The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special Letter To The Blessed Central Families - Report And Internal Guidance

Michael Jenkins
March 2, 2007

Dear Family,

We had profound experiences with True Parents. We could feel the difference in Father's freedom and God's love after the Ceremony of Grace removing all our records.

Father pronounced on his birthday that a new era has dawned, the Era after the Coming of Heaven and the True Parents Entrance of God's Original Palace. We are standing with enormous authority to bring people all our goals for Cheon Il Guk. We are standing with the total authority of the spirit world of the heavenly side, billions stand with us. Jesus and the saints have anointed us. Christianity offered a total foundation of substance response that has secured an America to a depth that we cannot fathom.

Father called out to me from the podium at the beginning of the Cheon Il Guk Leaders meeting. He asked what my name meant (I said in Hebrew - it means 'Similar qualities to God," Father laughed and said Michael means Archangel!! Are you are good Archangel or a bad one? (I was a little shy at that point to say much) Father said to keep this traditions you must unite as one with Dr. Yang to keep Father's way. Yang, Yang, Yang, Yang, Yang. He also said many times to me before I must be one with Dr. Yang and I must bring every member into oneness with me then they will be united with Dr. Yang and True Parents. He emphasized once again that we must not forget or lose the connection to our Korean Elder and Japanese leaders and missionaries. He heard an excellent and very detailed report from Dr. Yang that gave Father a most beautiful feeling about the unity of the District Directors and the American team.

We were very honored when our 12 District Directors stood up to be introduced they looked strong and committed, they are seasoned well trained veterans who were trained in the fires of the True Parents providence. Also, President Tyler Hendricks on our Board of Directors and President of UTS - Dr. Yang emphasized the scholarship this year and 8 new second generation students, also that UTS with HJNs direction will become the premiere Interfaith seminary in the world. Already some of the World's most famous Muslim scholars have agreed to teach there on a one course / one semester basis. This is a revolution!!!

Mrs. Erikawa who represents the leader of all Missionaries and the Mother of America, Mr. Furuta and Mr. Kamayama - all working on the American Providence together with Vice Presidents Rev. Joshua Cotter- head of HDFC for America, Block Director for the west and DD for San Francisco. Vice Presidents: Mrs. Alexa Ward, WFWP AND FFWPU UV, Rev. Jim Flynn, Secretary General of UPF North America. Chairman of Amb. for Peace and President of AFC, Rev. Phillip Shanker , Rev. Levy Daugherty, Mr. Mito head of CARP, Rev. Jin Sook Kim representing Second Generation department with In Guk Seo and Taka, Mr. Inose representing Kodan, and our AV people Ken Owens and Mr. Shimoyama, Rev. Eric Holt and our totally sacrificial finance office of Asae, Mari and Keiko, Kaye Allen and Bill Lay (Legal), Magnus in IT and Asset management, David Reed in Education with Mrs. Eu, Dan, Umberto and Jose at 43rd St. management, Susan in HR, Oleg in AV, Betty L and Karimi at Upshure, Jim and Hiromi Stevens for the Blessed Family Department, Steve Koslowski in Finance, the Wait team Kate Tsubata, Greg Carter working with sports for WCSF. Mr. Steve Jares, Kevin Smith. Mr. David Eaton, Rev. James Stewart, Mr. Tossa Cromwell, Bishop Ki Hoon Kim National Director of Relations with all Religions, Rev. Dong Woo Kim, National Senior Vice President and director of Education and Witnessing. Sheila and Dave in education, Bong and Jay on the building the ACLC Staff, Maria Vargas, Alex, Lorman Lykes, Mr. Ishida, Mr. Sakamoto, The UNEWS Staff of Richard and Yen, Jonathan Gullery and Michael Inglis, Mrs. Margaret Herbers and Rev. Jorg Heller who makes it all work at headquarters, Tom Tonemori of AV and FFWPU website. ... and many, many more.

