The Words of the Jenkins Family


Michael Jenkins
August 29, 2007

Dear Leaders and all brothers and sisters,

We have arrived in Kodiak. We are currently at the morning 5 am devotion (Hoon Dok Hae) in which we are reading the Peace Messages and listening to Father Moon's guidance.

It is a beautiful experience to be here with the Ambassadors for Peace receiving the love and inspiration from True Parents concerning the way to peace.

Father and Mother have welcomed the Ambassadors for Peace for the International Leadership Conference.

The spirit of this morning is focused on the recent successful trip to the Middle East. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Dr. Yang, Dr. Walsh and I just arrived from Jerusalem.

Representatives of the Three Abrahamic Faiths have made significant steps forward with this MEPI.

Of particular interest was the fact that Jewish Rabbis from the U.S. came and joined and were inspired by our trip. Father keeps saying lets go to Gaza. We must bring peace throughout Palestine and Israel through dialogue and serving with love.

Father is giving profound insight at this time.

Please pray for Peace.


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