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6th World Speech Tour Directions

Michael Jenkins
March 2, 2007

Sixth World Tour Direction to conduct 12,000 Peace events by April 15th.

The next step in the providence is the Sixth World Peace Tour. This will be fulfilled by doing 12,000 events in America and 120 countries, as well as Ambassadors for Peace to the world sending (as we did on the 5th World Tour). The purpose: Bring Father’s Message of Peace to the world representing the Abel UN. Not only by reading the text with the Ambassadors for Peace in each country but also demonstrating the power of the Era After the Coming of Heaven and True Parent’s power to bring Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all people of faith, all nations and races together as one. What totally ignited the Ambassadors for Peace throughout the world was the fact that diverse clergy (Jews, Christians, Muslims and all faiths -- traveled to every corner of the world and even spoke to the people of each side - bringing God’s love and truth to all, respecting all.


As we have learned from the previous World Tours, these special events and activities are not only meaningful for participants, but are equally important for the presenters. In fact an important outcome from this campaign is not solely 12,000 events, but 12,000 leaders (Ambassadors for Peace [AFP] or Family Federation leaders) who deliver the Peace Message. In other words, one essential result is to expand the base of leaders who engage (take ownership of) True Parents’ Peace Message (in this case, Peace Message #10.) A second key element of the World Tour events has been sharing the Blessing.

This campaign must be completed by Sunday, April 15, 2007. To fulfill this goal, we must undertake a wide variety of strategies. Please make the best plan in each district based on the following recommendations:

1) Organize events based on individual blessed central families. All blessed central families should organize events in their homes. Ideally they should invite neighbors, friends, and relatives. An Ambassador for Peace or a family member should read the message.

2) Organize events centered on the Hoon Dok Family Church (HDFC) small groups. These worked well for World Tour 5, and in some areas the HDFC groups connected with many new contacts.

a) These events can be follow-up meetings with those who came to WT5, centering on discussion of the main points to the Peace Message.
b) The objective would be to inspire those guests who came before to become those who deliver the Peace Message to others in their network of contacts -- in other words, to encourage multiplication.

3) A key issue is how to outreach effectively in a short time.

a) Since the central target is essentially to have AFPs and many other contacts engage the Peace Message, individual outreach (i.e. one-on-one interactions) can be an effective way to do so.
b) To facilitate this outreach, HQ will make a nice brochure or handout that summarizes key points of the Peace Message in an attractive way. This will include 3 to 5 main points from Father’s speech that convey the essential content, and which could serve as discussion points.
c) In every case, the meeting or discussion would lead to the full speech content. Either each person can be given a printed copy of the speech, or the printed material can guide people to the full text of the speech on a website.
d) With nicely printed material, these small group or one-on-one events will conclude with asking participants to themselves share the Peace Message. That could be as simple as asking them to discuss the Peace Message key points with some of their relatives and friends.

4) These individual meetings can feed into regular gatherings organized by our Family Federation leadership. These should be held once or twice a week during the campaign period.

a) Such meetings provide a larger venue for new contacts to connect with.
b) These meetings will also include holy wine (juice) and Blessing component. If the gathering consists of people who already received the holy wine, they do not have to receive it again.

5) ACLC ministers and Ambassadors for Peace can also be asked to organize events in their churches or organizations during this time.

In addition to the 12,000 events around America during this campaign, we are also asked to have Ambassadors for Peace and Family Federation leaders engage internationally.

1) Other nations will send AFPs to America to participate in rallies and smaller events. The time block when those AFPs will come to your states is March 11-25. Korea will be sending 24 AFPs to America (2 per district) during the week of March 18-25.

2) Finally, AFPs and some Family Federation representatives from America should travel to other nations for WT6 events, as was done in the other World Tours.

a) The general direction is that AFPs should pay their own way, and host countries cover accommodations and meals in their nations.
b) Please encourage AFPs to volunteer for this important opportunity and experience of traveling to another nation to share the Peace Message. Instructions for reporting those willing to travel internationally will be sent out soon in a subsequent memo.


Each state should keep an accurate record of all result for this campaign. Report and tracking forms will be sent out by HQ shortly; data needed will include a clear list of all AFPs, ministers, FFWPU members etc. who deliver the Peace Message. NOTE: District leaders please report your time line and break out of goals for your HDFCs, BCFs, AFP, WFWP, ACLC etc. (i.e. develop a spread sheet that can be your DAILY tally of each organizations accomplished result.)