What an incredible team God has brought together for America. With this team unite with one heart we must march with incredible confidence. We have a winning team - if we give our lives at this point a huge revolution WILL (definitely) Dr. Yang reports all of this. So Father can understand all. Father as our spiritual leader only gives spiritual guidance, sacrifice, be honest, live for the sake of Others, Love God with you whole mind, heard and soul Our communication with Father is primarily centered on growing, educating and developing our church membership to out standing citizens of society.

(NOTE: This is very critical - Father loves to hear Dr. Yang's reports, they are not booming of flashing, they are highly detailed with a lot of analysis. also Dr. Yang reports very clearly about Father's direction and what we did. He reports on members' situation, the clergy situation, he also brings testimonies of what Amb. for Peace and ACLC leaders experienced with God. He gave a very detailed analysis of Hyun Jin Nim's 12 city tour. 10 Christian churches and 2 public halls. He didn't over emphasize but testified that Hyun Jin Nim is truly a great son of True Parents and he really touched the clergy's hearts. He won clergy on the tour and can clearly see which way we can go.

Dr. Yang also gave a report to the 2000 CIG leaders with PowerPoint with a very powerful picture of father and all our Regional directors with Father proclaiming that they fulfilled their missions with and incredible picture of all Former U.S. Regional Directors with their Traditional Sun Moon U. Graduation caps and gowns. He reported on the development of WFWP, the very tangible and solid growth of Ambassadors for Peace, the Married Priests now movement, the ACLC, the Middle East Peace Initiative and especially our developing unity with Hyun Jin Nim. He also gave very clear and tangible reports on the Amb. for Peace effort. Dr. Yang was deluged with compliments for this excellent report. (Special thanks to Jim Flynn and Dr. Dong Woo Kim for laying out the basics, I did some fine tuning.

Other beautiful reports were given from every Continental Director. We were very proud of the incredible work going on in the world. Rev. Song gave and amazing testimony on the breakthrough with Father's visa to England and the Supreme Court victory with the misapplication (thanks to Mark Brann, Rev. Song and key Americans.) the Schengen Treaty, Europe is doing and incredible Job and England is one with America in almost a Mother son relationship opening up the key doors (NOTE: We pray we can follow the lead of England and Germany and solve the case against Rev. Moon in which huge Amicus Briefs were filled by the heads of all major denominations representing over 250 million Americas saying that the case on Rev. Moon was unjust. Also, the MEPI work on Europe is remarkable and has opened the doors to many very highly recognizable names in Israel and Palestine.

Each region's continental report was amazing. The level we are reaching is astonishing. One very interesting story was in St. Lucia when an Ambassador for Peace was deeply involved with UPF teaching, he was criticized for standing with Father Moon, but he know that if he teaching the family values that Father is teaching - his great nation and its families will rise. He won the election, he is the sitting Prime minister and he called Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh to come help him make a plan for the education of the church and the nation concerning the family. Oceania shined with deep relations with President after President. Asias continues to be top in development of so many nations. Middle East was such and honest report of many great breakthroughs but so deep and sensitive and complex are the problems. South America highlighted amazing developments of Ambassadors for Peace and key leaders. Dr. Seuk, Eurasia gave deep testimony of the trust developing over years with Russia and China and how much they are helping with honesty education. Bishop Pak gave an excellent Geneva report - profound area during the religious reformation with Calvin and also the center for the second Original Peace Palace. Dr. Chae Hee Lee a new Continental Director gave very interesting and deep reasons why Canada was chosen as a nation. Canada has vast untapped mineral and gas reserves. The Speaker of the parliament came this time with other legislators. Rev. Tokuno gave very deeply inspiring reports on the 120 Nation World Peace tour and the incredible develops going on directly with the Presidents of many, many countries.

