The Words of the Jenkins Family

All Members To East Garden For 50 State Tour Celebration 4:30am Sat June 9

Michael Jenkins
June 8, 2007

Dear Family,

There has been a wonderful outpouring of heart towards True Parents from all members in this last week. Each morning Father is sharing profound content with us centering on America. Father has shared his history, course and deep love for America. All brother and sisters - all are welcome at EG for the celebration of the 50 state tour tomorrow, Saturday, June 9th. Please come and show your love for True Parents. The whole family can come tomorrow. Western members will have the priority for the main room. The pink room with TV and seating areas outside are being arranged with plasma HD flat-screen TVs. . Everyone will see and hear. Please call your friends and family. All of America should join in. If you are flying in we recommend you that you stay in hotels in the Tarrytown area. True Parents will depart tomorrow morning after 9:30. We would like to have the biggest send off ever.

True Parents' hearts have been moved by the tremendous response from Western Members who Father called to come to see him. Key elders and members from all over America have come to be with Father. Rev. Michael Leone from Washington came yesterday - nothing can touch Father more than to see such important elders who pioneered the American movement still going strong for True Parents and the Will of God. Yesterday, Dr. Spurgin, Mrs. Betsy Jones and today Farley Jones came. The core of the movement that started with Father in the early days has been with us at EG.

Yesterday over 250 western sisters attended. Some came from California, Seattle and all over America. It is such a beautiful thing. The sisters, centering on Mrs. Ward, created a wonderful spirit of love and heart for True Parents. This week has demonstrated that the American members hearts burn for True Parents and when they know that they can come to East Garden - they come in great numbers. We could see this week that years of sacrifice and investment by our Korean Regional Directors and Korean and Japanese Elders has instilled in America something that this nation so greatly needs - attendance to God and the Will of Heaven - heartistic attendance toward God and True Parents. Not out of duty but from our hearts centering on the correct tradition of heaven.

Tomorrow we celebrate True Parents' and True Families' Victory for the 50 State tour and America's victory in response to the Pacific Rim Era for Peace. Then True Parents will depart for Korea. What a victorious period Father has spent in America this time. The Washington Times 25th Gala (fire alarm and all) was a tremendous success and demonstrated the highest level respect from key American leaders for True Parents and their work to help America and bring peace in the world. Then the 50 State tour. (Father did fishing conditions on the Hudson during Mother's tour and caught striped bass over 40 inches.) The Welcome Committee of Women touched True Parents and the reality that in each event the Ambassadors for Peace and the Clergy are multiplying by bringing their colleagues moved Father and Mother and gave them hope.

That is why tomorrow should be a day we never forget at East Garden. It should be the day when every member from America who possibly can should be there to send our True Parents off. This will also give new energy and heart to American members as they see so many that they haven't seen for many many years are still standing strong and faithful to the Will of Heaven. Our movement has much depth and deep heart.

Let us really give everything for our True Parents on June 9th, Saturday morning. Be there at 4:30 am. We will have cake cutting, singing, HDH and celebration. True Parents will depart sometime after 9:30 am.

May God bless you and Your Family as we seek to bring Joy to Our True Parents.



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