The Words of the Jenkins Family

Testimonies From New York

Michael Jenkins
May 23, 2007

Dear Leaders and Brothers and Sisters,

Rev. Desmond Greene is the leader of ACLC for New York. He has done a tremendous job with the renowned Bishop Cecil Riley at developing the ACLC Clergy in support of True Parents. Here are some of the testimonies.

Thanks to Rev. Grodner, Rev. Green and all of the NY movement of UPF.


Dr. Michael Jenkins

Bishop Cecil Riley (ACLC AP 120 clergy): The event was very very good, wonderfully done. The leaders of our church loved it!! Mother Moon gave a message that is critically important at this time. The teaching is one that brings all faiths together with the love of Jesus. The ACLC and the Ambassadors for Peace are gaining power. Especially as the women are now taking the lead. This means that this movement has taken roots and will rapidly flourish. Father and Mother Moon are bringing peace on the earth.

Bishop Drecketts (AP. WC .ACLC): Mother Moon is standing for such a time as this. She teaches and believes that it is the women who will bring the family back together. I agree. She is right. (Bishop Drecketts read the message again when she went home and found it very inspiring as it challenges us to do something to create a change. She also shared it with someone whom she had invited but was unable to attend the program. She had four guests in attendance who were also very inspired.)

Rev Dr Kennard Davis (ACLC AP 120 clergy): I had a great time, the members of our church had a great time and we could not have asked for more.. We pray for the success of Mother Moon on the rest of the tour. Her address was amazing. .

Rev Dr Gilda Price (Ambassador fro Peace and ACLC Women in Ministry 5th world tour participant to many countries): ... Behold the handmaid: who can find a virtuous woman: her price is far above rubies: Dr. Moon's ministry is right in keeping with God's plan for a time such as this like Esther said "if I perish I perish " She is surely an example and a blessing to us all as women. I was surely blessed when Rev Jenkins asked me to visit EG to meet with Father Moon. I have never been so close to him before and I felt so much love. May the tour continue to be successful.

Dr Laurephill Desrosiers (AP WC): (She just graduated from medical school.) I feel that Mother Moon represented her husband well especially for me who is not very familiar with the movement she made it quite clear about the "Man" and the movement (Rev Moon). Mrs. Moon is well spoken and very beautiful and in the I wanted to shake her hand. What was particularly significant for me was that her message was not about her husband but for the sake of others and the world. I am very happy I came and best wished for the rest of the tour Laura

Bishop Delrose Copeland ; (newly appointed AP who was chosen to be the representative couple for the blessing ,this made her couple extremely happy) Mrs. Moon spoke from her heart and the message was real and totally genuine . The theme was about Love and breaking down barriers and tearing down the religious walls that divide us. I feel so happy that some one is realizing the will of God. Finally, I really feel that I was able to attend a program that in which I actually received something precious. I am ready to serve as much as she can.

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