Very excellent reports were given to Father this morning concerning the rallies (part of the 12,000) that Father called for. Father was very, very pleased that Americans canceled all their schedules and went out to testify to True Parents work in American and with the Middle East. I went with Rev. Hun Tak Kim of Brazil for the 27 of Feb. in Gui Jung Bu (a Northeast major suburb/ mall city of Seoul). Rev. Kim is one of True Father's most famous leaders and the leader of Brazil but also the leader of his hometown in Korea. So much responsibility. Rev. Kim brought very, very high level Ambassadors for Peace, Congressman No gave a speech and stayed for the whole time!! He had lunch with Archbishop Milingo, my wife and I with Rev. Kim and other key leaders from Brazil including the National President of Brazil FFWPU Rev. Ferrabolli (Dairo's brother!!) It was a very deep meeting. The Congressman a courageous man and he and Rev. Kim are like best friends. The Congressman shared about the 6 powers talks with us and was well aware of the influence he sees Father and Mother Moon having directly on this.

Also, Mayor Hong, the former Mayor of Gui Jung Bu is such a well known and prestigious figure. This was such a high level event.

Brothers and sisters please believe!!! 5 years ago this level of leadership could not stand with us in public it was impossible and our movement was being deeply blocked by persecution. Then through the change in the political climate and the change in the attitudes of people and Korea living is such danger with North Korea to the North testing Nuclear weapons - famous Koreans along with True Father, Guided by Rev. Kim Dr. No Hi Pak, Rev. Song, and many others educated 30,000 of these high level leaders in one year by bringing them to Japan and teaching them what Father's work is all about. Even many 4 star and 3 star generals have joined us directly - men with enormous wisdom of how to prevent the nuclear tinderbox between North and South Korea blow up in the face of the world. These generals who came to Israel with us, General Cho (4 star), General Lee (3 star and Chairman of the United National Peace Keeping Movement in Korea) and many, many other Generals came with 120 from Korea, 120 from Japan and 120 from the United states and about 120 from Europe to join in the MEPI program. These generals now stand behind father - this is incredible. The wisest University Presidents and top academicians, woman leaders, political leaders, religious leaders (especially Buddhist) and many other stand with us.

At the event organized by Rev. Hyun Tae Kim everything was well prepared. They had 250 guests and about a major percentage of this was Ambassadors for Peace. It was great. Archbishop Milingo gave a beautiful testimony about True Father. It was very stirring. I gave a PowerPoint of the ACLC, Political friends we have in America and MEPI. We also focused a lot on Married Priests now. One very strong Catholic Ambassador for Peace had bad feelings about what he had heard about Archbishop Milingo. When he heard my detailed presentation and pictures of Archbishop Milingo with Pope John Paul II and the amazing out pouring of Married priests he was moved. Especially when he understood the report I could give that the Vatican is still quietly and lovingly communicating with the Archbishop. The reason, he is respected; he was Pope John Paul II's very, very close Archbishop. Archbishop Milingo loves the Mother church is not crusading against celibacy, rather he has already succeeded in building movement of former Roman Catholic Priests that are now married. The majority have firmly accepted (due to Archbishop Milingo's profound letter at the last MPN conference testifying to Father's support for Archbishop Milingo has the highest and purest of motives, to assist Archbishop Milingo and Jesus working through him to heal the Mother Church with its immense suffering over the lack of priests and the difficulty of living without marriage and he myriad of problems that comes from it. Archbishop Milingo is reaching out to 150,000 currently in the world. Soon he will embark on a world tour with solid invitations of Married Priests associations, throughout Asia, South America, Central America and throughout of course Africa.

The Catholic Ambassador for Peace was so moved at the love the Archbishop maintains for his church and that the man made rule of celibacy was not a dogma or theological principle or truth but was rooted in an effort to keep the priests free to focus on their duties without the worry of family. Father Moon teaches that this was God's sacrificial direction and a most honorable one for Priests and Nuns. Its main reason is rooted in setting a condition of indemnity for the fall of Adam and Eve that misused love and came together with Satan's influence and not based on God's "Word" or commandment. To "know" a woman in the bible means to have love with here and create children (i.e. Adam "knew" his wife Eve and they bore the son Cain"). This is why the Tree of "Knowledge of Good and evil was connected with love. God's command to "not eat" would have given them the power over this temptation and they would have then had the archangel take his proper role as a servant).

