The Words of the Jenkins Family

Opportunity: Second Generation At Headquarters - Special Assistant To President

Michael Jenkins
June 8, 2007

Dear Second Generation Brothers and Sisters in America,

The more we see Second Generation young leaders taking responsibility the more our movement improves and develops. Mr. Tossa Cromwell has done fine work with me at Headquarters and many good developments have been made in the field of education. Mr. Cromwell has been reassigned to work with the National Second Generation department and also to work with the Continental Director and the President on special projects.

I would now like to request that another second generation college graduate come to headquarter to work with the President and other special projects. The qualifications are:

1. Good spiritual life.
2. Fluent in reading, writing and translating Korea - English - Korean.
3. Korean American preferred. Japanese American or western America - great also.
4. Should have some experience in leadership of other Second Generation.
5. 24 - 28 years old. Blessed already is preferred but not absolute.

Salary and insurance included.



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