The Words of the Jenkins Family

East Garden - Blessed Wives Bring Joy To True Parents

Michael Jenkins
June 7, 2007

Dear Family,

Father started this morning saying, "It looks like we have a new record for numbers at EG!!" The sisters came out like never before. Several hundred Western sisters who stood with True Parents and pioneered the foundation in America to the sisters who just joined came out on this morning to be with True Parents. 1st and 2nd Generation alike. All races and all nations who have become Americans are here. What a beautiful sight to behold.

The Western sisters almost filled the whole room. Nothing could comfort and please True Parents more than attendance and love from the heart for True Parents and the desire to take responsibility for America. This is definitely the women's age. Sisters flew from all over America to be here. From Seattle, Oregon and California and throughout America - the sisters came forward.

American women fulfilled and responded to the call of True Parents. This has huge meaning for America.

Tomorrow will be the last regular morning of Hoon Dok Hae. All Western Brothers and Sisters - there is still time. Don't miss the chance to attend Father and Mother at EG in this moment in which the American movement as the core of the Elder Son nation is being trusted to raise this nation to bring Peace to the Middle East, unifying North and South Korea and bringing peace to the world.

We read Hoon Dok Hae and Father spoke - from 6 am we are now watching the Il Hwa Seong Nam Soccer team play in the All Asian quarter finals against China.

God bless the sisters and blessed wives of True Parents family. America has so much hope because of such heart.

Please come to EG by 4:30 am tomorrow and Saturday. It is an immense joy to be here and receive Father's love and profound guidance.

Thanks America.


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