When the Catholic Ambassador for peace heard these things it changed his heart, he never knew that celibacy came in 1192 under Pope Innocent. Most Popes before that had married. (39 Popes were married). The Second Lateran Council in 1123 decreed that clerical marriages were invalid and Pope Innocent's Third Lateran Council of 1139 this edict was greatly solidified and supported. Thus the married priesthood would not be accepted by the church but a problem came with the Eastern Churches (Greek Catholics) they stood to lose all Catholics in Jerusalem if this was enforced. (To this day all Melkite Catholic Priests under the Pope of Rome are allowed to marry!!). The summary was though this was the way of the church it is not a dogma or theological position but rather a rule. The Pope called a special meeting of the Roman Curia (the Cardinals that preside over every aspect of the church world wide) - they reviewed Archbishop Milingo's claims and ruled that the church rule of celibacy must be changed. To the shock of the Catholic Church after such a strong statement by the Pope Benedict the XVI himself affirmed this, the newly appointed Cardinal Humes of Brazil stated publicly that celibacy is a rule and can be changed, it is not a fundamental mandate from God. The Catholic man gave his card and wants to stay in close communication because he could see Father Moon and Archbishop Milingo genuinely want to support and help one of the world's most important religious movements - the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic AFP was moved and serious because he also affirmed that the majority Catholics laity between 70 - 80 % in the U.S. want to have married Priests. He agreed that this was the case also in Korea.

So many came up after I finished the PowerPoint showing Dr. Yang and I and all Father Moon's movement, especially Korea, Japan and America, relentlessly going to Jerusalem to bring the three Abrahamic faiths together. The Ambassadors for Peace are very strong in Korea. When Father calls a rally at Kintex Pavilion, 70,000 from all over Korea come in less than one week. We must never forget that this isn't magic. When I saw our many church facilities… they have members just like us. Middle aged and older, Second generation, new members, and young people. They have to go our and bring the people in 4 days!!! 70,000!!! This heavy burden falls on the shoulders of the Korean Regional Directors and they are doing it through Hoon dok Family Church and Neighborhood Activity (Tong Ban Kyok Pa).

They are making deeper and deeper relations with the highest level people in their cities. Imagine 70,000 Ambassadors for Peace, many are congressmen, former or current members of the cabinet, University presidents, Students, Women Leaders and religious leaders (Christians are starting to respond - there is a strong, strong wind blowing that ACLC when ready will have to go there and do a major outreach to 100,000 churches. ACLC are you ready? From the way I see ACLC went to Japan, Korea and the World, they are ready??

We are no in a position as we have been anointed by God to be Ambassadors for Peace. We have the Power!!! God is with us. I believe in 40 days they can melt - why? Because Christians like Rev. Jesse Edwards struggled every bit as much as they did over the principle, but when he really received in prayer that Jesus chose Father when he prayed at Easter when he was 16, the Christians began to say (in America) what the Bible says about anointing. Rev. Edwards has about a 70 % success rate of winning Christians. Once they understand that "Jesus" himself "Yesunim" anointed Father it explains everything. It explains that Jesus will always be he Messiah but Father Moon was anointed - Messiah Means anointed ONE!!! When the Christian really confirm in their hearts that Jesus has truly "anointed" Father Moon, yes the very Jesus they love, yes the very Jesus at the center of their church then they understand and join us. The Beautiful thing Father is asking to make their churches Family Churches of Peace - they can keep their title and their core traditions but they become a church of the blessing of the lineage given through True Parents. They become part as married couple of the True of Life. This is what is happening in America - the clergy are coming. That is what moved Hyun Jin Nim so deeply. He was very sensitive spiritually. He saw the clergy are real - they are genuine. And they can expand this movement by understanding Jesus anointed Father to make One Family Under God AJU!!!

I count it the greatest honor of my life that I was asked by Dr. No Hi Pak (Dr. Bo Hi Pak's brother) to come to the Chung Pa Dong Headquarters church. What an honor. My wife Reiko and I were hosted by Rev. Cho and his sacrificial wife, district director of the Chung Pa Dong church area and our special host was Dr. No Hi Pak who is one of the 12 Regional Directors of Korea. Also Mr. No leader of the Ambassador for Peace movement was there. It was amazing for me to see Mrs. Pak (who is not from our church) read the message of Peace (Peace Message 10 on Absolute sexual morality) with incredible passion. She also testified about her work in Sweden when she was sent out as an Ambassador for Peace. She was overwhelmed by her trip to Sweden, she is on fire. She testified that we must join this Ambassadors for Peace movement with True Parents!!! She is the President of the National Woman's movement of Korea, a huge woman's movement.

