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True Parents Return To America - The 50 State Tour - Hope, Harmony, Healing - Happy Mother's Day To all Past, Present And Future Moms

Michael Jenkins
May 13, 2007

Dear Family,

We rejoice in the fact that True Parent's are about to return to America after 13 months touring the World!!

We want to thank all our brothers and sisters for their beautiful efforts to lift up and inspire the Ambassadors for Peace, the ACLC Clergy and especially Women leaders from all organizations.

In particular the Women's Federation for World Peace led by Mrs. Alexa Ward has taken a major role in preparing for True Mother, Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Ah Nim to be welcomed by America. Also they are being joined by the Women in Ministry of ACLC, and Women Ambassadors for Peace as they form a special "Welcome Committee" of special women who support True Mother and True Family.

Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Lynne Walsh, my wife and many women who are members from our church as well as all other faith communities are all very clearly creating an incredible spirit of heart as the encourage all the women leaders who know True Parents to take an "active" role in securing the success of this tour.

Across the country women from all organizations created by True Parents are getting excited to bring their husbands, their families, their organizations and churches. Women have the power to move America. We believe America is going to change so much from this tour because the America's Destiny Tour is a tour of heart and love. The message is a message of Hope, Harmony and Healing. It is a message that awakens all Americans to the "Destiny" that God has created for this nation as well as the Destiny for our families as American families. As we stand up America's Destiny plays out.

America will rise to lead this world to peace. Why because our Blessed Families are rising. As we stand up for True Families and World Peace America stands up for True Families and World Peace. We stand on the foundation of the New Beginning Grace and we have nothing holding us back. That is why Father proclaimed this a "Jubilee Year". It the Old Testament after 7 seven year periods (49 years in all) the 50th year would be proclaimed the "Jubilee Year"! This is the year that God would forgive all sins and debts so that the chosen people could move forward. In the 7th Year of Cheon Il Guk our families were forgiven of all debts. This is the "Jubilee Year" for all humanity!! The patriots and saints of this nation are pouring out their inspiration from heaven and America which was called by God will follow True Parents philosophy of peace - by loving and serving the world. Each step we take brings us closer to the fulfillment of God's Hope for America.

Father has proclaimed that this Pacific Rim Era for Peace is the dawning of the Era in which women will lead the way to peace. Dr. Yang and I are deeply moved by the women in leadership who are rising up to bring Hope, Harmony and Healing to America.

As evidence of this age being the age of women, in Korea, True Father did not speak. He traveled with Mother and "Introduced" her as the keynote speaker!!! This is unheard of in the Korean culture. Father is definitely the True Man that is supporting the role of women - starting with his immense love and support for True Mother. It is no small thing that True Father choose Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Ah Nim to go to all 50 states. This is a great moment in history. He also approved for Dr. Hyun Jin Moon to go with Mother to "Introduce" her.

We will not only "hear" the message of peace centering on the role of women but we will "see" the message of peace unfold before our eyes as True Mother and True Family are joined by Women leaders of WFWP, ACLC Women in Ministry and the outstanding Women of the Ambassadors for Peace.

Who is inspiring these women with the spirit of True Parents? Our own America members from all nations who are Blessed Wives leading the way for all women in America. Therefore we truly say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. What a great day to launch this Era for Peace in America!!

God has truly prepared the people. They are waiting for us to touch them and then they will come. God and True Parents have prepared this moment in history.


Rev. Michael and Reiko Jenkins

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