The Words of the Jenkins Family

Hello From Hawaii

Michael Jenkins
June 18, 2007

Dear Family,

We are now in the midst of the International Leadership Seminar in which over 560 Ambassadors for Peace from Korea, Japan and the US are here along with diplomats and high level civic leaders for the special seminar.

The education is based on the core values of the Principle and gives the participants a much deeper understanding of the work of UPF and our True Parents.

It is always significant to realize that whatever direction Father gives us - God has always prepared the foundation for that direction to bear enormous fruit. Very serious and significant Ambassadors to the U.S. and the United Nations are here, many current legislators and former congressmen.

God is bringing together the finest Ambassadors for Peace world wide to be grounded in the fundamental principles of blessed marriage, family and peace. Many important leaders from Hawaii are also here.

We can see that the March 17th launch of the Pacific Rim Era then went to Korea and then to all 50 States of America. Without question leaders from all professions are seeing Father and Mother Moon as the world leaders for Peace. People feel urgent at this time because it is a time of global crisis. No nation or organization has the foundation to touch all the nations of the world and inspire them to come together in faith and commitment to end war and bring about peace. This cannot be done unilaterally but must be done in conjunction with the people prepared from all races, religions and nations.

Those key leaders are here with us now studying the principle. This is the time that God has prepared.

We ask that every blessed family do all they can now to support the Ambassador for Peace, the ACLC and WFWP work on the highest level to move America and the world.

Now is the time locally for each family to join a Family Home Church (HDFC) and create a basis for the good people in your community to join the Family Movement as blessed families. The doors are open, we can expand everything very rapidly at this time. Also we ask that we focus to develop the College age youth outreach through CARP and other programs.

The harvest is prepared more than ever. Let us expand the foundation for God's Kingdom.

Thanks America.


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