All the people in the VIP section were very well known high level dignitaries. I spoke with Dr. No Hi Pak as translator and Dr. Lan Yang Moon is the International President of the highly respected Woman's Federation for World Peace attended with us. Dr. Pak is a great speaker with perfect English and Korean, so he could explain the story on the PowerPoint closely to what I shared. The persecution of Father in America after Time magazine said in 1974 we were the fastest growing Christian church in America, I showed the ministers rallying for Father's innocence and Senator Hatch's judiciary committee statement that in this case "injustice rather than justice" has been served. Father was proclaimed and innocent man on Capitol hill and throughout all of the Christians in America. Every major Christian denomination wrote briefs that Father is innocent and that this is simply religious persecution. This moved the people.

People are moved when they realize and innocent man is unjustly persecuted. We showed how this grew into a massive ministers' movement in America. One that withstood the persecution of losing members and even their churches, one that withstood the persecution of their denominations ordering them not to associate, enduring so much suffering and then enduring the announcement by Jesus and the whole spirit world published in every paper in America that Father Moon is anointed by Jesus. Jesus testified that he chose Father to do the work of the second coming. The Ministers survived for one reason (Mother explained it once). Think of what it was like after Jesus was crucified and everyone ran away. They were afraid to mention his name or they too would be crucified, but still somehow this miniscule band of believers survived and found that they were growing eventually now to 2 Billion on earth. How? One reason - GOD WAS WITH THEM.

That is what the Ambassadors for Peace could feel as the also went to countries along with our clergy. This is not the work of one man, THIS IS THE WORK OF GOD. That's why it is growing and can't be stopped. That Ambassadors for Peace are beyond religion, (they keep their religion) but the only litmus test for an Ambassador for Peace is that they share the Holy Wine (juice) between husband and wife, pledge faith in the one God of all humanity and pledge to never divorce or commit adultery. They also pledge that they be Ambassadors for Peace and serve their country and the world by "Living for the Sake of Others," loving and respecting all religions and faiths. True Love is the requirement, whether they are Methodists, or Presbyterians, or Catholics or Muslims or Jews they are bound together now though the blessing as One Family Under God AJU!! They are grafted into the True of Life - the True Olive Tree!!! Chung Pa Dong church is on fire - you could feel the movement of the Holy Sprit.

I showed the ministers world tour, the MPN and the rise of ALC and our Ambassadors for Peace centering on AFC and the American Leadership Conference. I also showed pictures of Father freezing in the winter rain going out every day freezing in terrible conditions to set the indemnity condition that he would suffer more and pray more than anyone for the 120 clergy that toured the world. We showed MEPI and especially the change that came when we applied the teaching of love your enemy. We also emphasized the huge importance of Dr. Lan Yang Moon and Mrs. Alexa Ward leading a delegation of 400 women from 33 countries there. They stood with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and were welcomed they went to visit the famous Hadassa Jewish Hospital and visit and take toys to Jewish and Palestinian children. UPF got a very different image in Jerusalem after the women came. They came with the heart of Mothers. They came with so much love. Then our mixed men and women MEPI conferences in Jerusalem became more widely understood and accepted. I testified to the cross cultural blessing and how my Father who fought in the Philippines against the Japanese had such a feeling that they are the enemy (interestingly he loves Koreas - why? Because he said the ROK army is the best the U.S. ever fought together with and they are our allies - not our enemies) she received so much criticism and persecution. My Father was criticizing my wife in front of the family that she can never understand us because she is not an American!! My wife practiced True Love and laid the foundation, she never once criticized my parents, then years ago when I was visiting my family for Christmas my daughter Jessica said Grandpa you are being mean? That really shocked him and he changed. (My parents were blessed at the 1997 RFK Blessing.) They recently drank the Cheon IL Guk Holy wine and gave the Crown of Peace to True Parents representing our tribe.

