Middle East to an effort that promotes dialogue and resists the use of violence. UPF offers the highest and most recognizable names in the Muslim, Jewish and Christian world. It is surprising, but that is the reality because the UPF which supports King Abdullah II's similar initiative that Religious Cooperation toward peace cannot be done through "tolerance" of one another but must go deeper to the realm of genuine acceptance that these faith traditions came from God. That has been the core teaching from Rev. Moon for over 60 years. It is documented and very high level people are paying attention.

Most of all Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak and Dr. Thomas Walsh must be given very deep respect and gratitude, UPF is given such a heavy burden but they are successfully leading us to fulfill the providence to lift up to full acceptance the King and Queen of Peace by the leaders of the world and build the substantial Kingdom of Peace in which war will be no more - beginning with the Middle East and completed with the North and South Korean Peninsula.

Have confidence my brothers and sisters. The Kingdom of Peace is coming and cannot be stopped.

All of God's people which is the vast majority of the 6.5 billion people on earth are behind this. They believe in the sanctity of the ideal of One Family under God. This is our theme and our covenant. There is one God. And we are his people.

Praise God, Glory to the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the King and Queen of Peace. The Scriptures are being fulfilled through True Love. Each family will be blessed and engrafted to the True Olive Tree which come from the one True God (Allah) of mankind.

God be with you my beloved brothers and sisters.

Wish you could be here.



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