The Words of the Jenkins Family

America's Destiny: One Family Under God - 50 State Tour

Michael Jenkins
May 18, 2007

Dear Family,

Upon the foundation of the great success of the Washington Times Gala on May 17th and especially the very warm reception of Father's Message of Peace concerning America's Destiny and the Pacific Rim Era we now launch the 50 State speaking tour!! True Mother and Dr. Hyun Jin Moon will travel to 12 major cities covering 12 states. Jun Sook Kwak Moon and Yeon Ah Choi Moon will cover the 38 states going to 19 states each.

Rev. Edwards will accompany Jun Sook Nim and Bishop Stallings will accompany Yeon Ah Nim for the launch of the tour from the west. Congressman Walter Fauntroy will accompany True Mother for the launch of the tour from the east coast. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon will introduce Mother after brief remarks on the theme America's Destiny: One Family Under God!!

We are grateful for our True Parents love for America and all nations and faiths. It is bringing life to each person they touch.

We ask that all families and brothers and sisters do all you can to invite your guests for this historic tour. Invite everyone you would like to be there. Don't worry if you feel its too late - just invite them with love and let them decide. Their ancestors will help from heaven!

A Welcome Committee of Women Leaders who support True Mother's Message for Peace is assembling in each state. As True Parents have proclaimed this is truly the age of women. Therefore True Father asked Mother and Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Ah Nim to travel the nation bringing Hope, Harmony and Healing.

Please give your full support to our organizing committee and the District Directors. This is the first major tour of True Parents since Father has entrusted American leaders with the responsibility for the American movement. This is a huge blessing to demonstrate the American members heart for God's providence and our gratitude for the confidence True Parents have placed in all members and blessed families in America. Please give your whole heart, your financial support and your prayer that this tour will truly inspire God and our True Parents and touch the hearts of the American people. We are deeply grateful for the efforts of the women of WFWP, the ACLC Women in Ministry who are forming very solid Welcome Committees and the Ambassadors for Peace which includes the ACLC religious leaders.

This is a great time for America and hope for the world.

Thanks America.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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