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The Meaning of Ahn Shi Il

Michael Jenkins
May 5, 2007

Today I would like to share with you the meaning of a new ceremony that all blessed family conduct every 8th day called the Ahn Shi Il. It began on May 5, 2004 at Yeosu in Korea, that was the day when Father proclaimed the Era or the Day after the Coming of Heaven which is Ahn Shi Il. What is Ahn Shi Il? It has to do with every 8th day, we declare a true Sabbath for God. And our family does our bows before heaven and we also offer the family pledge in which we as owners of CIG pledge to fulfill all the responsibilities as blessed central families.

Father and Mother on that day could live in the realm or the era before the coming of heaven and enter into the realm of heaven as a true family. Because of that True parents actually enter the direct dominion and direct realm of God's true love. Actually if we had really fulfilled all that was possible in developing true love in ourselves we also should be able to enter the realm of heaven with True Parents in our hearts at that time.

However, as you know we are still working on perfecting our love through our True Family providence. Therefore we cannot enter literally with True Parents. So, how do we enter the realm of heaven? So, there's no gap or separation. The condition that allows us to enter the realm of heaven is Ahn Shi Il. It's conditional. It means it's a spiritual condition that allows us to claim the next 8 days. When we pledge before God that we will fulfill Ahn Shi Il, we pledge through the family pledge to fulfill our responsibilities as blessed central families. Through that special prayer service with our blessed family we set a condition in which God can protect us for the next 8 days and we claim that next 8 days.

And also we allow God to evoke the powers of heaven to protect us in that 8 day journey. We really honor God on this special Sabbath. Actually Father proclaimed that year in 2004 on True Parents day that every day is now Sabbath Day. But this 8 day is a special day in what we call Ahn Shi Il or attendance and settlement.

What is attendance and settlement? First of all, let's talk about settlement. Settlement is really centering on the providence of hoondok family church. That's why in 2004 also True Father launched hoondok family church. What is it mean? It means that our family becomes the dwelling of God. Through Ahn Shi Il we enter the realm of heaven for every 8 days. But to ensure that we really stay in the realm of true love and truth we should establish the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae or reading God's words every morning in our homes.

We should be very serious to establish this tradition not only with the parents but also with all the children of the family and all the generations. Hoon Dok Hae is the reading and studying of God's word. Therefore we're now entering the realm of heaven where we're reclaiming the Garden of Eden. What is the meaning of reclaiming the Garden of Eden?

It means that all the conditions that were lost by Adam and Eve's fall into the providence of history from the last 6000 years was reclaimed by True Parents fulfilling Adam's role and also the 2nd Adam's role and fulfilling all the conditions that were lost by the failures of the 1st and 2nd Israel. Now a new Israel has been created and through True Parents condition the realm of the Garden of Eden is open again.

True Parents enter first. Then, through the Ahn Shi Il we also are now entering the realm of true love.

What is the meaning of settlement? How do we settle our home? First, again, reading and studying God's word. We should be very serious. If we miss our morning study period, we should study at night. We should study very deeply and read aloud God's word. The bible says that faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of God. That's why it's very important that we read God's word aloud. Its not only resonates our own original mind and strengthens our internal being but also it resonates with the spiritual world.

As we read the messages from heaven we are also communicating with the spirit world. Also settlement has to do with bringing the blessing to our tribe. So Father made it clear that the purpose of hoondok family church is multiplication. And how do we multiply?

We are to multiply through blessing and engrafting all the people that we know into the tree of life or the true olive tree. We should be sharing the blessing with our true tribes. That is, Cain type tribe which is our neighbors, colleagues, friends, closest associates, and friends from professional fields. And we also should be blessing our Abel type tribe, like all relatives, parents, our brothers and sisters, uncle and aunts. Also for settlement, Father made it clear that our families needed a condition to be able to connect with our True Parents.

Therefore the coronation ceremony for honoring of True Parents as the king and queen of peace should be done by your tribe. So, you should conduct the coronation ceremony for your own family. This is the realm of settlement. Settlement requires condition, the condition of reading God's word but also the condition of blessing. Your Cain type tribe, your neighbors and associates and Abel type tribe which is your family. How do we do that blessing? We bless them with the holy wine.

We pray over their blessing and the next blessing ceremony they actually receive the prayer of our True Parents. They become a blessed couple. That's the real essence of Ahn Shi Il. The settlement has to be on the blessing.

What about attendance? What does attendance mean? The way we attend God and True Parents is not simply by attending the events that Father speaks at or simply by just expressing love for True Parents. Although that is an aspect of attendance but the real essence of attendance is that we cooperate and support God's providence, that True Parents are initiating and directing through central figures that Father has established. Primarily, centering on continental director Rev. Kwak and all the blessed central families, also centering on True Family and True Family members, Continental Dir., President of the church, District Directors and all officials that True Parents' have approved and appointed. By cooperating with that central figure, making that foundation of substance we are attending God's providence literally.

God's providence is not a matter up for the discussion of people in terms of what is God's will. Although it can be reviewed or it can be understood or prayed over; but actually Gods will comes from God. It's not something that we just vote on. God has his will and we believe as Unificationists and as blessed central families that Gods will has now been manifested through our True Parents at this time. That's why Gods will is now manifesting not only to True Parents but also to True Parents dispensational representatives. The people that Father has approved. Then by uniting with that district director, uniting with your central figures centering on Fathers directionů

For example Father asked us to accomplish the Middle East peace initiative. Then by cooperating to sponsor and to help people as ambassadors for peace, go to the Middle East. That is really the attendance that Father is talking about. It's not attending with only our hearts and feelings but literally by supporting the direction of heaven. True Father asked us to appoint 15,000 ambassadors for peace centering on the dispensational central figures, district directors, we asked all blessed families to attend True Parents by helping to appoint those ambassadors for peace.

The ACLC is a dispensational organizations created by True Father. Therefore to really attend True Parents we have to support True Parents direction through ACLC, WFFP, YFFWP, Service for Peace and CARP. All of the different organization that Father initiated should be giving and following Father's direction and that direction from Father is coming from district directors. So therefore Ahn Shi Il has to do with attendance and settlement. Settlement through a hoondok family church in which we multiply by giving Gods word and creating our family as a dwelling place of God.

Attendance by uniting vertically with True Parents appointed representatives, then we can truly fulfill our responsibilities.

Therefore from this time on please be sincere about the 8day pledge that we do on Ahn Shi Il. When you pray sincerely with your family, you set a condition that God will be able to protect and guide you through the next 8 days. We pray for Gods abundant blessings to pour down to all of our families. We pray that all of your children and your children's' children can really be blessed and also find true joy and happiness in the family movement based on true love.

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