The Words of the Jenkins Family

Our "Top Garden" Was Not Hit In Alabama Tornado, Two BC'S Public School Destroyed, One Injured

Michael Jenkins
March 3, 2007

Dear Family,

We are grateful to God that our Top Garden School was not hit by the tornado in Alabama yesterday. The one that was hit was Enterprise High School, a public school. Please offer prayer for all families involved. However, the son of the Matsunaga family (Young Guk, who goes to that high school) was injured and had to have stitches. There was another blessed child from a different family there also- it appears that this child was not hurt. Please pray for our BCFs. The school had a short advance warning, which actually made things more tragic because the parents waiting in line in their cars for their children were hit directly by the tornado. The Matsunaga family was sitting outside, fortunately with seat belts on. Their car was picked up off the ground and thrown a distance, landing upside down. They fortunately could crawl out through the broken glass and had minor injuries. Then they couldn't find their son for some time because many were trapped in the rubble.

Fortunately their son had been taken to the hospital. They found him, thank God. Our State Director there is Rev. Terry Yamane; Our district Director is Rev. Tom Cutts.

Please help support the Matsunaga family. (Thanks)


Rev. Jenkins

Here is Rev. Cutts' note from last night.

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

This morning a tornado hit Enterprise, Alabama, devastating the High School. At present there are 13 reported deaths. Young Guk Matsunaga was in the school at the time and fortunately survived the storm. He was taken to the hospital for stitches.

The teachers had some warning, and the students were gathered in a central part of the school. That might have reduced the number of injuries.

I will let you know if his injuries were more serious. Thankfully he is alive.


Tom Cutts

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