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Korean Ambassador For Peace Inspires All In Chicago

Michael Jenkins
March 28, 2007

Mrs. Choi addressing our March ACLC Prayer Breakfast on March 20 at Holy David MBC (Rev. James Cotton).

Dear Family,

I am forwarding a report from Rev. David Rendel, District Director of Chicago District. It is amazing to see what is happening with our Korean Ambassadors for Peace who came to America to deliver the Peace message. This is the testimony of Ms. Choi. None of the Amb. for Peace are members of our church. Ms. Choi and her husband are devout Catholics. Many Amb. for Peace from Korea are Presbyterians and good people of character and faith from many traditions.

We are all becoming one thru the blessing and thru the Amb. for Peace world Peace efforts.

This is having an enormous effect on Korea and as mentioned before, consensus is forming nationwide that True Father is the most significant force for peace in the world and especially in bringing North and South Korea together peacefully.



Dear Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Flynn and Rev. Dong Woo Kim,

Following are pictures of the Korean Ambassador for Peace, Mrs. Ok Ju ("Veronica") Choi, who visited Chicago from March 19 through March 23. She is 44 years old, speaks fluent English and has spent many years working with non-profit and service organizations as a representative of Korea (in over 100 nations). She is very gracious and out-going. Her husband is a Chemical Engineer and they have two grown children. They are devout Catholics.

Mrs. Choi has a deep love and respect for True Parents and our UPF movement. She shared with us that before deciding to volunteer for this 6th World Peace Tour, she had a dream of True Father where he took her outside to view a magnificent rainbow. She noticed that at the base of one end of the rainbow were two smaller rainbows, side-by-side. One evening in Chicago, she had a dinner meeting with several WFWP leaders and Ms. Fannie Smith, Religious Outreach Director for Rainbow/PUSH Coalition (founded by Rev. Jesse Jackson). When she received Fannie Smith's business card she was amazed - it had a large image of a colorful rainbow! She suddenly realized that she and Fannie Smith must be the small rainbows in her dream and that by working together they could create the large rainbow of world peace!

In her speech during our Peace Tour Rally, Mrs. Choi read the "true love" section of the Peace Message. Her delivery was very heart-felt and she stated how meaningful True Father's words are in her life.

During Mrs. Choi's visit, our Korean (led by Rev. Ryu), Japanese and Western Brothers and Sisters worked closely together and were all inspired by her high standard of heart and service. We are grateful to True Parents for initiating the Ambassador for Peace Providence where we can work with remarkable people like Mrs. Choi in building God's Kingdom! We look forward to receiving more Korean Ambassadors for Peace in the future!

Rev. David Rendel

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