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FFWPUI Memo launching summer witnessing and emphasizing Hoon Dok Family Church

Michael Jenkins
July 25, 2007

Dear Family,

Once again here is the international memo from Rev. Kwak to launch our annual 40 Day Summer Witnessing period. It is exciting to see that our National FFWPU Witnessing Summit is being held at this time. The first Summit will be for District Directors and those they select from their districts who are seen as important for witnessing and education.

The seminar is being conducted under the auspices of the FFWPU Senior Vice President Rev. Dong Woo Kim (VP of Witnessing and Education) and National Vice President and Director of Family Home Church (HDFC). The FFWPU is forming a National Witnessing Task Force Team which is being led by Mrs. Sheri Rueter as the team director and coordinator.

We will be holding a series of Summits on witnessing to establish working teams in each district to reorient our FFWPU towards growth of membership and implement new outreach methods, goals and plans for witnessing and education.

In addition you will find that the International Memo also asks us to concentrate on fulfilling our responsibility as Tribal Messiahs through our Hoon Dok Groups (Family Home Church). For all families this should be our main emphasis at this time. Please participate in a Hoon Dok Family Meeting in your area and / or form a new group. Please consult with the State Director or District Director concerning this development.

Also, we have created a new section of our website on Family Home Church in which testimonies and inspirations from your experiences with Family Home Church can be posted. Rev. Joshua Cotter has developed an outstanding team who is working on FHC nationally.

We will be reporting on the developments that come out of the Witnessing Summit in LA over the weekend of August 3 - 5.

Let us fulfill all the heaven has prepared for us and through us to accomplish.



Seventh Year of Cheon Il Guk Summer 40-Day Witnessing Activity
July 19, 2007
Official Memo FFWPUI 2007-36

Warmest greetings from Korea!

Please find the attachment for Official memo FFWPUI 2007-36 regarding Seventh Year of Cheon Il Guk Summer 40-Day Witnessing Activity (pdf) here.

FFWPU International

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