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A New Website on Rev. Moon -

Michael Jenkins
March 28, 2007

Dear Ambassadors for Peace, Religious Leaders and all Blessed Families,

A new website has been launched that gives a very good introduction to the Life, Family, Teaching and Accomplishments of our Founder - the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and the broad based movement that he has created with his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon as they as True Parents for all people.

The site can be found at It is a universal introductory site that has been designed and developed by N. Hanna and Michael Balcomb for UPF.

Please take some time to look at the site. It will be ongoing in its development. For so long we have needed such a site for the public that focuses on True Parents. This is a great step forward to better communicate what True Parent's heart and teaching is all about.

Thanks to Dr. Walsh and all the UPF International for this wonderful development.

Below is the announcement that came from UPF.


Dr. Michael Jenkins Chairman UPF USA

News Release From UPF International

Announcing a new website: !

The website is an introductory site designed for the general public and is a place for anyone who is interested in our movement to be introduced to the extraordinary life of our True Parents and their works for peace.

The four main sections: His Life, His Teachings, His Family and His Works each have a flash show and many pages of relevant content. On the Teachings section, people can watch Divine Principle lectures on Internet TV and download DP audio. There are many other features and I encourage you to research the site for yourselves.

This site is a wonderful way to both introduce people to our movement and witness to them about our Founder and his many accomplishments. New content will be added regularly, and the UPF welcomes suggestions and contributions.

Please let the entire UPF community know about this new site. It may be helpful if you can include a cover letter from the regional or national office introducing it.

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