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True Father Begins 21 City Speaking Tour In Korea - Correction - 24 Cities

Michael Jenkins
March 28, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Father demonstrates that 88 is a young age and a new beginning. Father's health, strength and stamina are beyond anything ever recorded in history. He is the King of Peace and the King of Love and Sacrifice. He will begin a 24 city Speaking Tour of Korea on April 3 - April 25th. True Mother is also maintaining an unbelievable heart of love and support for True Father as he continues to directly lead the providence of God from the front line. Always there is a deeper meaning -- as is always the pattern -- Father is connecting the victorious conditions set in Hawaii centering on America through the launching of the Pacific Rim Era of Peace to the Fatherland. The main objective of the Pacific Rim Era for God's Providence is the Peaceful Unification of the Fatherland.

Please offer sincere prayer for True Parents as they continue to touch every single person in the Fatherland.

Thanks America.


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