In the PowerPoint I emphasized the 120 Ministers traveling as Ambassadors for Peace to the world completing 120 countries in 60 days. Though they traveled to the far corners of the world, to some of the areas like Lebanon, Palestine, Africa, Asia, South America and e went to many very dangerous areas to give Father's peace message. Mrs. Pak the AFP was so moved to see that Christian leaders were doing this in every country of the world. What a different message and image comes out from America - Christian leaders joined by Jewish and Muslim leaders going to every nation and every religion and giving the message of peace. What an amazing history we are sharing with our True Parents. The Korean VIP's (so many came to the audience of 300.) Professors, Businessmen, political leaders. Dr. Pak shared with me latter that it was the first time they could hold the meeting for Ambassadors for Peace in our Tong Il Kyo Hwe (Unification Church Headquarters)

America once again is shining. Particularly I got so many congratulations from Korean elders on the success that America is bringing. Of course our success is not enough and in front of True Parents we are not proud of our result, we repent. Yet 100's of Korean leaders personally greeted me (as the American representative), because somehow, they feel we are going the right direction centering on Dr. Yang and Rev. Kwak. That's the real reason. Not our results but our hearts, Dr. Yang, our leaders our members and our actions are moving in the right direction, following True Parents. Therefore the real reason this movement in America is gaining incredible moment us because of our member!!! GOD BLESS OUR MEMBERS. YOU ARE LIFTING UP DR. YANG AND I WITH YOU INCREDIBLE TRUST AND EFFORTS. America members have a burning heart for True Parents. Our Love for True Parents mobilizes the spirit world, now with your Hoon Dok Family Church reading Father words everyday and with billions of your ancestors reading with you begging for you to assign them which door to open for you. OUR MEMBERS ARE ON THE GREATEST WINNING TEAM IN HISTORY. GOD'S TEAM - TRUE PARENTS TEAM. THE TEAM PROPHESIED IN THE BIBLE.

One great thing that many Korean leaders heard about was that the Clergy of America were genuine and effective on the world tour and they were really were genuinely inspired by HJN's 12 City North American speaking tour. They were speaking of the work with HJN, American's taking responsibility and really fulfilling all of Father's request. HJN won the hearts of Christian leaders.

The evidence of great advancement is that True Parents have decided to return to America after March 10 to NY and then come in April. We are proud of you, our American brothers and sisters.

Concerning the Grace Ceremony of Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mon Nim was very pleased. Father heard that far more than we even had names for of even knowledge of their existence (almost 1000 families more) attended the Grace ceremony. We must quickly connect all of these wonderful members who love True Parents totally and want to help. They should immediately be connected with the HDFC's immediately. NOT SUNDAY SERVICE.(Unless the District Leader feels a person is ready - however be careful these members love True Parents, but they many times were hurt by leaders or the providence or the sometimes unavoidable "institution" of the church" We need healing time. This is critical and the HDFC home atmosphere with no judgment is the most critical thing. Giving them absolute love and absolute truth through HDH (regardless of their status or blessing). Please remember they have had their records erased. We must not harbor one shred of judgment or any shred of "attitude" toward any one of them except the "attitude" of the Father who welcomes home the prodigal son. Father is welcoming home EVERYBODY. However personal contact and heart to heart care is critical. This is like an emergency room situation. We have to really make sure their pulse, and other internal spiritual and physical conditions are stable and being strengthened.

