The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Father Proclaims Victory For The 12 City Tour Upon True Mother's Return

Michael Jenkins
June 2, 2007

Dear American Family,

Dr. Yang and I are so grateful to the District Directo___essed Families and organizations related with True Parents foundation in America. True Parents were very excited this morning when we celebrated True Mother's tour upon her return from Los Angeles. Flying through the night we arrived at East Gardeessed Families and organizations related with True Parents foundation in America. True Parents were very excited this morning when we celebrated True Mother's tour upon her return from Los Angeles. Flying through the night we arrived at East Garde___ am. Father proclaimed victory for America and asked that each Blessed Family bring the Pacific Rim Era speech to everyone in their local Family Home Church Area (HDFC). This tour was truly a new level of development. Three teams were formed. Ms. am. Father proclaimed victory for America and asked that each Blessed Family bring the Pacific Rim Era speech to everyone in their local Family Home Church Area (HDFC). This tour was truly a new level of development. Three teams were formed. Ms. ___ gave a beautiful performance in many of the cities and Mr. David Eaton organized a magnificent stage crew that caused one participant to comment -- "this event was beautifully organized and uplifting -- it touched my heart."

Dr. Yang gave a fine report that started how different this tour was. This time preparations were done in partnership with the Ambassadors for Peace, the ACLC Clergy, leaders of the many organizations that True Parents created and especially the WFWP. Through this effort we discovered the theme that could touch Americaís heart. First our discussions with the Ambassadors for Peace revealed that we must be sensitive to the Virginia Tech tragedy which was so traumatic. It agreed that through this tour God was sending True Mother and Yeon Ah Nim and Jun Sook Nim to bring a Motherís heart and love that brings HOPE, HARMONY AND HEALING to the suffering that has occurred in America due to the struggles of our youth. At the same time the Pacific Rim Era speech was so strong about America being chosen that we felt that it meant Americaís Destiny -- One Family Under God was a key message. In addition the speech proclaims that the Pacific Rim era is an era in which peace will be realized under the leadership of Women.

Dr. Yang highlighted the fact that this tour was a great success because it centered on high quality participants and on bringing such leaders through WFWP, ACLC Women in Ministry and Women Ambassadors for Peace. Many times more than 75% of the audiences were new people or people that were from other faith traditions. He testified that the women did a great job lifting up True Mother and showing the way in which women are now prepared to lead the providence in America.

Dr. Yang highlighted the fact that these three groups came together centering on Mrs. Alexa Ward as President and Ms. Norma Foster as the National board member of WFWP, Mrs. Lynn Walsh and Mrs. Cheryl Lau (former Secretary of State of Nevada) as the leaders of Women Ambassadors for Peace and Mrs. Reiko Jenkins and Rev. Ethel Hayes as the coordinators of ACLC Women in Ministry. Our local women leaders brought between 40 -- 120 women leaders as the "Welcome Committee" as "Women of Peace and Destiny."

The Welcome committee of women made a new historic beginning for our movement in America in which we visibly saw great women from many diverse professions and backgrounds working beyond all boundaries to bring so many new leaders to meet True Parents. As they met True Mother and True Family - they joined the movement for Family and Peace called the Universal Peace Federation. A movement to bring Peace in all nations through Faith in God and love for all races, religions and cultures as a "Abel" United Nations. This movement works as a compliment to the peace efforts of the existing United Nations by igniting people of faith and conscience to realize peace.

Very important speakers supported True Mother on the tour such as Dr. Cecil "Chip" Murray - the renowned pastor of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of South Central LA. It was Dr. Cecil Murray who calmed the city during the riots related with the 1992 "Rodney King" trial. His effort were recognized by the President as preventing so much loss of life. Dr. Murray said, "What I love about Father and Mother Moon is that they are sent by God to bring the Family of man together. Like in a Salad - you need the lettuce, the carrots and the vegetables to make it delicious. Father and Mother Moon know how to make America beautiful through the bringing together of all humanity to make a beautiful mixture of all Americans."

Congressman Walter Fauntroy - gave a very serious testimony that in 1951, as a young student, he met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and saw a man leading America out of racism based on faith - he formed a partnership with him there to join the movement. In 1971 when he was in the first year of the 20 years he would spend in Congress - he met Father Moon. He saw another visionary and leader for the Family and Peace and made a partnership there that has blossomed into work for Peace that covers the whole globe. One New York professor shared, "The marvelous testimony of Hon. Walter Fauntroy convinced me about Rev. Moonís righteous character and his similarity to Martin Luther King, Jr. and the dedication for justice and equality for all people."

Another Congressman from Alabama testified in Minneapolis - "I am proud to stand on the same stage as the Moon Family. I have joined this movement because they are leading the world to peace for all people."

Another major figure that has worked in the service arena as an appointee of the three last Presidents testified that what he saw UPF doing in the Middle East was profound - the most important aspect was bringing to the fore the fact that we are all one "family of humanity". If we truly catch the spirit of one family we can end the violence.

Pastor T.L. Barrett deeply touched True Mother deeply on the final stop on the tour in LA when he said, "The real question is not who Father and Mother Moon are but what they are! We know who they are -- they are Father and Mother Moon. However, more importantly is that when you know what they are - THEY ARE THE TRUE PARENTS OF HUMANITY - and I AM FOREVER A TRUE SON TO FATHER AND MOTHER MOON."

