The Words of the Jenkins Family

Western Members Brought Joy To True Parents This Morning, Please Come To EG

Michael Jenkins
June 6, 2007

Dear Family,

Father has been asking Western brothers and sisters to come and be with him as he shares the very core essential contents of the providence for America.

Father was so visibly moved this morning that so many American members - particularly western members came. It is a huge comfort to Father to see Western brothers and sisters beautiful pure hearts and sincere efforts to attend True Parents. It is amazing how many western members are diligently and faithfully striving to build beautiful blessed families and are very sincere in their life of faith.

Please, brothers and sisters don't miss this opportunity. Make a small sacrifice and come to East Garden. This morning was deeply moving - Father gave such deep guidance about the family. For Father to see faithful American members - weeping as Father is speaking and Mother is singing - it deeply, deeply comforts Father's heart - It makes him see the fruit of the 34 years that he poured out for America - he can see that the 34 years is bearing profound fruit through you and your family.

Tomorrow - Thursday, June 7th on Ahn Shi Il - all Western sisters - from all of America are asked to come. Mrs. Alexa Ward, President of WFWP asked all sisters to come. Many are now flying in from California - from Texas and the Midwest. The call has gone out - Father wants to see your beautiful faithful heart. You don't need to worry or prepare anything - just come. Come and receive True Parents love

Father knows that ultimately, since the majority of Americans are Westerners - westerners will be key to winning this nation. That is why when he sees so many western brothers and sisters he is deeply moved.

We have three more mornings. for America and comfort Father that he can see that his heart is being received with gratitude.

We will have Thursday and Friday - then Saturday will be the finale and True Parents will depart for Korea Saturday morning after HDH. Please come and comfort the heart of God and in return receive God's love and heart towards your family and America. God longs for his bride - the Second Israel, God longs for the Elder son nation to understand his heart. Please come - stay at the NYer. Register with your district - if enough let us know they are coming we will organize transportation from the NYer. Otherwise please stay with friends or stay near Tarrytown.

With Love.


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