The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special Request of $20 Support for Ambassadors for Peace for MEPI on Sunday

Michael Jenkins
August 17, 2007

Dear Family,

Through networking at the highest levels very special diplomats and religious leaders are now coming to the August 22-29 MEPI. Some of the people are household names across America and we are hosting them as special guests. We therefore are asking each family in all 50 states to bring a special $20 offering for this effort. We will have a special collection on Sunday separate from other tithes and offerings. Please do not reduce any tithe or offering but rather make a special "offering" through an additional sacrifice of $20. (Bring your change!!)

We are calling this effort a special "Support MEPI Sunday", August 19th. MEPI is the Middle East Peace Initiative of the Universal Peace Federation that America has been asked to lead to establish Peace and reconciliation of the family of Abraham in the Middle East. Outstanding Rabbis and diplomats and very high level leaders are coming to MEPI as special guests.



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