Father is happy about America because the direction is right and will absolutely follow his tradition and direction. Our life line for that direction is Dr. Yang. I was so grateful that Father asked Dr. Yang to go to Hawaii with him. That will be and even greater chance to discuss the most important spiritual issues concerning our church. However in many ways True Father weeps that America is not much, much stronger in serving the world. We shouldn't have a "militarily" face on America in the world. We love our troops and pray for them, but they are not the Religious Peace Police and Peace Corps that is needed, this is why we must prepare rapidly our clergy to go to the Middle East and to every trouble spot of the world, not as Military people, or political people (they have their critical place) but they must the lead of the spiritual leaders who lay the ground work for genuine respect and love can bind Muslim, Christian and Jewish representatives together. Extremists will be isolated and having to stand alone. We must find God's people who have the courage and intimacy with God to go to any place no matter how dangerous and find the people has already prepared on the other side. God has his people everywhere. It is not the job of the political leaders or the military leaders. It is our job to go into the belly of any beast and find God's people. They are in Gaza, they are in Beirut, they are in Mindanao, and they are in Baghdad. Once the people of God can join hands while maintaining the integrity of their own faith our unity will invoke the power of the Holy Spirit… This is not theory; I say it with my own eyes in Gaza, Ramallah, Jericho and Beirut.

Father loves America so deeply he is patiently waiting for our GREAT AWAKENING to occur. I want to request that every District TRIPLE your efforts to invite your Japanese Missionaries back who served in your state. Not to do kitchen duty, but to be out there touching peoples hearts. Most importantly I want to see how your are sacrificing for the wives and families of our formal Regional Directors. They are our Mother's. Give them flowers and report to them regularly warmly and with profound love. Many are working very hard as regular church members locally. They are saints Dr. Yang will love this.

We deeply love our former regional directors. I met many, Rev. Ku, Rev. Ku and I embraced so deeply and I thanked him for the beautiful standard that he established in Los Angeles. I also saw Rev. John Hong of Washington,, Rev. In Hoi Lee, Rev. Dong Woo Kim (Senior VP still in America), Rev. Kil Kwan Kim, Rev. Byeung Chul Kim, Rev. Hae Chul Jung, Rev. Jea Seok Kim (A miracle has happened , because Dr. Yang and I could attend the Seung Hwa of Rev. Jae Sook Kim's Mother - a special grace and reconciliation came in which we will always love and respect our elder leader and his family, we wept together and his wife wrote a beautiful letter to us testifying that now we understand one another and are united in heart.) Rev. Byung Seok Cho (we had a warm moment together,) Rev. Young Tack Young Rev. Yong was my translator at he rally of 250 Ambassadors for peace in the city of … Rev. Hyun Tae Kim who also is he very successful leader of Brazil, Rev. Yang did such and amazing job at translating my speech with PowerPoint that Rev. Kim who had the mayor of the city and many, many to VIPs including high level Congressman No of that district. He is like a brother to Rev. Hyun Tak Kim, Rev. Dae Hee Hong and I as always embraced with his love and asked me you must make America succeed now Father is trusting and all the former Regional Directors trust you and are praying for you and the new District Directors. , Rev. Won Gun Kim, Rev. Ki Hoon Kim (who had to stay in Chicago for the Nation of Islam event, Rev. Gi Young Shin was so warm to me, Rev. Man Ho Kim (didn't get chance to see him but we are very close - his wife is praying at Holy Ground everyday at Holy Ground at 5 am with Rev. Joshua Cotter, Rev. Sung Jong Seo, Rev. Shang song Park, Rev. Soo Won Kwon ( I also saw his beautiful daughter who received a beautiful blessing with Mr. An the son of a very high level leader in Korea.) Rev. Hun Sook, Rev. Moon Shik Kim, Rev Man Ho Kim (we couldn't meet directly, Rev .Ki Yeal Lee. Rev. Ku and I hugged deeply. He sent and incredible standard in America. Rev. Ku is deeply united with True Father and I had the feeling of Fatherly love from Him. He is a man with a profoundly deep heart for all and especially all members.

Of course we embraced Rev. Chae Hee Lee the Continental Director of Canada and he embraced us (they brought the speaker of the Canadian parliament along with Rev. Gray. Now Father made Rev. Chae Hee Lee Continental Director at 74 years old. He has the youth of a 40 year old. North America Region I and North America Region II are one.)

