The Words of the Jenkins Family

25th Anniversary Celebrations And Cruises Are Going On All Over America

Michael Jenkins
July 1, 2007

Dear Family,

Celebrations, banquets and cruises are going on all over America to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Madison Square Garden July 1st, 1982 Blessing with the theme, "World Peace Through Ideal Families."

We cannot express enough our gratitude for the faithfulness of the 2075 couples.

Dr. Yang and I sincerely congratulate all families and all generations and ask that celebrations be held throughout this week. Reiko and I will be joining the "Silver Anniversary Cruise" in our nation's capital on the Potomac River. NY, NJ and many major cities and states will have celebrations and banquets. Let us go forward in gratitude that True Parents opened the way for our blessing.

Also, we would like to declare this period from July 1st through October 14, 1982 as the 8000 couple period of celebration and remembrance. Please collect testimonies and photos of your blessing and we will present them through our website and publications. Many are calling for a major event in NY for the 8000 couple celebration - perhaps in MSG!!! Let us begin this celebration tomorrow and continue through October 14th!!!

Thanks to all Blessed Families and all blessed members. Thank you to True Parents and True Family.

True Parents are excited about the Blessed Families of America!!! A revolution of heart is going on in America. True Parents were deeply moved when they saw the genuine heart of the American movement when American members jammed East Garden for the celebration on June 9th of the victory of the 50 state tour. America has heart. Blessed Families who have created the inter-religious and international model of the ideal blessed family based on True Love are being lifted up by True Parents.

Congratulations for your faith and love for God and the tradition of heaven.

Please celebrate your blessing!!

Rev. Michael and Mrs. Reiko Jenkins
Co - Presidents

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