A very fine Bishop of the United Methodist Church gave a beautiful invocation affirming that God was guiding the work of Father and Mother Moon. This is a signal that the traditional protestant denominations are starting to join in the movement for the unity of faith to lift up the family and peace.

Governors, U.S. Senators, many Congressmen and Mayors of major cities gave commendations and many accolades to Mother Moon.

Also, significant on this tour was that Mother Moon traveled with her Son (Hyun Jin Nim), Daughter (Jeong Jin Nim), Grandson (Shin Jun Nim) and Son In Law (Jin Sung Nim). It was truly a joy to be with them all. It was really a "family" movement across America. Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt and her husband made this incredibly grueling day after day trip from 4 am to midnight so much smother through their constant attendance to the whole party. When Shin Jun Nim comes on the stage with "NEMO" in his arm -- the audience is melted. Who every traveled with three generations like this to save a nation?

Americans were deeply moved by Hyun Jin Nim when he lifts up the fact that America is the nation that is founded on self evident truths - that all men are created equal. That is why this nation could take the lead in opening the door for respect for all religions and faiths. Like on Hyun Jin Nimís 12 city tour -- with this message of returning to the God affirming principles of self evident truths message he stirs the soul of all God loving Americans. Many across America came to hear Mother for the first time because they were inspired by their son. Americans are inspired to rise up and fulfill Americaís Destiny: One Family Under God.

The women many times were in awe when Dr. Hyun Jin Moon so warmly lifted up his Mother as a world leader in her own right. He would emphasize that she has 13 children and 44 grandchildren - she brings all these different personalities together with love - she knows how to bring unity - she is the greatest Peacemaker.

Many times you could hear the women in the audience gasp and exclaim by a hushed "woah" when the 44 grandchildren were announced. Most people cannot believe it - Mother is so beautiful and youthful. How did she manage to stay so young and bring forth so many children. The answer to that is easy, she and Father Moon live with True Love. True Love in loving God and all humanity with all their hearts. True Love is the fountain of youth and the wellspring of life.

Most importantly was True Motherís message -- this profound message transforms people into peacemakers who believe in the blessing of marriage and the centrality of family. The message lifts up the core values of family and Godís suffering course to restore breakdown of the family through the marriage blessing.

That Christianity played a central role in America and therefore American clergy had to go to the Middle East to reconcile with Jews, Muslims and Christians alike that with their support Jesus could be lifted up as the King of Kings. This reconciled the history of Godís providence and comforted Godís heart.

Because of that True Parents were then lifted up by all faiths as the King and Queen of Peace. Mother teaches in her speech the immense significance of America -- "Because of the noble beginning of this country, God sent His blessing and promise. The sacrificial devotion of your ancestors was the foundation for God's blessing. America was begun in the sacrificial spirit pursuing God's purpose. America must consummate her history in the same sacrificial spirit for God's purpose. Then America will endure forever! ... As a Christian nation that includes Catholicism and Protestantism as well as the Orthodox world, the United Statesí mission is to bring harmony and unity to Christianity as soon as possible, and, in the twenty-first century, to fulfill the responsibility that had been the Roman Empireís, but which was not realized in Jesusí time. The responsibility, within Godís providence, to bring harmony and oneness among the worldís 6.5 billion people and to expedite the creation of a peaceful, ideal world, is on Americaís shoulders. These are not simply the words of Rev. Moon. This is Heavenís decree."

Dr. Yang shared many testimonies from the dignitaries that came. He also testified that American leaders hearts are being deeply touched by Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Ah Nim - as they are continuing on to finish the 50 state tour. Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards, Bishop Kim and Rev. Dong Woo Kim are going with them to give full spiritual power and support. From the Indian Reservations of Pine Ridge South Dakota to the inner city churches of America - they are bringing the revival of the community through the message of God's True Love based on True Family and True Peace. So far 35 states have been covered -- 15 to go. He reported that extensive testimonies and photos on each event can be on our website at

Dr. Yang thanked the District Directors and all the American movement reporting to True Parents that the American leaders and families are united with Rev. Jenkins and Dr. Yang as one and the American movement proved it can be trusted and relied upon to fulfill the Will of heaven.

We are truly grateful that Dr. Yang has done so much and taken so many steps to educate and lift up American leadership with True Parents heart and teaching. Truly America owes so much to True Parents and the Korean regional leaders who for the last 23 years sacrificed the best years of their lives for America. On the tour so many Regional directors wives touched the hearts of True Mother as they are standing on the front line with our America District Directors!! The sacrifices of the Korean elders has not been in vain. A new America is rising now. They gave everything so that American brothers and sisters might get the "family" spirit that God instilled in the east while at the same time rekindling the Judeo Christian spirit - the founding spirit of America -- the spirit that made this country the one God has chosen to be the Elder Son Nation. That day is now at hand.

We deeply thank our True Parents and True Family and also our Continental director - I know that all American Blessed Families, Ambassadors for Peace, Women Leaders and Clergy all feel grateful for the love and trust that America is receiving at this time. We sincerely thank Dr. Yang for linking us with God's heart and tradition centering on the True Love of our True Parents. The Elder Son Nation is rising to fulfill its Destiny - Americaís Destiny -- One Family Under God - for all races, religions, all nations and all humanity.

Thanks America.


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