The Words of the Jenkins Family

Washington District One Fulfills Goal For Peace Message Events

Michael Jenkins
April 1, 2007

Dear Family,

Washington Accomplished The Goal By April 1st.

SPECIAL thanks to Rev. Francis, Rev. Selle, Rev. Goto and all the community of the Washington D.C. District (DC, Maryland, Virginia Blessed Families.) Washington Community is doing a good job in so many areas. Also the Kodan here is number one in the U.S. and fulfilled the goal for three months strait. (Thanks to Keiko Patton and Japanese Kodan members and western brothers and sisters who also donated.)

America has completed the goal of 12,000 and fulfilled another step in True Parents direction to bring the messages of peace and love



Congratulations to all District One members, We are happy to report that district one has reached a total of 1432 reported Peace Message events as of 7 pm on 4-01-07.

Don't Stop now!

We seem to be gaining steam with every day and everyone is reporting a new vitality coming from this outreach effort. Please continue to give these words of life to all you meet. We will be organizing follow up events for education and dialogue on ways to implement the ideas of peace of the individual, family, nation and world.

If you would like to join an AFP working group in your area please email our UPF Secretary General for District One, Gail Paine at:

Thank you for all your efforts,
Randy Francis

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