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Father Calls For All Western Members In US To Come To HDH At EG

Michael Jenkins
June 4, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Father is giving incredible guidance love and insight for the American movement each morning. Yesterday he called for all Western members to come to East Garden to receive his teaching and blessing for America. All members are invited. This is a nationwide invitation. You may come on one or all of the mornings. We will gather on Tuesday, June 5, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and conclude on Saturday, June 9th with a celebration for the conclusion of the 50 state tour. Please be at East Garden by 4:30 am. We usually finish around 8 am. Especially all East Coast families from Boston to Miami and west to the Mississippi should consider attending one morning. This is a once in a lifetime chance. Father is sharing very deep providential guidance for America. He said, "For Americans to fulfill their responsibility I must leave this final teaching with them."

This morning Father gave us so much wisdom and love. He is giving insight into the America mission like we have never seen before. He is longing for Americans to come and be with him.

Father is sitting in the big room guiding the American movement. All members are welcome - however Father has asked in particular for Western leaders, members and elders as well as second generation high school and college age.

On Thursday, June 7th we expect all Western sisters to come. Maybe a couple of hundred. Don't miss this chance to be with True Parents. Father and Mother are totally trusting the American movement to fulfill. They were very happy with the speaking tour and excited to see our brothers and sisters.

In particular Father is longing to see the older members who love Father deeply. If you are an elder you should come at this time. Father wants to see your face. He never forgets what you did to pioneer the path for heaven in America. He never forgets anyone.

It is out of love that he is calling you to come.

With Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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