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Happy Easter - From Jerusalem

Michael Jenkins
April 8, 2007

Dear Family,

Greetings from Jerusalem. Happy Easter. Mr. Bill Selig and I arrived together in Jerusalem on Easter Sunday. We first went to the holy ground of Gethsemane. It is always so meaningful to go to the place where Jesus offered his tearful prayer. This is the day of Resurrection for Jesus. Through overcoming death and revealing eternal life - he opened up the realm between heaven and earth. This is the time of resurrection for the world from the history of darkness, death and destruction. This is the time of the Peace Kingdom.

We have been chosen for such a time as this. A time when God's word of Peace is now being sown in every heart in every nation and race throughout the world. This is the time of harvest.

The development of the work of UPF and the Ambassadors for Peace is profound. It is continuing to expand among the true believers of every faith. It has the power to unite the faiths without diminishing their fundamental core values and beliefs. It has the power to inspire the people of faith to bring ethics and morality to the decision making process of elected officials so that a spirit of love for the enemy can guide the process of bringing peace.

Here we are in Jerusalem at the time of Passover. Jesus had the Passover dinner which became the last supper and then washed the disciples feet. Judas revealed himself and then left Jesus. Jesus called for loyalty and faith and then established the Lord's Supper. Giving the bread and wine became a covenant of oneness with the heart, spirit and actions of Jesus. Then he went to Gethsemane and prayed three times.

Three key disciples could not stay awake and the "Son of Man was betrayed into the hands of sinners." He was betrayed with a kiss from Judas and arrested. He was examined by Annas the father in law of Caiaphas and then tried by Caiaphas and the council who spit on him and struck him and rent their robes when he would admit no wrong doing. Peter denied him three times just as Jesus walked up the steps to the prison that was under Caiaphas' residence. Jesus caught Peter's eye and, according to scripture, Peter wept bitterly knowing that the prediction of his three denials had come true.

Jesus was condemned by the council and he was led to Pilate, then to Herod, who refused to try him and then Pilate again who responded to the cries of the chief priests, the scribes and the people - crucify him.

He was given 39 lashes and a crown of thorns by the Roman Soldiers and they put on him a scarlet robe and mocked him kneeling as if before the king. They mocked him saying this is no king and the spit in his face.

It was the custom of Passover to allow a man to be released. Pilate offered to release one man. He brought Barabbas and Jesus before the people and they cried to let Barabbas go. Then Jesus picked up the cross and walked the Via Dolorosa carrying the cross to Golgotha. We gratitude he gave his life for all. He asked God to "forgive them for they know not what they do." This was the essence of Jesus victory.

Then he died. On the third day he resurrected. His oneness with God allowed him to open up the gate to eternal life between heaven and earth. He fulfilled all conditions for the Pentecost and resurrection of believers. All who believe are spiritually saved and secured to go to Paradise.

On good Friday, April 18, 2003, 2000 years later, 120 Christian leaders of the Second Israel of America, inspired by the message of Father Moon, ended the era of the cross recognizing Jesus victory was in his forgiveness on the cross, his oneness with God and his resurrection to eternal life. They removed their crosses from their churches praising Jesus' resurrection as the source of life and his forgiveness and love from the cross. They proclaimed that the era of the cross and bloodshed is now over and the era of life and resurrection from death is now the central aspect of the work of God.

These 120 Christians came to Jerusalem 4 years ago, not with the desire to convert but the desire to repent and be reconciled to their Jewish brothers and sisters of the first Israel. These Christian leaders were touched by the spirit of the Gospel Hymn "the Old Rugged Cross" that said when the Lord comes again we will exchange our crosses for a crown. These Christian leaders believe that the Lord has come again. In fact through persecution and criticism, they are sure about it.