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Our goals are for numbers of events, not numbers of people. The District Director has our full support to do events that will acceptable to God. Ideal elements that are important to strive for but not mandatory - an Ambassador for Peace reads the message, following the format from World Tour Five. The main element is delivering the Peace Message. It is acceptable to show a PowerPoint (short) on True Parents work. If it is in a public venue other than a home we strongly encourage, the Peace Message, the burning ceremony, the holy wine, prayer and proclamation of blessing.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU of North America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

Clarification of this memo was sent out to Colorado members by Colorado leadership.

First Phase Of Denver's New Speech Tour - Very Important - Please Read
March 2, 2007

We have now received some clarity and direction on how to fulfill the next Speech Tour which True Parents initially announced several weeks ago. As you have heard, each District is to have 1,000 Speech events by April 15th. We have not heard yet exactly what our Colorado goal will be, but I expect it to be close to or less than 300. As you may have read in the memo forwarded from Rev. Jenkins earlier today, the definition of a "Speech Event" is very flexible, and specifically includes readings by ALL of our members. Of course, we will also do all we can to conduct readings with as many contacts and leaders as we can, and of the highest stature. But, we should begin by conducting Speech events in our own homes with our families.

Therefore, I must ask that ALL families gather and read together, taking turns reading the speech with any and all of your family members who can participate. DO NOT have just one family member read the speech to the rest of your family. Each one who reads will be counted. The prescribed speech is attached to this email, for your convenience. It is the SAME SPEECH we read in the last Speech Tour in November and December. It is a wonderful speech combining all of the elements of the other speeches of the Speaking Tours. Because we did not receive any clarification or specific directions on this Tour until today, (due to many other pressing activities until now) time is a little bit short, but not a problem. Therefore, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FAMILY SPEECH EVENT BEFORE NEXT WEEKEND. If that is not possible, then please be sure to complete this Family Speech Event by the following weekend (giving you two weeks if you need it). We must set short-term goals like this to complete our overall goal by April 15th. Also, please let me know by email or phone when you held your family Speech Event and who participated in the reading. "All members" certainly means 2nd Gen should participate, if old enough, etc. This is conforming to what Rev. Jenkins and headquarters is expecting.

After we complete our Family Speech Events, we will expand to as many contacts, family, and friends as we can. After that, we will implement other strategies until we complete our goal by April 15th. We CAN and WILL do this. Please report on your Family Speech Event to me after you gather and do your reading. You DO NOT need to share Holy Wine, or other of the elements of a formal public event, as Rev. Jenkins also said in his memo.

The Chicago Church sent out these instructions to its' members.

6th World Peace Tour Guidelines

Today is DAY 7 of our participation in the 6th UPF World Peace Tour initiated by True Parents to include 12,000 Ambassadors for Peace in America (1,300 in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin). The tour centers on local events as well as sending representatives to other nations throughout the world. Official memo:

Our mission is to use this tour to educate Ambassadors for Peace with True Parents’ Peace Message through the following activities:

1. Speaking events in homes: Husbands and wives and other adults in every home should each read the Peace Message during Hoon Dok Hae this week. Each reading counts as a tour event (one reading counted per adult).

2. Outreach interactions: Every family should have (5) meetings with (5) Ambassadors for Peace to study and discuss the Peace Message. They may be ACLC or Hoon Dok Family Church contacts or other friends, neighbors and co-workers. Contacts who participated in the 5th World Peace Tour should also be met again and counted for this tour. Meetings can be simple (no need for Holy Wine or Blessing) and can occur in their homes, FFWPU members’ homes or a public place like a church or even a coffee shop! Each meeting counts as a tour event. At the end of every interaction, Ambassadors for Peace should be asked to join the mission of sharing the Peace Message with others!

3. Peace Tour Rallies. Ambassadors for Peace should be taken to a Peace Tour Rally to be held in a public location every week during the tour to participate in the Holy Wine, Holy Burning and Holy Blessing Ceremonies. Speakers will share about the Peace Message and testimonies will be shared by Ambassadors for Peace. Each rally will be a joyful celebration! Plans will be announced soon.

4. Reporting. Every completed tour event should be immediately reported via e-mail, fax or telephone to the State Headquarters’ office.

5. International travel. Anyone interested in participating in events in other nations should contact their State Headquarters’ office. If already planning to visit another country, events can be coordinated…

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