The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Family Will Bring Peace Message To All 50 States

Michael Jenkins
April 24, 2007

Dear Family,

True Family members, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Jun Suk Nim and Yeon Ah Nim (Hyo Jin Nim's Wife) will be bringing the peace message to all 50 states in America centering on True Mother. True Mother will go to 8 major cities from May 21st. All family members will be covering all 50 states in 14 days from May 21st.

The schedule is still being finalized centering on the District Directors.

Please prepare internally - the venue will mostly be ACLC churches with Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace as the guests.

The message will be the Pacific Rim Era of Peace Message entitled:

A Providential View of the Pacifice Rim Era in Light of God's Will - The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World.

The schedule will be announced today. The Venue for True Mother will be, in most cases, a hotel or larger convention center.



NOTE: The speech is attached (pdf).

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