The Words of the Jenkins Family

Young People Prepare for the Blessing of Marriage in Korea

Michael Jenkins
July 4, 2007

Our wonderful second generation came from America and many other countries to receive True Father's matching. As I entered into the education hall at the Paradise Hotel and youth hostel, I once again could feel the excitement of the spirit that blessed couples experienced personally when we were matched and blessed. Of course the nervousness of the couples matched by their parents or just recently matched by True Father was also part of the atmosphere. The nervousness is always there, as with any wedding. However, I could see how serious these young people are deep in their hearts that their marriages are not only for themselves but, more importantly, for Heaven.

These marriages are not simple but are based on an incredible journey of faith and preparation undertaken not only by the individuals and families but also by their ancestors in heaven itself. Rev. Phillip Schanker, Rev. In-guk Seo, Geros Kunkel, and a variety of second-generation Korean educators held seminars to prepare the young people for the internal and deeper meaning of the blessing. Also much was done to help them understand that blessed marriage is never simple.

Nothing was more beautiful to see than the parents gathered together in the dining hall and attending orientation seminars together with the young people. The parents especially understand how central and important the blessing is to God and all of history and that the joy of these young families will be great if they can manifest the faith that God is seeking to instill in them. The course is never easy, but God never refrains from initiating the course for whoever is ready, willing, and able. There are great challenges to every blessing; the only way to establish it is not in theory but in practice.

I'm writing from Korea to encourage all blessed families, whether your young people are participating in this blessing or not, that God is working to find a way for each and every one of us and that He never stops until He connects in heart with all those who have been called to be the core families of the kingdom.

Many first generation will be participating from America and throughout the world. Some are re-blessings, which are being brought together after earlier marriages could not complete their course. What is so beautiful is to see the joyful tears of these couples who at one time as individuals felt no hope and no possibility of restoring the family. As I see their tears flowing, I see that there is always hope, always a way. God never stops providing pathway as long as we keep trying and remain faithful on the path.

This is the first blessing after the Grace Ceremony conducted by Dae Mo Nim centering on True Parents. This also is a cause for tears of gratitude, as many whose paths were blocked are being healed, given grace and restored; the path is opened again for them to create second-generation ideal families. The key to all of this is God and True Parents' unconditional love and grace, which flow abundantly. With this grace comes responsibility, and we want all families to know that eventually all of our young people will make it, one way or the other, as long as we never give up.

The second generation of blessed families in every nation have profound depth of conscience and original mind. We should never underestimate their incredible strength which is hidden internally until the hour in which they are called. These young people are the same as the people that God called out of the desert after following Moses. They are the young people chosen by God to create a new history not only for their own families but for all humanity. Tomorrow, July 5th, is a day of destiny in which humanity will take another quantum leap forward. No matter what your situation as a blessed couple, or what the situation of your children is, please be encouraged. God will make a way for each and every one of us if we never give up. God is the king of love; True Parents are the king and queen of love and peace.

Thanks, America.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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