We love our elders who shed their blood sweat and tears into Americans heart. I want to encourage every member to write and email or send a letter to every former regional director to them in Korea. Please embrace them, there had a special meeting with True Parents, Father had the church get them cars and so foundation. We should pour our of love to them because I want to you to Know that they embraced me with such depth of warmth and incredible love and they sacrificed their families directly and moved immediately with Father's direction to Korea. They are the root of our faith, we must pour out a flood of letters and heart to embrace them and their families. (Give donations if you can). We must become like them. Father tells us to go, we pack up and go because God needs us some place else.

What is most important of all is the bond of love we share with our former Regional Directors. Father has stated that these leaders are a different class than any other group in Korea. They were trained by Father in America in a very special way. They are directly doing UPF and educational work and on the cutting edge of unifying North and South Korea. Please understand how deep Father's mind is. Would we abandon them? The answer is clear - they are part of our blood, they gave their blood here in America overcoming spiritual battles of the highest order with Satan, to lay down Father's tradition and train us to be experts with the heavenly way. Will we support them now when they gave so much to us and they were sent to the DMZ for the final world showdown to unify Korea with the force of love? THE ANSWER IS YES. WE ARE THERE FOR THEM AS THEY WERE THERE AND CONTINUE TO BE THERE FOR US.

I want everyone to make every effort not to thank and support our former regional directors now. The way they loved me this week was a love that was to be send back to you. They love you deeply and miss you. They are crying many times because more than any time in our history our vice regional directors for the most part had a truly heartistic love for their Korean regional directors. They love you, the love you so deeply. They don't forget. Think about the times when you had a problem with your family or children and you went to them. Many times you still hear their guidance in your ears. Don't you. I do. Sometimes it was touch, but God but his "chosen" blessed central families in this Critical elder son nation through heaven pressure so that each family could become a diamond.

The embrace I received from the Korean Leaders showed me their trust for us and their vertical mind that along with Dr. Yang we will not only keep the Korean / Fatherland tradition of our True Parents but we will expand it rapidly just as the nation of America rose up from now years to stand as the leader of the world with nations with 1000s of years of history. America is rising now. We will make it rise by 2012 - and it will be the True Elder Son Nation, we have the absolute love and respect from our Korean Elders, from all Japanese members (Rev. Eu, Rev. Im, Rev. Otsuka and Rev. Oyamda shared many things about the spreading "sense" in the air that America is really taking off.) Also, so importantly they heard Hyun Jin testify to True Father that the foundation we helped to create is incredible, From ACLC, to AFC, to WFWP, to the Washington Times, to service for Peace, STF, To CARP. Please brothers and sisters, Show the love America has for our True Parents by making an incredible outpouring of love for the Korean Regional Directors, their families and all Japanese who sacrificed for America.

We must unite now as one - we must really understand how much HJN is now believing in and supporting us.

I cried many times during this meeting. I cried many times. So much love from True Father and True Mother. It makes you repent, when you really understand even a glimpse of Father's and Mother's suffering. We must now move our hearts into oneness with True Parents. To do this we must live as our True Parents live, totally with True Love only for the sake of God and humanity, for the sake of others. So much love came for Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim. So much love from God to give us grace.

We must cry our eyes out as Father did when he really understood Jesus heart and at our HSA-UWC Chung Pa Dong original church Father's tears leaked through the floor to the sanctuary below. Members thought someone spilled a bucket of tears. Let us cry together with God and with a total new heart on the Foundation of the New Beginning Grace Workshop, stand up with the power of God's truth and love and bring this nation to God. YOU HAVE TH POWER.


NOW IS THE TIME TO POUR OUT OUR LOVE, the way America did after WWII with MacArthur. The way General MacArthur loved and rebuilt Japan and protected Korea. Now we must secure and protect the Muslims and Jews and Christians in the Middle East.

How? By loving - loving our enemy even more than we love our children. We must replace Japan financially. To do this we need to gain new members. A miracle is already in the works at this time.

Thank God for our leader Dr. Yang who opened the flood gates of trust and we see a movement of trust and transparency, centering on True Parents tradition and heart.


Now is the time for America to Welcome True Parents with Greater Victory than ever!!!

With the love of Our True Parents,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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