The Words of the Jenkins Family

Meeting with Pastors of Large Churches and Ministries

Michael Jenkins
August 9, 2007

Dear Family,

We have begun an effort through ACLC to meet some of the key Christian mega church leaders of America. We have been working through Archbishop Stallings, Pastor Barrett, Rev. Bennit Hayes, Rev. Charles Keys, Rev. Edwards, Senator Donzella James, Rev. Abernathy and Bishop Pugh and many other key leaders.

The foundation has been already been established through True Parents decades of work to embrace and support Christianity and to foster unity of all faiths. The doors are opening. During this week we set up appointments for Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon who graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary and has truly been anointed by God to pick up the work of his Father's ministry.

We began in Los Angeles and have been meeting some of America's most renowned spiritual leaders. We are in Chicago now, tomorrow Atlanta and then to Newark. Throughout America all the mega church pastors have been contacted by our ACLC pastors and key District Directors. We have received such an incredibly warm welcome.

The foundation is totally prepared and so many of the old barriers are gone. Dr. Moon speaks with confidence and love as he says we have moved into the era when Faith leaders must show the example and bring faiths, races and peoples together as "One Family Under God." This message has profound impact and is so timely. The leaders feel this universal message is consistent with their fundamental beliefs.

All the spiritual leaders we have met have agreed that now is the time for faith leaders to unite. To secure the direction of America in a way that cannot be done by political or social leaders. Only faith leader can really promote faith in God and a practice of building true families with the love of Jesus and with that love embrace all religions. America was designed to be the leader of the world in this way. However, because the faith leaders are divided America is in trouble, from the families in this nation to the global affairs. The Christian leaders and Christianity at large are the foundation of the "spirit" of America. America is founded on the spirit that we must love our enemies and serve them so that we might make them our brothers.

The foundation of True Parents is real and the ACLC clergy leaders are now in a position to gain the support of the pastors that God has blessed. The ACLC clergy have absolute conviction. Bishop Stallings, who is very well known in his own right has opened many of these doors. Also our Muslim leaders, like Imam Haitham Bundakji who have done genuine interfaith work in America and are also playing a key role to open the hearts of these key leaders to see the ministry of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon to bring unity to the body of Christ.

To see the expression of the teaching and heart of True Parents through their son Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is a sight to behold. Many of these mega church pastors we are meeting are the sons (and daughters) of great clergy who pioneered hugely important ministries that influence the nation. There is a "resonance" between them and Hyun Jin Nim as they affirm that spiritual leaders must lead this nation. They share with Hyun Jin Nim the special experience of having inherited the "legacy" of their Fathers and the responsibility to build on the legacy to make a better world. There is a special heart to heart experience being shared. Jesus is blessing this effort and we believe Jesus is liberated by the fact that "his" church is coming together now.

Father asked all blessed central families to take care of the Christian churches by each family caring for three churches. (One family three churches). Now is the time that every family should visit every month a Christian church of ACLC just to take care of the pastor and his family and help them come together with ACLC. Help them see the vision of "One Family Under God". The foundation is totally prepared. We could see in LA the incredible years of outreach by Rev. Tim Henning, Rev. Mark Tengan, Susan Munsell and Naoko san. The deep connections they had to these churches and their key associate pastors allowed our appointments to be firmly secured.

We are grateful for the inspiration that Hyun Jin Nim had that now is the time to reach out for the top leaders and that these great independent pastors are ready to move together to bring unity of all faiths to rebuild the family, restore the community and to renew the nation and the world.

Thanks America. The time has come for the harvest.

One Family Under God - Aju!!


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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