The Words of the Jenkins Family

Letter From Rev. Michael Jenkins To All Families And Members Of Dallas-Denver District #9

Michael Jenkins
June 14, 2007

Dear Blessed Families and Members of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming,

The 50-state tour that began on May 21, 2007 marked a turning point in many ways for our movement. More guests attended these events than any other time in the past. We want to thank all of you for the excellent events in your states. True Mother, Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Ah Nim were moved by the quality of the Ambassadors for Peace and clergy, and the level of commitment and enthusiasm that they displayed. We would like to ask each Blessed Family and brother and sister to call their guests and thank them for their support for True Parents' vision for blessed family and world peace.

How beautiful it was to be in Dallas, see the Native Americans beating the drums for peace, centering on True Parents and true love. Rev. Mark Hernandez and our clergy and our Ambassadors for Peace really moved Mother's heart. I can never forget the joy on Esther Davis' face as she lifted the picture of the governor of Texas that accompanied the letter commending True Mother on the family and peace movement. Esther laughed because she had never seen the governor send his own picture before. This was a different day. The welcome committee of women were beautiful. All the states fulfilled their responsibility.

Critical to our success was the fact that our Blessed Families continue to financially support the special donations required. Larger districts shared responsibility to make sure that events in smaller districts were successful. Some of those states had only a few families, and yet every single event had dignity and also were inspiring to Jun Sook Nim and Yeon Ah Nim.

The financial support of these events is as important as efforts to invite people. The national request for each blessed family to make a $600 offering was not only a practical request but also a substantial offering and condition for the victory of True Parents' 50-state tour. If you have not completed that offering yet, we sincerely ask that you pray to God and pledge that you will fulfill this offering completely.

We realize that this is impossible to do by simply dipping into our personal incomes. These special offerings require most of us to reach out and ask others to contribute. We encourage you now to ask your Ambassadors for Peace, clergy, and friends you've made through Hoon Dok Family Church and other activities to make an offering through you. That can be counted toward your goal. Your offering can be given to your district headquarters, or sent to national headquarters to the Finance Office, 4 W. 43rd St., NY, NY, 10036.

One morning at the breakfast table at Hannamdong in Korea, Father asked all the Ambassadors for Peace to raise $10,000 each for the Bering Strait project. Sensing that some of those present were shocked at the seriousness of his request, Father said that it's a fact that if you give joyfully as an offering to God, regardless of the amount, your ancestors will receive direct and immediate benefit in the spirit world based on the substantial offering you have made. When your ancestors begin to experience such real benefit, they will become desperate to send financial resources and blessings in your direction. I had the experience recently that one pastor who contributed toward that $10,000 told me how much God has blessed his medical supplies business since he made that donation.

As a condition to join in the substantial offering, we ask that all families fulfill the $600 request as soon as possible. If you can't do it all at once, give some amount and pledge in your hearts that you will fulfill. The moment you make the substantial determination, your financial fortune can change. You will be amazed what will happen. Report to God honestly the financial difficulties. This sets the condition that God can be involved and intervene to bring blessing to your family.

All the great religions of history that have prospered did so by setting conditions of sacrifice and especially conditions of tithing and offering. Therefore, we are seeking a new era of prosperity for our Blessed Central Families of America by setting the condition before God that we respond when Father calls. We know that this is in the heart of the American movement. Once you make this determination, you've already set the condition that heaven wants to respond.

My dear brothers and sisters, we cannot express in words the gratitude that we felt when America responded to this 50-state tour, and especially to the national celebration at East Garden on June 9th. Every inch of East Garden was packed with brothers and sisters, especially Westerners. Outdoors people spilled onto the hillside. Father and Mother felt the burning love for True Parents that the members in America have in their hearts, as well as the deep desire and longing for True Parents to remain in America. Father felt the American movement's heart of attendance is growing and blossoming. This is why he feels confident now to ask the American movement to take more responsibility for the world providence. He can see the heart is right, the conditions are set, and America will prosper as it sacrifices.

We are entering a new era of responsibility for America, and Father expressed during this last 50-state tour that the American movement can be trusted to fulfill its responsibility. Therefore, in many ways Father is calling upon us to bring substantial support to the worldwide activities for peace. That is why he's asked the American movement to help to underwrite the education of clergy and Ambassadors for Peace. He has asked America to be responsible to bring peace in the Middle East. Father saw in the shining eyes of two generations of our blessed families the same spirit that brought the Yankee Stadium victory, Washington Monument victory, and also the substantial victory of Christianity uniting with True Parents to the degree that Jesus could be crowned in Jerusalem. Through the 50-state tour Father saw that the American movement was ready to lift up the elder son nation to lead the world.

Brother and sisters, do not make this offering out of duty. Do it with joy, do it from your heart. You will see the Principle is absolute, and that if you sow a seed that is pure then it will take root and multiply, and the multiplication of that seed will not only bless the nation but will also bless your family. We pray for our families to become the most prosperous. We sincerely pray for America to fulfill its role.

We thank you for the victory of the 50-state tour. Amen and Aju.

Sincerely with Gratitude and Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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