The Words of the Jenkins Family

Incredible Time With True Parents - Father Has Opened The Door For All To Come

Michael Jenkins
September 9, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Parents have opened the door for all to join in HDH each morning. This is a tremendous opportunity to share heart to heart with True Parents and receive incredible guidance and love. You may bring your high school age children and all young adults are welcome. Please car pool together. Also there will be shuttles from Belvedere each morning from 4 AM. We would like everyone to arrive by 4:30 AM at EG.

Usually Father has a smaller HDH except for Ahn Shi Il, however because of his desire to give more love for America he has opened this door for all members to come.

Also, Father has asked that Ambassadors for Peace come and join HDH. In Alaska we had incredible experiences with Father and Mother in the morning and could see that we have entered an era where the Ambassadors for Peace are considered part of our internal family.

This is a great time for clergy and Ambassadors for Peace to join HDH. Please bring your colleagues from all different areas of our work to have such a joyful experience with True Parents.

We will organize special days for Districts outside of the East Coast to come and celebrate with True Parents.

This is a time of great advancement and joy for our families.

With the Love of our True Parents,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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