Jewish leaders were touched the act of 120 Christian leaders who removed their crosses and came to Jerusalem in May of 2003 and were moved to the degree that they could join their Christian brothers and sisters embracing Jesus saying they were sorry for the divide in their family. These Jews will not become Christian but they expressed love and respect for Jesus and the work that God was bringing through the teaching of love. This has enormous meaning. The Muslim leaders came forth together on that day at the urging of a key Jewish leader and the three sons of Abraham repented. This will be recorded in history as the turning point in the conflict of the sons of Abraham.

Later that year on December 22, 2003 a gathering of 20,000 of Jews, Christians and Muslims gave a crown not of thorns but the crown of David to Jesus and honored him as the King of Peace. Jesus course ultimately became victorious not only in heaven but also one earth. Because he anointed True Parents and from heaven supported the work of the Peace Kingdom, True Parents could manifest through the unity of all the various religious leaders the fulfillment of the prayer of Jesus in John 17:21 - "that all may be one."

This is why we are inspired, as we see the work expanding and developing 4 years later. All the principal leaders who led the conflict and refused to talk years ago have moved on. All the principals now are talking and genuinely seeking the final end of the conflict in this Holy City of Jerusalem.

The conflict is still going on, but it the root cause of the conflict, the rejection of Jesus - has been healed and restored. Therefore the power of the conflict is destined to diminish if we continue to courageously cross over all barriers and religious lines and venture into what was once called the "enemy camp" and win our brother's heart by serving him and loving him. This is the power that is rising now - the power not of hate, but the power of love.

Providential leaders have inherited the victory of 2000 years ago and have come to Jerusalem at this Passover Time - at this time of Easter - at this time of Resurrection and the Peace Kingdom to proclaim the reality from God's viewpoint.

The reality from God's view is that the dwelling of God has now been established with his people permanently because the perfection of love and heart has manifested in the True Parents. True Family and the Blessed Couples who are on their path to perfecting their love and now the Ambassadors for Peace of all faiths are now pursuing the power of love to resolve all conflicts. God is dwelling with these people who have become One Family Under God, Aju.

Jews, Muslims and Christians who have been blessed have become one lineage of heaven before one God. Though the world didn't think anything even happened when Jesus was crucified, little did they know what happened when he resurrected. The expansion of believers could not be stopped because the right conditions of faith and love were set. The world doesn't know what happened when Jews came together and loved and embraced Jesus and Muslims, Christians and Jews embraced each other as one family. Those who pioneered this path are all assembling this week in Jerusalem.

I can report honestly that they all have become stronger and more confident that the path we are on will end the hatred and violence. Though persecuted by their communities because of this work they have endured. On this foundation the expansion of blessed couples who stand firm in their different faiths cannot be stopped as the power of God's faith and love continues to expand. A massive body of believers is assembling in every nation of the world. They are joining in heart not from one religion but based on a common faith that there is one God and Creator of all mankind. They believe that the essence of God is love and that if we unite and believe in the God of love and life a life of love for one another the love of God will manifest and melt all hearts into one - as one family.

The UPF is rising now with the element of faith and love to support the people that God has prepared from every community. The people that God has prepared to lead the way to Peace. They are in every community. That is why when we have sown twelve thousand messages of peace in each country a "great awakening" is inevitable because the people prepared by God come to life.

We are deeply grateful for Jesus on this day of Easter. We are grateful that in the midst of his most suffering moment, he expressed love and asked for God's forgiveness for the people. We are grateful for the crowning of Jesus in Jerusalem and the fulfillment of the True Family and the path that has opened now for all families to become "True". Families that are truly the dwelling of God. Families that are faithful to their spouses and loyal to the parents and children. Families who love all other families as their own. This is the spirit of God - who sees ALL families as his own.

This is the time for all of us to be bold and courageous in our faith. Each step we take will bring a huge harvest for the Peace Kingdom. God has prepared all. True Parents have secured all the conditions. The True Family is now rising to lead the providence in this new era after the coming of heaven. It is now our time to bring in the harvest and heal the world. Let us celebrate and be jubilant in this 7th Year of Cheon Il Guk (the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth). This year our True Parents have proclaimed is the JUBILEE YEAR.

With Love on Easter from Jerusalem

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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