The Words of the Jenkins Family

Letter From ACLC Women In Ministry For The America's Destiny 50 State Tour

Michael Jenkins
May 7, 2007

Dear Family,

The attached Letter to the ACLC Women in Ministry (pdf) is a beautiful example of the women of ACLC helping to lead the way in supporting True Mother and True Family on the 50 State tour.

This letter invites key Women who are pastors, first ladies and outstanding women in Ministry to be part of a "Welcoming Committee".

We are seeing so much enthusiasm for this. Tonight Women in Ministry had a Prayer Conference Call and they were so inspired. A "Mother's Heart" is the way the Holy Spirit can move to bring healing to America.

The Theme of the Tour is: America's Destiny Realizing One Family Under God (in America and the World) Hope, Harmony and Healing


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Co President

Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings
Co President

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