The Words of the Jenkins Family

National Prayer Condition - Happy Foundation Day

Michael Jenkins
May 1, 2007

Dear Family,

Happy Foundation Day - May 1st, 2007.

On May 1st, 1954 the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was formally established. Today is the 53rd anniversary. Now that small foundation has flourished into a global interfaith movement for the blessing of marriage and family and the realization of World of Peace based on a Culture of Heart.

On the 50th Anniversary of the founding of our world movement True Father said,

It seems like yesterday that on May l, 1954, in a humble dwelling known as the "House of Three Gates" in Seoul's Buk-hak Dong, I and a few disciples who were with me raised a signboard that read "Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity" and offered a most serious prayer to Heaven. Today, this has become the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, which continues its steady development and has mission headquarters in 191 countries. How could anyone say that this is anything other than a miracle of Heaven? I received God's call when I was a vibrant youth of 16 years, and started out on this path of Heaven with unbending determination. It has been a path of indescribable pain and suffering. At each climax of indemnity, sacrifices were made that led to pools of blood, sweat and tears. It was the path of a lonely man. I swallowed desperate tears of blood and hid them within myself to comfort the heart of God, who was grieving over the tragic situation of the son He had sent forth.
My life of over 80 years has been lived to teach the truth that I received from Heaven. As a way of summing up what I have taught, I would like to speak today on the topic of "God's Homeland and the Peace Kingdom Are Built on the Foundation of the Realm of His Liberation and Release." Distinguished guests, everything I have ever taught is permeated with one point above all else. That is that we must know God and spirit world with certainty... Heavenly fortune is with each of you present here today. Though our time together is short, you can become people of the Kingdom of Heaven simply by living according to what I have taught you today. That is, first live in the certainty of God's existence to the point that you can feel His presence against your skin. Second, be certain of the reality of the spirit world and use your life on Earth to prepare for your eternal life in the spirit world. Third, live in attendance to your conscience as you would your teacher, your God, or your parents.

Let us celebrate the unfolding of God's Kingdom. On the foundation of the New Beginnings workshop so many miracles are occurring - so many brothers and sisters are coming home to the Kingdom. This is the time to welcome all to the homeland of God's love and heart.

On May 17th in Washington True Father will deliver the Pacific Rim Era Peace Message which highlights the role of America, the UN and the nations of the world to establish Peace.

On May 21st, True Mother, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon and True Family will bring this message to al 50 states of America.

Today we ask all America Blessed Central Families and the Religious Leaders in America to join in a 21day special prayer condition for America as a nation to come together and welcome our True Parents and receive God's blessing.

We sincerely thank you for your faith and diligent attendance and sacrifice for the Will of Heaven. We pray that God will shower your family with blessing and joy.

The focus of our prayer will be:

1. The blessing and victory of our True Parents and True Family on the Special American tour for Peace.
2. The unity of all leaders from every organization to fulfill our responsibility before True Parents and True Family at this time.
3. That all Blessed Families, standing on the foundation of the "New Beginning Grace Workshop" will mobilize all of their heavenly fortune and that of their ancestors to touch the heart of America and bring together all the people that God has prepared in all 50 states to receive God's and True Parent's Love and Message.
4. That Ambassadors for Peace, including ACLC Clergy, WFWP leaders, Youth and Civic and community leaders rise up to share the responsibility for this tour and for America at this time.

With the love of our True Parents,


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