The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy True Parents Day

Michael Jenkins
April 17, 2007

Dear Family,

Dr. Yang and I just arrived in Korea from Israel in time for True Parents day. Several thousand gathered at Chung Pyung.

Rev. Kwak gave the internal meaning of True Parent's Day.

Father believes he can make it to 100. Father and Mother are as strong and clear as ever.

He is on the 7th city of a 24 city speaking tour.

He wants to tour America after the Washington Times 17th banquet.

He was deeply inspired by Dr. Yang's report this morning (at breakfast) about the MEPI providence. Dr. Yang reported with Hyun Jin Nim. MEPI went to a completely new level as Hyun Jin Nim brought the spirit of the 12 city tour in which he was giving love to all the Ambassadors for Peace both Internationally and from the Middle East.

Let us give all we have for our True Parents and for the unfolding of God's Kingdom. Every step we take brings harvest. We are not paying for the past because the past has been atoned for and forgiven. Now we pay indemnity as a condition that directly allows God to claim things back, step by step.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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