The Words of the Jenkins Family

Ohio District Completed Its District Goal Toward The 12,000 Peace Message Events

Michael Jenkins
March 24, 2007

Dear Family,

We cannot thank you enough for the diligent and sincere efforts you have and continue to make sharing the peace messages with America. Already the Ohio District made its goal.

I want to encourage you to share the message (the abridged version) everyday with one person and please... report to your state or district headquarters.

We would like to move up the date of completion to April 1st. The sooner we accomplish this step the foundation will be established for heaven to guide us to the next. The "Word" that comes through the peace messages is like a seed planted in the hearts of the people we touch. You never know when it will blossom. However, God has prepared millions to receive this message who are longing for God's True Love and some hope for peace. You will bring that to them.

Please plant the seed of God's word each and everyday. Take the abridged version with you at all times so that you are "ready" to share at any moment. The district and state headquarters are also creating large events for our Ambassadors for Peace. In addition all of the ACLC churches have been asked to read the message before Easter from the pulpit.

God is moving. Please send your testimonies concerning your efforts. True Parents were totally pleased with Hawaii and the American responsibility that we fulfilled there.

Now we are going on to fulfill the 12,000 and from there to Israel. Currently over 100 Co-Chairs, Co-Conveners and Religious Leaders who were part of the 120 who traveled the world to 120 Nations (4th World Tour) are here in Houston for the ACLC convocation. I can't believe the difference in the commitment understanding and inspiration that these leaders are demonstrating. Certainly reading the Peace Messages has made there strong.

With Love,
Rev. Michael Jenkins

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